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In order for us to even have the possibility of getting back to normal by the fall we need to massively scale up our genomic surveillance,” said Es

Mercury News Apr 16 2021 - 18:08

Plus: California weekly unemployment claims declined last week, and a lawyer says a lawsuit to rename schools in San Francisco is not frivolous.

USA Today on MSN.com Apr 16 2021 - 17:41

Phil Murphy shut them down on March 16 due to the virus.

Houston Chronicle Apr 16 2021 - 16:13

Qatar is in talks with coronavirus vaccine makers to ensure all fans attending the 2022 World Cup in the country have been vaccinated, the foreign

YAHOO!News Apr 16 2021 - 15:22

Migrant workers are piling into rail stations in India's financial capital Mumbai to head back to their home villages now that virus-control m

SFGate Apr 16 2021 - 14:48

The Latest on the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world: ___ Six Challenger tennis tournaments scheduled for Canada this y

Associated Press Apr 16 2021 - 13:45

While hospitals have seen a decline in admissions related to other viruses throughout the pandemic, doctors are noticing an increase in children

Newsweek Apr 16 2021 - 13:23

Michigan’s worst-in-the-nation COVID-19 outbreak is beginning to slow auto production, with a major Ram pickup truck plant reducing its output beca

Associated Press on MSN.com Apr 16 2021 - 12:46

As COVID-19 vaccines have rolled out and the world begins to slowly re-open, a Michigan mother is encouraging others to continue living with cautio

ABC Apr 16 2021 - 10:10

Hertha Berlin's next three Bundesliga games have been postponed after the entire team was ordered into quarantine because of a coronavirus out

Associated Press Apr 16 2021 - 06:01

China is planning to approve its first foreign Covid-19 vaccine before July, according to people familiar with the matter.

Bloomberg on MSN.com Apr 16 2021 - 05:50

Japan decided to raise the coronavirus alert level in the capital's three neighboring prefectures and a fourth area in central Japan on Friday

SFGate Apr 16 2021 - 05:38

America’s prisons, jails and detention centers have been among the nation’s most dangerous places when it comes to infections from the coronavirus.

YAHOO!News Apr 16 2021 - 05:33

Here, we show preclinical data for our clinical candidate CVnCoV, a lipid nanoparticle-encapsulated mRNA vaccine that encodes full-length, pre-fusi

Nature Apr 16 2021 - 04:59

India’s monsoon, which irrigates more than half of the country’s farmland and is critical for economic growth, is set to be normal for a third year

YAHOO!News Apr 16 2021 - 04:45

The number of weekly Covid-19-related deaths registered in Northern Ireland has fallen again.

BBC Apr 16 2021 - 04:34

Serological cross-reactivity among flaviviruses makes determining the prior arbovirus exposure of animals challenging in areas where multiple flavi

Nature Apr 16 2021 - 03:05

Migrant workers are swarming rail stations in India's financial capital Mumbai to go to their home villages as virus-control measures dry up w

Associated Press Apr 16 2021 - 02:21

France on Thursday became the third country in Europe after the U.K.

SFGate Apr 15 2021 - 18:19

Experts say the 100,000 mark is an underestimate by thousands.

Mercury News Apr 15 2021 - 17:41

Massachusetts nursing homes were ground zero for COVID-19, reporting some of the highest death rates in the country, especially in the early months

The Boston Globe Apr 15 2021 - 17:26

Michigan's largest hospital system is dealing with a “runaway train” as it confronts a crush of COVID-19 patients in suburban Detroit, even tu

Associated Press Apr 15 2021 - 16:04

Vaccines do a good job of protecting us from coronavirus, but fear and confusion about the rise of variants have muddled the message.

