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Zika is perhaps the newest threat to the annual spring break right of passage that has become synonymous with heavy drinking and casual sex — one o

WHIO Mar 23 2017 - 06:19

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Springfield News Sun Mar 23 2017 - 05:55

LAMP also eliminates the need for extra sample preparation before testing.

lifehacker.co.in Mar 23 2017 - 05:21

Miami-Dade’s tourism industry just can’t catch a break.

The Miami Herald Mar 23 2017 - 05:06

The threat of the Zika virus has now become international, but the alarm was raised in Brazil last year when a growing number of cases of microceph

BBC Mar 23 2017 - 04:26

Fans recently speculated that Holly Willoughby was expecting her fourth child following a confusing discussion about the Zika virus on This Morning

Daily Mail Mar 23 2017 - 02:14

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2017;66(8):219-222.

Medscape News Mar 22 2017 - 21:12

This fast Zika-testing solution could become an important tool for cash-strapped health clinics.

dailydot.com Mar 22 2017 - 17:10

After taking a beating over a proposed Zika vaccine license from the U.S. Army, Sanofi is hitting back.

FiercePharma Mar 22 2017 - 16:28

The IFRC Americas Regional Office, through its Zika Operation, produced a community engagement and accountability tool to inform and educate commun

ifrc.org Mar 22 2017 - 15:55

While teaching her first class at Stanford last spring, Erin Mordecai wasn’t afraid to set the bar high.

Stanford News Mar 22 2017 - 11:59

NAPLES, Fla., March 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- An intensive search of the medical literature has revealed no research yet on whether Zika mosquitoes

prnewswire.com Mar 22 2017 - 06:17

Florida health officials reported a new locally acquired Zika infection in Miami-Dade County on Monday, as well as four new travel-related cases in

Sun Sentinel Mar 22 2017 - 04:17

Men from three Florida counties shouldn’t donate sperm because of a small risk of spreading Zika, U.S. health officials said on Monday.

The Marshall Town Mar 22 2017 - 02:50

Florida health officials confirmed one new locally acquired case of the Zika virus in Miami-Dade County on Monday and also a new travel-related cas

El Sol Latino Mar 22 2017 - 00:26

A new Zika vaccine candidate by GeoVax showed promise in preclinical tests on mice, and the company believes it could become “the best solution” to

FiercePharma Mar 21 2017 - 16:47

This was the proposal: Deliberately infect a small group of consenting adults with the Zika virus to learn about the disease and speed up the searc

WBUR Mar 21 2017 - 16:18

“Global Zika Virus Testing Sales Market Report 2017” Purchase This Report by calling ResearchnReports.com at +1-888-631-6977.

Medgadget Mar 21 2017 - 13:59

Re “Trump Should Avoid a Bad Zika Deal” (Op-Ed, March 11): Bernie Sanders, in our view, doesn’t seem to recognize the importance of government-indu

New York Times Mar 21 2017 - 06:58

The Asian strain of the virus, which has been linked to microcephaly, attacks fetal cells differently than the African strain.

khn.org Mar 21 2017 - 06:15

HOUSTON – Officials are considering releasing genetically modified mosquitoes in Houston as part of the fight against the insects known to carry di

caribbeanbusiness.com Mar 21 2017 - 06:11

Researchers including one of Indian origin have developed a smartphone-controlled, battery-operated diagnostic device that costs as little as $100

newsheads.in Mar 21 2017 - 06:04

I have had this conversation with so many friends – they want to go on a memorable vacation, but they have one requirement: they need vacation dest

thekittchen.com Mar 21 2017 - 05:14

WITH people starting to think about their summer holidays to tropical climes, the Zika virus will be in the back of their minds.

The Sun Mar 21 2017 - 05:06

With its recent downgrading by the World Health Organization from acute outbreak to a chronic problem, Zika has faded somewhat from the spotlight.

