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National mixed doubles shuttler, Shevon Lai is set to miss the initial part of the Road to Tokyo (RTT) training camp to begin on June 1 at the Akad

bernama.com May 28 2020 - 06:25

Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi pledged to safeguard the public from the infectious Dengue virus in the same manner that they protected the

Sri Lanka May 28 2020 - 00:29

The cumulative number of dengue cases recorded in Negri Sembilan from January to May 23 has shown an increase of 11.6 percent to 1,138 cases from 1

The Star May 27 2020 - 22:32

EXPERTS have warned there is a risk of a dengue fever outbreak in Spain, as the country battles to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Daily Express May 27 2020 - 05:24

EXPERTS have warned there is a risk of a dengue fever outbreak in Spain, as the country battles to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Daily Express May 27 2020 - 05:15

The post Dengue Testing Market Size 2020 Analysis By Demand, End Users, Key Players, Opportunities, Growth Factors & Future Forecast 2025 appea

MarketWatch May 27 2020 - 03:19

Treatments for these seasonal infections are very different from those for COVID-19, complicating the work of front-line medical workers.

NIKKEI May 27 2020 - 02:01

As the district administration devises a plan to tackle the threat from the dengue virus, the district administration has yet to clear overgrown sh

The Express Tribune May 26 2020 - 23:49

New Jersey, United States, - The report is a brilliant presentation of critical dynamics, regional growth, competition, and other important aspects

MarketWatch May 26 2020 - 10:48

English Situation Report on Dominican Republic about Health, Water Sanitation Hygiene and Epidemic; published on 26 May 2020 by IFRC

ReliefWeb May 26 2020 - 09:30

As per statistics with the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) cell, 1037 dengue cases have been confirmed so far this year with two d

The New Indian Express May 26 2020 - 07:26

Laos reported 38 new confirmed cases of dengue fever and one new death from the disease, according to Laos Ministry of Health report on Tuesday (Ma

The Star May 26 2020 - 01:37

Up to 137 patients have been admitted to the hospitals across Hanoi so far this year.

Vietnamnet May 26 2020 - 01:14

An outbreak of dengue fever has killed two people and sickened more than 1,000 others in Nakhon Ratchasima since the start of the year, but the Cov

Bangkok Post May 25 2020 - 23:38

Ahead of south-west monsoon which is expected in June, the Corporation has begun anti-dengue operations by carrying out fogging and also to prevent

The Hindu May 24 2020 - 14:57

Even as the Covid-19 pandemic rages, the steadily rising number of dengue patients in Chhattisgarh's Durg district is forcing the administrati

The Pioneer May 24 2020 - 11:36

They say that lightning does not strike in the same place twice but it looks like in some people's life it does, not twice but thrice and even

IndiaGlitz May 24 2020 - 02:39

Doctors in the Philippines fear the rise in seasonal diseases will overwhelm a health system already struggling with the coronavirus pandemic.

South China Morning Post May 23 2020 - 20:15

Misfortunes never come alone, Assam has found out through a series of viral and pest attacks. By 6 p.m.

The Hindu May 23 2020 - 08:40

Deputy Commissioner Saqib Raza Asalm here on Tuesday directed all the relevant departments to take effective measures to prevent dengue virus trans

Dawn on MSN.com May 22 2020 - 17:00

Amid the coronavirus-induced lockdown, a Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation pre-monsoon drive has found hundreds of dengue and malaria breeding col

RepublicWorld May 22 2020 - 07:03

Md Sharif Mahmud Apu, public relations officer of the home ministry, battles both dengue and coronavirus at the same time.

The Daily Star May 21 2020 - 23:14

Ministry of Home Affairs Information and Public Relations Officer Sharif Mahmood Apu has tested positive for both Covid-19 and dengue.

Dhaka Tribune May 21 2020 - 20:57

Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid chaired the Cabinet Committee meeting on dengue fever control at the Civil Secretariat here Thursday.Beside

The News International on MSN.com May 21 2020 - 17:00

Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid chaired the Cabinet Committee meeting on dengue control at the Civil Secretariat here on Thursday.Besides C

The Nation on MSN.com May 21 2020 - 17:00

This was directed by the Attock Deputy Commissioner Anan Qamer on Wednesday while presiding over a district anti-dengue meeting.

