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BEIJING (Reuters) - China on Tuesday confirmed an outbreak of bird flu at broiler chicken farms in a central province, the Ministry of Agriculture

Reuters Oct 17 2017 - 07:58

NETHERLANDS - Dr Christianne Bruschke, Chief Veterinary Officer at the Ministry of Economic Affairs has reported an outbreak of pathogenic avian in

thepoultrysite.com Oct 17 2017 - 04:17

Local government culled 30,196 poultry birds after the outbreak, which infected 28,650 chickens and killed 15,066 of the birds, the statement said.

sharenet.co.za Oct 17 2017 - 04:02

THE HAGUE, The Netherlands - Dutch poultry farmers, already left reeling by a contaminated egg scandal, were in a new flap Saturday over an outbrea

Biz Community Oct 16 2017 - 04:23


YONHAP NEWS AGENCY Oct 16 2017 - 01:09

MANILA, Philippines — Two months after the outbreak of the first case of bird flu in the country, the local poultry sector is close to full recover

Philstar Oct 15 2017 - 14:47

An avian influenza outbreak at a Sovereign Foods facility had been contained to the layer house where it was initially identified, the poultry prod

businesslive.co.za Oct 14 2017 - 20:35

At least 2.5 million chickens and ducks have been culled since the regional outbreak of avian flu was first confirmed in August.

ewn.co.za Oct 13 2017 - 05:42


herald.co.zw Oct 12 2017 - 15:58

The South African Poultry Association warns that the costs of eggs is likely to go up due to the increased demand.

Talk Radio 702 Oct 12 2017 - 05:07

A looming shortage of eggs could affect South Africans far and wide as the recent bird flu outbreak is sure to impact on all poultry related produc

iafrica.com Oct 12 2017 - 01:00

During the 2015 bird flu outbreak, cases were confirmed at 77 Iowa poultry operations in 18 counties.

Radio Iowa Oct 11 2017 - 10:23

Gauteng MEC for Economic Development, Agriculture and Rural Development Lebogang Maile has expressed concern about the effects on job security as a

News24 Oct 11 2017 - 04:53

JOHANNESBURG - The price of eggs, a cheap protein source for the poor majority, is likely to go up by R3 a dozen due to the persistent scourge of a

mini.iol.co.za Oct 11 2017 - 02:30

There is no more confirmed cases of bird flu in the country..Picture: AFP AFTER 13 bird flu cases were confirmed in the province, Gauteng economic

thenewage.co.za Oct 10 2017 - 21:41

Johannesburg – The bird flu outbreak at operations of a Gauteng poultry producer has cost it R35m, plus an additional R30m to restore operations.

Fin24 Oct 10 2017 - 15:00

Even after getting declared bird flu infection-free area six months ago, the government has failed to lift restrictions from a large area near Rajp

The Tribune India Oct 10 2017 - 13:04

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng MEC of Economic Development, Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development, Lebogang Maile, will on Tuesday visit a Boksbur

mini.iol.co.za Oct 10 2017 - 12:22

And yet, whether over Brexit or, indeed, more generally, optimism is rational.

International Business Times Oct 10 2017 - 04:00

JOHANNESBURG – A farm in Boksburg, Ekurhuleni has stopped its operations as a result of the outbreak of bird flu.

ENCA Oct 10 2017 - 00:16

Sun International has placed its aviary facilities, situated at Sun City in the North West, and Meropa Casino in Limpopo, on high alert following t

citizen.co.za Oct 9 2017 - 21:00

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO — Day-old chicks will serve as indicators of whether bird flu still stalks the town of San Luis, Pampanga province, or had bee

Philippine Daily Inquirer Oct 9 2017 - 16:09

Johannesburg – Poultry producers have warned that the shortage of supply in poultry products, driven by the outbreak of bird flu, could result in h

Fin24 Oct 9 2017 - 15:00

JOHANNESBURG - MEC of Economic Development, Environment, Agriculture and Rural Development Lebogang Maile, on Tuesday would be visiting the Rooikra

mini.iol.co.za Oct 9 2017 - 06:10

City Attorney Kristina Kantar said, at the September mayor's night out, the city banned chickens and roosters not just because of people keepi