Medscape News Mar 21 2017 (All day)

Florida health officials on Monday reported one more locally acquired Zika infection in a person who felt no symptoms but who was tested for the vi

The Miami Herald Mar 20 2017 - 17:23

British company Oxitec is reportedly in talks with Harris County to introduce insects whose offspring would die soon after birth.

Patch Mar 20 2017 - 15:10

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) advises spring break travelers vacationing in warmer climates to protect themselves from mosquito

cdph.ca.gov Mar 20 2017 - 12:01

Traveling for spring break?

San Francisco Examiner Mar 20 2017 - 11:34

The Bayou City's teeming mosquito population spawns in dark, wet nooks and carries a slew of deadly tropical diseases that could ravage the re

Houston Chronicle Mar 20 2017 - 09:35

She is already mother to her children Harry, Belle and Chester with her husband Dan Baldwin.

Daily Mail Mar 20 2017 - 08:19

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Mar 20, 2017) - GeoVax Labs, Inc.

Wallstreet online Mar 20 2017 - 07:00

Having opened up the phone lines for viewers to call in with any travel questions they had, Holly, Simon and Phillip Schofield were introduced to a

OK Magazine Mar 20 2017 - 06:06

TechTalk #11 – Arsh Shah Dilbagi, Founder ARIDO and SAROID TechTalk #12 – Devika Sirohi, Decoder Zika Virus Arsh Shah Dilbagi is popularly known fo

topyaps.com Mar 20 2017 - 05:59

They are half as big as the Culex, have black and white stripes and can be quite aggressive. They can transmit yellow fever and Zika.

89.3 KPCC Mar 20 2017 - 05:05

Sperm donations that hail from three different Florida counties may possibly contain the Zika virus, said the Center for Disease Control and Preven

Lazer Esportes Mar 20 2017 - 04:56

The problem: The state's relatively warm winter means it's likely there will be more active mosquitoes and another outbreak of Zika virus

techknowbits.com Mar 19 2017 - 23:37

The latest report from the CDC mentions that sperm donated in three Florida counties since June 15, 2016 may be infected with the Zika virus.

xboxonezone.com Mar 19 2017 - 21:31

MIAMI — One of two lawsuits traded by the downtown Miami Mandarin Oriental and New York’s Greystone real estate firm over the cancellation of a maj

gossipextra.com Mar 19 2017 - 17:54

You’ve probably already heard about the Zika Virus….

medium.com Mar 19 2017 - 06:01

FILE - In this Thursday, Feb.

WTOP Mar 19 2017 - 00:35

Last August 2016, the Philippines’ Department of Health (DOH) was on full alert after reports from Singapore confirmed local transmission of new ca

Eurasia Review Mar 18 2017 - 19:26

Zika virus infection is transmitted through the bite of infected mosquitoes and currently has no vaccine or cure.

Med India Mar 18 2017 - 10:24

In valley, Indio at center of fight against Zika Officials don't want to give up any ground to an invasive mosquito species in 2017.

The Desert Sun Mar 18 2017 - 04:37

WEST LAFAYETTE — Researchers have determined the structure of a human antibody bound to the Zika virus, revealing details about how the antibody in

Greensburg Daily News Mar 18 2017 (All day)

SOUTH PASADENA >> Spurred by the international outbreak of Zika virus, the City Council finalized an agreement last week to join the San Gabr

Pasadena Star-News Mar 17 2017 - 23:19

2017 is forecast to be the worst year for tick/Lyme disease*. But don’t let fear of Lyme or Zika keep you off the trail!

adventurealan.com Mar 17 2017 - 22:59

One of two lawsuits traded by the downtown Miami Mandarin Oriental and New York’s Greystone real estate firm over the cancellation of a major confe

The Miami Herald Mar 17 2017 - 16:37

A University of Alberta research team is at the forefront of the fight against the Zika virus.

Metro News Mar 17 2017 - 14:48

The material on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a qual

MedPage Today Mar 17 2017 - 14:01