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Arizona has experienced more rain and snow than normal this winter, which weather experts say has improved the state's short-term drought.

KTAR News Jan 29 2023 - 13:00

Two new program managers have joined Connecticut Court Appointed Special Advocates, the group said in a release, growth made possible through compe

Houston Chronicle Jan 29 2023 - 06:00

They asked him for a cigarette, and when John told them he didn’t smoke, they asked him for money instead.

Manchester Evening News on MSN.com Jan 28 2023 - 10:07

Crayola renamed the “flesh” crayon all the way back in 1962, before the company became part of Kansas City’s Hallmark.

Kansas City Star Jan 28 2023 - 01:01

The National Centre for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STD (NCHADS) launched a campaign on January 27 to raise awareness in a bid to curb the spread of

The Phnom Penh Post Jan 27 2023 - 22:26

Sleep supplements have become quite commonplace in the US, which is no surprise given that more than half of American adults will experience insomn

SFGate Jan 27 2023 - 19:40

A man shot at deputies before barricading himself in a home for almost five hours, Upstate deputies said Friday.

WYFF on MSN.com Jan 27 2023 - 12:42

A three-dimensional (3-D) convolutional neural network (CNN) can be used as an artificial intelligence (AI) support system for differentiating colo

Medical Xpress Jan 27 2023 - 12:30

Older adults with severe hearing loss are more likely to have dementia, according to a study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School o

YAHOO!News on MSN.com Jan 27 2023 - 12:29

Saturday marks a major milestone in the global fight to eliminate the AIDS epidemic, as the U.S.

Medical Xpress Jan 27 2023 - 11:20

American health authorities proposed a further easing on Friday of AIDS-era restrictions on blood donations by gay and bisexual men.

Yahoo News Jan 27 2023 - 09:22

A recent study shows hearing aids are a preventative tool against dementia and cognitive decline.

AZFamily on MSN.com Jan 27 2023 - 02:21

In-The-Canal Hearing Aids Market Size is projected to Reach Multimillion USD by 2029, In comparison to 2022, at

MarketWatch Jan 26 2023 - 21:16

A recent study says using hearing aids led to 19% reduction in long-term cognitive decline.

AZFamily Jan 26 2023 - 21:05

A caller caught a driver on video swerving, drifting and driving onto the grassy portion of a median at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Denton Record-Chronicle Jan 26 2023 - 20:58

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Roman Catholic High School’s Black Box Theater now carries a new name that posthumously honors an alumnus of the sch

MSN Jan 26 2023 - 17:03

The 4-decades long effort to create an AIDS vaccine suffered a blow with news that a vaccine in a late stage trial was discontinued because results

wusfnews.wusf.usf.edu Jan 26 2023 - 08:37

LiDAR is used in applications such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and to help robots coexist with people.

Microwaves & RF Jan 26 2023 - 08:33

At first, I didn’t consider myself too informed on the magnitude of the AIDS epidemic, as I was born nearly 20 years after.

dailyUW.com Jan 26 2023 - 06:00

Despite being one of the few authorized COVID-19 vaccine makers in the United States, Novavax's (NVAX) vaccine struggles for market share.

YAHOO!News Jan 26 2023 - 04:31

Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of Russia-Ukraine War and COVID-19 on this Golf Training Aids

MarketWatch Jan 25 2023 - 18:51

Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of Russia-Ukraine War and COVID-19 on this Process Aids industry.

MarketWatch Jan 25 2023 - 18:29

New research with over 500 participants diagnosed with depression has shown that smartphone assessments of their thinking difficulties is linked to

Medical Xpress Jan 25 2023 - 12:25

That’s a lot of people who could use some help—which is where Signia comes in.

Miami Herald on MSN.com Jan 25 2023 - 12:00

Pages Report] Rising demand for Pharmaceuticals Industry will drive the AIDS Rapid Testing Kits segment growth over the next five years.

