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The Virginia Department of Health has issued a potential measles exposure warning for specific locations in Northern Virginia after an unvaccinated

Fox 5 May 19 2022 - 08:14

FAIRFAX, Va. — Health officials are warning the public about possible exposures to a child with measles at two northern Virginia locations.

WTVR May 19 2022 - 07:30

Virginia heath officials are investigating potential measles exposures in northern Virginia.

WJLA – Washington D.C. on MSN.com May 19 2022 - 04:10

Design work is underway on Prince William County’s $300 million Route 28 Bypass, while Fairfax County has begun construction on its major Route 28

INSIDENOVA.COM May 18 2022 - 23:09

The child got infected during an international trip Virginia authorities have provided the times and locations of potential exposure sites Unvaccin

International Business Times May 18 2022 - 19:50

Northern Virginia health officials are informing people of possible exposure after an unvaccinated child contracted measles during international tr

INSIDENOVA.COM May 18 2022 - 17:51

WASHINGTON — A smaller portion of U.S.

WUSA9 May 18 2022 - 17:18

After an unvaccinated child contracted measles during international travel, health officials in Northern Virginia have issued a warning to other

Loudoun Now May 18 2022 - 14:02

The child, who is in stable condition and improving, was unvaccinated and contracted measles during international travel, according to the health d

Washington Post on MSN.com May 18 2022 - 13:28

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) released a statement on Wednesday confirming a case of measles in Northern Virginia, and is urging those wh

Loudoun Times-Mirror May 18 2022 - 11:42

Zimbabwe's government says religious beliefs, topography and school closures are hampering efforts to contain a measles outbreak which has cla

AllAfrica.com May 15 2022 - 23:16

The government says it hopes to conduct immunizations for measles throughout Zimbabwe in the coming weeks to contain the disease

Voice of America May 15 2022 - 08:51

TEHRAN – The measles vaccination program has so far inoculated 230,000 foreign nationals, given the surge in the disease infection in the neighbori

Tehran Times May 15 2022 - 02:02

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Daily Express May 14 2022 - 19:59

In a follow-up on the measles outbreak reported in Kasaï-Oriental province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the epidemic continues to spread in

Pink May 14 2022 - 11:52

After the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed a measles outbreak in the Nuh district, the Gurgaon administration on Friday directed all prima

India Times May 13 2022 - 14:34

At least 14 children have died in Zimbabwe’s Manicaland province following a measles outbreak in the region, the Ministry of Health said on Thursda

APAnews May 12 2022 - 22:06

A measles outbreak in Zimbabwe has resulted in the death of 14 children in Manicaland, at a time when about 17 500 cases have been confirmed in Afr

TODAY May 12 2022 - 06:08

In order to control this outbreak, the ministry has started a mass vaccination campaign in Mutasa District, Manicaland Province targeting the six m

News Day May 12 2022 - 00:56

Last month, UNICEF and the World Health Organization warned that disruptions to regular immunisation programmes, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, h

Eyewitness News on MSN.com May 11 2022 - 22:10

The risk of developing severe measles or dying from complications of measles is high in unvaccinated children.

The Herald-Zimbabwe May 11 2022 - 15:05

Zimbabwe has reported an outbreak of measles among children and adolescents in the eastern district of Mutasa, Manicaland Province which has killed

China May 11 2022 - 14:57

The pandemic-related disruptions, diversion of resources from routine immunization and the relaxation of movement restrictions are some of the fact

The Hindu May 11 2022 - 05:38

An Afghan doctor reports on a stark situation: a dangerous disease outbreak threatening a ward of sick children

MSF UK May 10 2022 - 02:28

The World Health Organisation and the United Nations Children Fund have warned that an increase in measles cases in January and February 2022 could

MSN May 10 2022 - 01:12

The Ministry of Health has decried an extremely low uptake of the second dose of routine immunisation vaccines such as measles rubella and HPV in t

The Star May 9 2022 - 13:00

The percentage of children receiving the full two-dose vaccine fell to 85 per cent.

The Independent May 9 2022 - 11:08

However, the final steps towards eradication have proven the most difficult.

Tehran Times May 9 2022 - 06:50

President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser concluded that the indoor event, though open only to vaccinated attendees who tested negative for COVID

Kaiser Health News May 5 2022 - 10:07

Dengvaxia, a Dengue vaccine, is now approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and is listed on the 2022 US immunization schedule for individu

contemporarypediatrics May 5 2022 - 05:30

Measles cases have risen precipitously in recent months — and that could be a sign of more vaccine-preventable outbreaks to come.

Devex May 5 2022 - 05:20

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said immediate steps are needed to prevent a measles outbreak after the Russia's invasion has prevente

The Mirror May 5 2022 - 04:24

A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF warns that there could be a significant increase in the number of measles cases around t

kathmandupost May 4 2022 - 11:00

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The Conversation May 4 2022 - 06:03

The World Health Organization (WHO) has raised the alarm over the risk of measles outbreaks after a 79% increase in cases in the first two months o

Pulse May 3 2022 - 08:21

There is an “epidemic” of measles, global health leaders have warned, as cases of the potentially deadly disease appear to be on the rise.

Liverpool Echo on MSN.com May 3 2022 - 07:42

There is an "epidemic" of measles, global health leaders have warned, as cases of the potentially deadly disease appear to be on the rise

Nottingham Post May 3 2022 - 02:53

There is an “epidemic” of measles, global health leaders have warned, as cases of the potentially deadly disease appear to be on the rise.

PA Media on MSN.com May 3 2022 - 01:38

The World Health Organization has noted a rise in measles cases across the globe.

CapeTalk on MSN.com May 2 2022 - 22:28

JOHANNESBURG - Parents and caregivers are being advised to ensure their children are up to date with their vaccination for measles.

EWN Sport May 2 2022 - 21:56

The World Health Organization claims that there has been a surge in vaccine-preventable diseases over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, h

EWN Sport May 2 2022 - 09:35

The United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, and the World Health Organisation, WHO, have warned of a “perfect storm” of conditions for measles outb

Vanguard May 1 2022 - 20:33

The World Health Organisation and the United Nations Children’s Fund, have said the five countries with the largest measles outbreaks are Somalia,

MSN May 1 2022 - 17:00

UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) are warning communities about what they say is a "perfect storm" of conditions for measles

Fox News Apr 29 2022 - 08:11

The World Health Organization warns cases of measles rose nearly 80% in the first two months of this year, after millions of children missed out on

Democracy Now Apr 29 2022 - 07:05

Many children worldwide are at risk for measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases as COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted routine immunization serv

TheHealthSite Apr 28 2022 - 22:32

With parents delaying getting their kids vaccinated during the COVID-19 pandemic, cases of the measles are now up 79% worldwide this year, WHO and

People Apr 28 2022 - 15:43

The World Health Organization and UNICEF warned on Wednesday of a "perfect storm" of circumstances that could result in a worldwide outbr

USA Today Apr 28 2022 - 13:02

While praying the worst days of the COVID-19 pandemic are behind us, global health officials warn to be vigilant about other potential outbreaks —

New York Post Apr 28 2022 - 11:10

A rise of nearly 80 percent in reported measles cases in the first two months of 2022 is the result of millions of children missing out on routine

New York Times Apr 28 2022 - 10:27