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With the ebola virus hitting American soil and the recent diagnosis of a doctor in New York, there has been a lot of information (and misinformatio

survivallife.com Dec 2 2016 - 08:20

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Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is the most common virus that most people have never heard of and remains a neglected public health problem for women and chi

Medscape News Dec 2 2016 - 05:57

The atomic structure of influenza A virus nucleoprotein.

Medical Xpress Dec 2 2016 - 05:28

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virusguides.com Dec 2 2016 - 05:28

Despite all the progress being made when it comes to HIV/AIDs prevention and treatment, way too many people still think of the virus as a death sen

The Frisky Dec 2 2016 - 05:00

Despite all the progress being made when it comes to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, way too many people still think of the virus as a death sen

The Frisky Dec 2 2016 - 05:00

Worldwide Cancer Research scientists Professor Adrian Whitehouse and Dr Richard Foster at the University of Leeds have identified a compound which

The Daily Express Dec 2 2016 - 04:45

One of the backbone’s of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is speciation — the branching of a species into two incipient species.

zmescience.com Dec 2 2016 - 04:38

Florida state officials declared a second outbreak of Zika over in the Miami area, this one in a neighborhood known as Little River or Little Haiti

NBC News Dec 2 2016 - 04:17

Synthetic biology has become a catch-all term for attempts to engineer organisms to do things they normally wouldn't.

Ars Technica Dec 2 2016 - 04:09

Florida health officials have announced continued progress in the fight against the Zika virus after a Miami neighborhood was declared free of ongo

ABC News Dec 2 2016 - 03:27

Actor Charlie Sheen’s HIV treatment has successfully suppressed the virus.

Toronto Sun Dec 2 2016 - 03:12

IT is the virus that has terrified the world – and now there’s a brand new reason to fear the dreaded Zika.

www.thesun.co.uk Dec 2 2016 - 02:51

Imagine there was a treatment that could trap the flu virus in your nose, before it reached your lungs and made you sick.

WNYT Dec 1 2016 - 22:47

The city health will be conducting outreach activities where they will be offering HIV counselling and testing, tuberculosis testing, condom distri

The Celebrity Truth Dec 1 2016 - 21:50

A new variant of Android malware dubbed ‘Gooligan’ is out, and spreading fast so fast it may have already infected more than 1 million smartphones

The Business Journal Dec 1 2016 - 18:01

Today, Africa joins the world to take stock of progress against Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV

venturesafrica.com Dec 1 2016 - 15:52

Zika virus (light blue) spreads through a three-dimensional model of a developing brain.

Medical Xpress Dec 1 2016 - 12:53

West Nile virus is globally wide-spread and causes significant disease in humans and animals.

journals.plos.org Dec 1 2016 - 11:27

A new short documentary film (below) released for World AIDS Day by the HIV advocacy group SERO Project has a sobering message: People living with

www.queerty.com Dec 1 2016 - 10:16

The United Kingdom’s first case of Zika virus transmission through sexual contact has been detected, Public Health England has confirmed.

BMJ Dec 1 2016 - 09:54

The most conflicting issue relates to the ways you can interact with the HIV-positive person without risking your health.

naij.com Dec 1 2016 - 08:00

Changes to federal warrant rules took effect Thursday allowing a single magistrate judge to issue a search warrant to hack geographically diverse v

US News and World Report Dec 1 2016 - 07:02

The first case of a person with sexually transmitted Zika virus has been recorded in the UK.

The Independent Dec 1 2016 - 06:48

Dec 1 (Reuters) - A version of Shamoon, the destructive computer virus that four years ago crippled tens of thousands of computers at Middle Easter

Yahoo Finance Dec 1 2016 - 06:34

Miraculously, Zao is still alive.

radio.wpsu.org Dec 1 2016 - 03:56

CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks Inc and Symantec Corp. warned of the new attacks yesterday.

The Daily Express Dec 1 2016 - 02:52

Shamoon, the destructive computer virus that four years ago crippled tens of thousands of computers at Middle Eastern energy companies, was used tw

Reuters Dec 1 2016 - 00:36

A computer virus attack in mid-November targeted Saudi government bodies and vital installations including the kingdom's transport sector, Sau

Voice of America Nov 30 2016 - 23:39

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makeitcrochet.com Nov 30 2016 - 22:34

(Adds details from FireEye, including other targets in the region, image and previous reconnaissance by attackers) Dec 1 (Reuters) - A version of S

CNBC Nov 30 2016 - 22:20

The Virus Filtration Consumption industry latest research report provides in-depth analysis of definitions, classifications, applications and indus

Medgadget Nov 30 2016 - 21:01

A new study from Brazil and Yale School of Public Health revealed a possible link between the dreaded zika virus and a condition that can result in

Nature World News Nov 30 2016 - 20:40

Scientists from the University of Utah and University of Washington have developed blueprints that instruct human cells to assemble a virus-like de

healthcare.utah.edu Nov 30 2016 - 20:18


News 4 Jax Nov 30 2016 - 18:09

A version of Shamoon, the destructive computer virus that crippled tens of thousands of computers at Middle Eastern energy companies four years ago

Reuters Nov 30 2016 - 17:12

FORMER Celebrity Big Brother star Austin Armacost has revealed he feared he had contracted HIV after being ‘date raped’ by a man who had tested pos

www.thesun.co.uk Nov 30 2016 - 12:26

If you procrastinate and let this pest stay on your machine, you may experience some irreversible damage.

virusguides.com Nov 30 2016 - 06:14

At least 78 million people are reported to have become carriers of HIV while at least 38 million have succumbed to the death pangs of the virus sin

venturesafrica.com Nov 30 2016 - 04:19

Pope Francis’ characterization of worldwide tensions based largely on race and ethnicity couldn’t be more on point.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Nov 30 2016 - 03:58

A new variant of Android malware dubbed ‘Gooligan’ is out, and spreading fast--by one estimate, it’s already infected more than 1 million smartphon

The Business Journal Nov 30 2016 - 02:03

Put your phone or tablet into Safe mode. Due to this any third-party apps running, including any malware.

vishwagujarat.com Nov 30 2016 - 00:16

Regathering attention through sporadic festival appearances and tours with younger bands like Jesus Piece, Zao began promoting what would become “T

Biola University Chimes Nov 29 2016 - 23:47

The first local transmission of the Zika virus in Texas occurred in Brownsville, Texas, health officials announced Monday.

The Daily Texan Nov 29 2016 - 23:11

CORPUS CHRISTI (KIII NEWS) - Health officials are reporting the first Zika case transmitted to a human here in South Texas.

Kiii3 News Nov 29 2016 - 22:21

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2016;65(44):1219-1223.

Medscape News Nov 29 2016 - 21:10

This downgrade by World Health Organization follows on the heels of reports earlier this month that failed to show a verifiable link between the gr

Canal CNC Arauca Nov 29 2016 - 20:12

Abuja – The Society for Women and Children Living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria (SOWCHAN), on Tuesday, protested during the National Conference on HIV P

Nigerian Observer Online Edition Nov 29 2016 - 19:22

HIV is a vicious virus which attacks the immune system, and can kill infected people if left untreated.

www.thesun.co.uk Nov 29 2016 - 19:15