MarketWatch Jan 24 2023 - 23:25

"They can come in, be themselves, and get the care that they need," said Megan Bloom, marketing and public relations director for AIDS Re

WNEP Wilkes-Barre/Scranton on MSN.com Jan 24 2023 - 13:31

Maurice Adair has worked as prevention services director at AID Upstate, an organization working in treatment and prevention of HIV for people in n

Post and Courier Jan 24 2023 - 09:00

The National AIDS Authority (NAA) announced the progress of the inter-ministerial working group that is drawing up policies to functionally end HIV

The Phnom Penh Post Jan 24 2023 - 07:28

Phonak’s Audéo Paradise hearing aids earn the top spot in our ranking with their combination of high-tech features, reliability and affordable pric

Forbes Jan 24 2023 - 06:02

The exhibition features 52 quilts that were created by artists and local communities to commemorate 40 years since the emergence of HIV and AIDS.

BBC Jan 24 2023 - 05:27

AIDS activists have used protests to demand access to treatment.

YAHOO!News Jan 24 2023 - 05:23

Baseball Batting Training Aids Market Overview 2023| Complete report [128 Pages] aims to deliver a top to bottom

MarketWatch Jan 24 2023 - 01:39

Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of Russia-Ukraine War and COVID-19 on this Height-Adjustable Walking

MarketWatch Jan 23 2023 - 19:55

In 2023] The Global Golf Training Aids Market Size (107 Report Pages) is estimated to be worth USD million in 2021 and

MarketWatch Jan 23 2023 - 17:13

Nightmare on Elm Street actor Mark Patton has been hospitalized due to complications with his AIDS diagnosis and is asking for help from fans.

Pop Culture Jan 23 2023 - 16:19

Unitron hearing aids include receiver-in-canal, behind-the-ear and in-the-ear models.

ConsumerAffairs Jan 23 2023 - 16:01

As per the HIV/AIDS diagnostics market research by TMR, the global market was valued at US$ 4.0 Bn in 2021 and is projected to surpass US$ 9.6 Bn b

Yahoo Jan 23 2023 - 14:33

The heat pump helps increase vehicle range in colder climates by significantly reducing heating-based energy consumption

Carscoops Jan 23 2023 - 10:31

To determine the best invisible hearing aids available, the Forbes Health editorial team consulted several audiologists from the Forbes Health Advi

Forbes Jan 23 2023 - 07:44

Tour Striker is scheduled to exhibit at the 2023 PGA Merchandise Show on January 24-27 in Orlando, Fla.

Yahoo Jan 23 2023 - 05:40

Hearing Aids Market Report offers an Complete view about the cutthroat scene of the Hearing Aids market and incorporates

MarketWatch Jan 22 2023 - 19:32

The road map to bringing the HIV/AIDS pandemic under control by 2030 has been badly impacted after vaccine research was abruptly stopped by Belgium

Mid-Day on MSN.com Jan 22 2023 - 18:44

Aids to Navigation System Market 2023 with 116 Pages Report and enhance with extents shares into sub-counties are

MarketWatch Jan 22 2023 - 17:24

Building wheelchair ramps is an old hat for the Valparaiso Noon Kiwanis Club, but their work for Carissa Little, paralyzed since an Aug.

The Times of Northwest Indiana Jan 22 2023 - 16:31

Share on Pinterest When I learned that I would need hearing aids at the age of 23, I scoffed. Hearing aids? In my 20s?

Healthline Jan 22 2023 - 16:00

Pharma Aids Limited suffered a loss of Tk 23.71 lakh in the second quarter of the 2022-23 financial year owing to a decline in net sales and an inc

The Daily Star Jan 22 2023 - 10:00

According to the report, the global hearing aids market size was valued at USD 9.68 billion in 2021.

Yahoo Finance Jan 22 2023 - 07:18

Pharma Aids Limited suffered a loss of Tk 23.71 lakh in the second quarter of the 2022-23 financial year owing to a decline in net sales and an inc

The Daily Star Jan 21 2023 - 23:26

Stories about the gay heyday of 1970s San Francisco — and the cruel chaser of the AIDS crisis the following decade — often hang on the notion of ch

Variety on MSN.com Jan 21 2023 - 12:13

New research finds that, for people with hearing loss, using hearing aids lowers the risk of developing dementia.

Psychology Today Jan 21 2023 - 05:24