The Express Tribune May 21 2020 - 04:03

Lao health authorities are advising provincial health departments to actively monitor their areas in the fight against dengue fever

The Star May 21 2020 - 02:53

IT is unfair to blame Ipoh City Council (MBI) for not clearing undergrowth and unclogging drains and claiming this has led to a spike in dengue cas

The Star May 20 2020 - 17:20

As the Covid-19 pandemic engulfs both the world's attention and healthcare resources, less attention is being given to large disease outbreaks

The Straits Times May 20 2020 - 15:04

I’ve repeatedly asked the Department of Health in Region VII headed by Regional Director Dr. Jaime Bernadas or Dr.

philstar.com May 20 2020 - 09:04

By NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews Dengue fever The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies reports in a recent update th

Pink May 20 2020 - 05:25

A worker sprays pesticide as part of the fight against dengue fever outside the Esplanade arts center in Singapore on May 20, 2020.

Global Times May 20 2020 - 02:06

These measures were extended to the end of April, which hindered the implementation of the Plan of Action activities to response to dengue in commu

ReliefWeb May 19 2020 - 22:52

The total number of dengue cases reported in areas under the purview of Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) stands at 3,165, with two deaths as of May

The Star May 19 2020 - 17:20

An infectious disease specialist who contracted coronavirus 59 days ago said his ongoing symptoms are worse than malaria and dengue fever and he’s

News.com.au May 19 2020 - 07:10

The Aedes albopictus mosquito carries the virus that causes dengue fever, which can prove fatal.

asahi.com May 19 2020 - 00:52

As if Japan doesn't have enough to worry about trying to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak, ominous signs have emerged that mosquitoes ca

asahi.com May 19 2020 - 00:52

English News and Press Release on Marshall Islands about Health, Water Sanitation Hygiene, IDPs, Epidemic and Tropical Cyclone; published on 19 May

ReliefWeb May 18 2020 - 23:33

As the Pacific Islands battle to keep Covid-19 out, and continues to reel from the aftermath of the Tropical Cyclone Harold, they are fighting anot

Scoop May 18 2020 - 21:44

RESIDENTS of Kampung Simee, Ipoh, are not only worried about Covid-19 but are also concerned about the rising number of dengue cases around them.

The Star May 18 2020 - 17:06

SELANGOR has once again recorded the highest number of dengue cases in the country, with 25,298 cases between Dec 29,2019 and May 15.

The Star May 18 2020 - 16:40

The number of dengue cases in Singapore is on the rise, with a total of 529 dengue cases reported in the week ending May 16, said the

Channel NewsAsia Singapore May 18 2020 - 15:30

More than 300,000 bottles of mosquito repellent are being given out free to suspected dengue patients by polyclinics and general practitioner clini

The Straits Times May 18 2020 - 14:27

More than 300,000 bottles of mosquito repellent are planned to be given out for free to suspected dengue patients by polyclinics and general practi

The Straits Times May 18 2020 - 03:18

Eastern Samar governor Ben Evardone lamented the challenges the province is facing addressing the impact of Typhoon Ambo as well as the emergence o

GMA Network May 18 2020 - 02:05

A woman from Sikkim travelling on a special train ferrying stranded people from Gujarat to the Northeast died of suspected dengue midway at Katni i

The Telegraph May 17 2020 - 14:29

As the coronavirus kills thousands and dominates government attention across Latin America, another deadly viral infection is quietly stalking the

Gulf Times May 17 2020 - 14:19

The High Court is yet to deliver any order over the “partial negligence” of Dhaka city corporations regarding last year’s dengue outbreak in the ca

The Daily Star May 17 2020 - 12:18

Amid spread of contagion of Covid-19, the state health department is gearing up to meet the challenge from dengue.

The Pioneer May 17 2020 - 11:36

Thailand's northeastern Province of Nakhon Ratchasima launched a campaign on Sunday to educate residents in ways to prevent dengue fever as th

China Internet Information Center May 17 2020 - 05:25