Chicago Tribune Oct 9 2017 - 05:44

The city is on full alert monitoring its valuable bird collection for avian influenza which has struck Joburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) facilities

mini.iol.co.za Oct 9 2017 - 01:26

Hungaryʼs external trade in goods saw a EUR 440 million surplus in August, down EUR 119 mln year-on-year, according to a first release of data from

Budapest Business Journal Oct 9 2017 - 00:50

A veterinarian at the National Council of SPCA's (NSPCA) says dealing with bird flu virus is an extremely complex process.

sabc.co.za Oct 7 2017 - 09:12

Preparation is the best precaution when it comes to handling a crisis.

Fourstates Home Page Oct 6 2017 - 16:18


Xinhua News Agency Oct 6 2017 - 15:14

Note to Editors: Please find attached English and Afrikaans soundbites by the DA Shadow Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Annette St

politicsweb.co.za Oct 6 2017 - 15:00

The white-winged flufftail species is at most risk of becoming extinct due to the highly pathogenic H5N8 strain of bird flu hitting South Africa’s

citizen.co.za Oct 6 2017 - 11:23

The failure by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Senzeni Zokwana, to produce a clear and effective plan to address the bird flu

AllAfrica Oct 6 2017 - 09:47

The City of Johannesburg has said the strain of bird flu that has been picked up in the city is not contagious to humans.

Biz Community Oct 6 2017 - 03:18

It noted that the school conducted more than 70,000 tests to check for the bird flu virus during a 2015 outbreak.

Reading Eagle Oct 5 2017 - 23:47

Avian Veterinarian at Klapmuts Bird Clinic, Dr Deon De Beer says the Western cape government should take responsibility for the bird flu outbreak t

Talk Radio 702 Oct 5 2017 - 23:14

According to the interim CEO of the South African Poultry Association‚ the outbreak only affects birds and not the health of human beings.

Times Media Group Oct 5 2017 - 21:55

City Parks has confirmed the disease was detected in parts of Johannesburg, including Johannesburg Zoo, Westdene Dam, Emmarentia Dam and Zoo Lake.

SundayTimes Oct 5 2017 - 20:45

Attempts to stop the spread of bird flu and protect wildlife had unintended consequences.

Nature Oct 5 2017 - 20:31

Cape Town - Agriculture Minister Senzeni Zokwana has been dragging his feet over the avian flu crisis that is threatening the country's poultr

Fin24 Oct 5 2017 - 15:00

It noted that the school conducted more than 70,000 tests to check for the bird flu virus during a 2015 outbreak.

Beaumont Enterprise Oct 5 2017 - 11:59

City of Joburg's City Parks have confirmed that bird flu has spread to certain parts of Johannesburg.

capetalk.co.za Oct 5 2017 - 07:32

The dreaded bird flu H5N8 strain has finally reached the City of Joburg after hitting other parts of the country.

joburg.org.za Oct 5 2017 - 07:20

Johannesburg - The City of Johannesburg has said the strain of bird flu that has been picked up in the city is not contagious to humans.

m.news24.com Oct 5 2017 - 06:41

Johannesburg has been hit by the global outbreak of the avian influenza (HPAI) H5N8 strain that was first detected in Europe and Asia.

SundayTimes Oct 5 2017 - 05:35

Residents who own birds have been urged to monitor them as the bird flu virus has now hit Johannesburg with 581 birds culled since last month.

thenewage.co.za Oct 5 2017 - 00:52

JOHANNESBURG – Bird flu virus has hit the Johannesburg area and 581 bird carcasses have been removed by authorities.

ENCA Oct 5 2017 - 00:31

Johannesburg - Avian influenza has hit Johannesburg with 598 carcasses of birds having been recovered from the City of Joburg facilities at Westden

mini.iol.co.za Oct 5 2017 - 00:02

Following the culling of at least 581 birds in Johannesburg during the last month, the bird flu has emerged in the Gauteng province despite all pre

iafrica.com Oct 4 2017 - 23:31

Bird flu has been confirmed by City Parks in certain parts of Johannesburg.

SundayTimes Oct 4 2017 - 23:28