New York Times Apr 15 2021 - 14:47

The economic rebound forecast for Latin American this year faces risks from the recent resurgence of Covid-19 and slow vaccine roll-outs, the Inter

YAHOO!News Apr 15 2021 - 14:05

Miller did not test positive for COVID-19 during the outbreak but said he still isn’t in game shape and can’t imagine what it would be like for his

U.S. News & World Report Apr 15 2021 - 13:46

The second surge of COVID-19 cases in India has swamped hospitals much faster than the first because mutations in the virus mean each patient is in

Reuters on MSN.com Apr 15 2021 - 05:38

Craftsman Kimiaki Kono was hoping the Tokyo Olympics would be a chance to win new fans for Japan's lute-like shamisen, but the pandemic has le

YAHOO!News Apr 15 2021 - 05:20

India's two largest cities imposed stringent restrictions on movement and one planned to use hotels and banquet halls to treat coronavirus pat

Associated Press Apr 15 2021 - 04:00

Canada is facing industry calls to extend financial aid to smaller airlines, after offering a C$5.9 billion ($4.71 billion)life-line to Air Canada,

Reuters on MSN.com Apr 15 2021 - 03:44

India's daily coronavirus caseload has doubled in ten days, with more than 200,000 new infections logged Thursday as authorities grapple with

YAHOO!News Apr 15 2021 - 00:37

India reported more than 200,000 new coronavirus cases Thursday, skyrocketing past 14 million overall as an intensifying outbreak puts a grim weigh

Houston Chronicle Apr 14 2021 - 21:44

Many Indians scrambled on Thursday to secure beds in hospitals for relatives stricken with coronavirus as infections surged to a daily record, over

Reuters on MSN.com Apr 14 2021 - 21:11

When Thailand’s transport minister was diagnosed with COVID-19, it was Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha who got a headache

ABC Apr 14 2021 - 20:15

A new study says leaving middle seats open could give airline passengers more protection from the virus that causes COVID-19.

Houston Chronicle Apr 14 2021 - 18:43

Fully vaccinated travelers should still wear masks and observe social distancing while traveling to prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to th

YAHOO!News Apr 14 2021 - 15:53

Millions of Americans are battling lingering symptoms of COVID-19 — months after being diagnosed with the disease.

CBS News on MSN.com Apr 14 2021 - 15:43

Brazil’s Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed a Senate investigation of President Jair Bolsonaro’s handling of the pandemic to go forward, one of two

Associated Press Apr 14 2021 - 13:58


Associated Press Apr 14 2021 - 13:17

The Treasury Department has created a new office to supervise the disbursement of the billions of dollars in relief money authorized by Congress to

Houston Chronicle Apr 14 2021 - 13:06

Turkey has registered more than 4 million cases, seventh highest in the world. Confirmed deaths stand at more than 34,000.

Associated Press Apr 14 2021 - 12:00

The J&J vaccine made it easier for some clinics to serve their communities.

YAHOO!News Apr 14 2021 - 10:02

The risk of exposure on a flight is lowered by 23 to 57 percent if middle seats are kept unoccupied, according to the study.

New York Times Apr 14 2021 - 08:59

HBeAg, a non-particulate protein of hepatitis B virus (HBV), is translated from the precore/core region as a precursor, which is post-translational

Nature Apr 14 2021 - 05:20

India’s worst-hit and richest state Maharashtra is imposing stricter restrictions for 15 days in an effort to stem the surge of coronavirus infecti

ABC Apr 14 2021 - 01:30

Compounding concerns is the question of whether India, despite being the world’s largest maker of vaccines, will have enough to immunize its vast p

Associated Press Apr 14 2021 - 01:29

LIBERTY, Missouri (AP) — Sikhs across the United States are holding toned-down Vaisakhi celebrations this week, joining people of other faiths in o

SFGate Apr 13 2021 - 22:43

Crude climbed on Wednesday after industry data showed U.S.

Reuters Apr 13 2021 - 20:28

Holding the postponed Tokyo Olympics this summer will be "really difficult" given a spike in coronavirus infections across Japan, the hea

YAHOO!News Apr 13 2021 - 19:48

DUNEDIN, Fla. (AP) — Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Teoscar Hernández has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Yahoo News Apr 13 2021 - 15:05