Headlines for Avian Influenza H9N2

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Recent human infections of H5N1 and H9N2 viruses highlight the need to strengthen surveillance in wild, resident, migratory birds and in poultry,’‘

The Hindu Sep 1 2023 - 09:05

Despite a nearly threefold drop in ciprofloxacin prescriptions over 6 years, the amount of fluoroquinolone-resistant E coli  in the community rose.

cidrap.umn Aug 29 2023 - 13:29

The report, published yesterday, shows that the 30 countries of the European Union/European Economic Area (EU/EEA) reported a total of 33,527 TB ca

cidrap.umn Aug 29 2023 - 13:20

A pediatric hospital system wasted 58,607 antibiotic doses worth more than $230,000, including drugs in limited US supply, in 2 years, finds a stud

cidrap.umn Aug 29 2023 - 13:20

CEPI and the University of Oxford have committed $80 million to the development of a vaccine targeting "Disease X," or unknown pathogens

cidrap.umn Aug 29 2023 - 13:14

Human infection with the H5N1 or H9N2 avian influenza virus has been reported in the city of Guangzhou in southern China.

The New England Journal of Medicine Jul 31 2023 - 11:54

The spread of such diseases happens among people handling livestock kept in unhygienic conditions and continues to spread from there to the last po

Deccan Herald Jul 27 2023 - 12:50

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Next Finance Jul 21 2023 - 12:21

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Next Finance Jul 21 2023 - 05:50

In 2015, human influenza surveillance identified a human infection with A/H9N2 in Dhaka, Bangladesh with evidence of exposure to a sick quail.

Too Old to Operate Jul 16 2023 - 22:04

In the Philippines, the government is making progress on the procurement of a highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) vaccine, according to Presid

WATTAgNet Jul 10 2023 - 07:01

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NAMI Jul 7 2023 - 09:37

Relenza is the brand name for a drug called zanamivir, which is in the same drug class as Tamiflu and has proved successful at protecting against H

News Medical Jun 18 2023 - 17:52