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Though we found out COVID doesn’t last long on surfaces, other viruses are better at sustaining life outside the human body.

Tell Me Best on MSN.com Jun 27 2022 - 12:20

Viruses are able to survive in fresh water by clinging to microscopic pieces of plastic, posing a potential threat to public health, according to a

YAHOO!News Jun 27 2022 - 10:00

It turns out that viruses can survive and remain contagious by attaching themselves to microplastics in water, posing potential health risks.

Interesting Engineering Jun 27 2022 - 08:49

Scientists have proven for the first time that viruses can survive and remain infectious by binding themselves to plastics in freshwater—raising co

Phys.org Jun 27 2022 - 08:03

Microplastics are so small that they could potentially be ingested by someone swimming,” said the lead researcher

YAHOO!News Jun 27 2022 - 06:41

Viruses that cause sickness in humans can attach to microplastics, remaining infectious for much longer than they would otherwise.

Newsweek on MSN.com Jun 27 2022 - 05:53

Gordon Richardson doesn’t remember the moment his legs failed.

MSN Jun 27 2022 - 04:19

Intestinal viruses such as rotavirus were found to be infectious for up to three days by attaching to microplastics, research shows

The Guardian Jun 26 2022 - 21:02

Common symptoms of these foodborne illnesses include vomiting, diarrhoea (with or without blood), abdominal cramping, fever, headache, dehydration,

Firstpost Jun 25 2022 - 22:11

Kerala health minister Veena George on Friday inaugurated the “Health Tech Summit-2022”, a mega conclave, organised by Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM

Hindustan Times Jun 24 2022 - 12:20

The Southern Baptist Convention has been unhealthy for a very long time, and now her two most deadly latent viruses are wreaking havoc on the body.

Baptist News Global Jun 24 2022 - 06:17

Story at a glance Researchers from Ohio State University claim that plankton carrying a type of virus could help scientists learn how to deal with

YAHOO!News Jun 23 2022 - 13:46

The sky in our valley used to be a sweet blue (except during dust storms).

Yahoo Jun 23 2022 - 07:52

A Seattle DNA analysis startup is taking on a project with global ambitions with $5.5 million in new funds from the Bill & Melinda Gates Founda

Geekwire on MSN.com Jun 23 2022 - 07:39

Organizations may not encounter malware targeting cloud systems or networking equipment frequently, but the array of malware they encounter just oc

Dark Reading Jun 23 2022 - 05:29

Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians Roseville Pediatrics a sharp uptick in roseola, a virus that causes a high fever for a day or two

abc27 Jun 23 2022 - 01:30

Researchers at Ohio State found that a new way to mitigate climate change may come from observing viruses in an unlikely sea creature — plankton.

The Lantern Jun 22 2022 - 18:15

KGUN 9 caught up with Banner University Medical Center pediatric infectious disease expert Dr.

KGUN 9 Jun 22 2022 - 17:20

Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed N95 surgical face masks that can neutralize viruses and bacteria.

the Top 10 Jun 22 2022 - 07:51

In your case, the straightforward answer would be that you did not have COVID-19.

Yahoo Jun 21 2022 - 17:21

Australian researchers have identified a cell in the human eye that is particularly good at housing viruses including Ebola In a

Big News Network.com Jun 20 2022 - 22:12

Even as Covid-19 trends improve, other respiratory illnesses are on the rise.

FOX43 Jun 20 2022 - 19:35

The myxoma virus, fatal to millions of Australian rabbits, is a textbook example of the unexpected twists in the evolution of viruses and their hos

New York Times Jun 20 2022 - 06:14

Copper has been used as an antimicrobial for over 6,000 years. Re-engineering the metal could be the future of healthcare.

Discover Magazine Jun 20 2022 - 06:05

Scientists say they've figured out at least part of North America's invasive, imported fire ant problem by turning a virus that kills the

Futurism Jun 19 2022 - 14:04

During the early phases of the pandemic, and especially during lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, many people reported disruptions to

Lifehacker Australia on MSN.com Jun 17 2022 - 19:30

Researchers from the University of the Philippines-Natural Sciences Research Institute (UP NSRI) are currently developing a kit that could detect a

Gov Jun 17 2022 - 05:27

A small study suggests viruses could provide an alternative to chemical pesticides, which are used widely around homes and public places.

Washington Post on MSN.com Jun 17 2022 - 04:24

One of the creators of the AstraZeneca vaccine, British scientist Catherine Green, has urged researchers to begin creating vaccines now for viral d

The Australian Jun 16 2022 - 21:30

COVID isn't the only respiratory illness people need to be wary of this winter, with doctors warning other dangerous viruses are on the rise,

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Jun 16 2022 - 20:11

Recently, scientists evaluated the influence of mitigation measures that were originally implemented to restrict COVID-19 transmission, on other re

News Medical Jun 16 2022 - 19:48

This summer, doctor’s offices and hospitals are seeing a spike in children sick with viruses that are normally seen in the winter including colds,

KOIN 6 Jun 16 2022 - 15:21

Over 1,200 viruses in the ocean have the ability to infect marine plants and increase the amount of carbon they capture.

Yahoo News Jun 16 2022 - 09:53

The Russian occupiers have published further "evidence" of the existence of mythical biolaboratories in Ukraine, where Ukraine and the Un

YAHOO!News Jun 16 2022 - 09:52

RNA viruses infect influential ocean organisms.

Live Science Jun 16 2022 - 08:00

“It’s great news for South Australians that, with a GP referral, they can now access testing for 12 respiratory viruses at the same time, including

Adelaide Now Jun 16 2022 - 03:31

While we are still learning about the specific effects of COVID on sleep, we do know about what happens to sleep with other viral infections.

The Indian Express on MSN.com Jun 15 2022 - 23:30

The Valais State Council is pleading for federal help from Bern to control wolves ahead of the upcoming alpine summer – while shepherds are taking

Neue Zürcher Zeitung Jun 15 2022 - 06:44

During the early phases of the pandemic, and especially during lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, many people reported disruptions to sleep and the

Medical Xpress Jun 15 2022 - 06:17

A MEDIC has warned that kids are being hit by three viruses at a time, as experts say the Covid pandemic has wiped their immunity to bugs.

The Sun Jun 15 2022 - 03:42

While our public life feels mostly back to normal, in private, people keep contracting COVID-19.

KIRO-TV Jun 15 2022 - 01:28

Children are turning up in doctors' clinics infected with as many as three different types of viruses, in what experts believe is the result o

Daily Mail Jun 14 2022 - 13:21

The coronvarius is causing other viruses to act in abnormal ways, according to a report.

Knewz on MSN.com Jun 14 2022 - 12:20

CORONAVIRUS changed almost every facet of life when it took hold in 2020.

Daily Express Jun 14 2022 - 08:51

Children are becoming infected with up to three different viruses at the same time after widespread COVID-19 lockdowns eviscerated their immune sys

New York Post Jun 14 2022 - 08:07

COVID has caused other viruses to act bizarrely, experts say, and children are at risk.

The Sun Jun 14 2022 - 05:16

Ocean waters are home to a huge array of RNA virus species, and incredibly, some of them may in fact help store carbon on the ocean floor.

Forbes India Jun 14 2022 - 02:48

A new study aimed to identify the main host, intermediate hosts, as well as other animal reservoirs for both SARS-CoV-2 and the monkeypox virus.

News Medical Jun 13 2022 - 20:58

RNA viruses that infect plankton may be shaping the ocean's crucial role in carbon cycling, according to a new study.

Axios Jun 13 2022 - 19:12