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Among various scientific terms that the Covid-19 pandemic has made part of the public vocabulary, one is the ‘Ct value’ in RT-PCR tests for determi

The Indian Express on MSN.com Jan 22 2022 - 05:42

The list of SARS-CoV-2 variants – each with its own unique qualities that give it an edge – just keeps growing.

YAHOO!News Jan 21 2022 - 06:06

Study sheds light on COVID virus transmissibility, resistance to host immunity.

SciTech Daily Jan 20 2022 - 09:27

The Chinese virology institute in the city where COVID-19 first emerged has three live strains of bat coronavirus on-site, but none match the new c

Uruguay News Jan 20 2022 - 05:43

This is a rush transcript from "The Ingraham Angle," January 17, 2022. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

Fox News Jan 18 2022 - 14:04

The Covid pandemic which hit the country had led medical professionals and healthcare executives to delve into courses to learn what the virus is a

NDTV Jan 17 2022 - 06:29

Coronavirus Omicron Cases and Deaths in India, Covid-19 Booster Shot Vaccine Registration, Coronavirus Third Wave in India January 15 Live Updates:

The Financial Express Jan 16 2022 - 08:57

What is slowly becoming clear is that a host of top scientists chose to dismiss the lab leak theory for political and funding reasons, rather than

moneycontrol.com Jan 16 2022 - 00:41

Dr. Keith Jerome, the head of UW Virology, told Seattle’s Morning News it’s still too early to know.

MyNorthwest.com Jan 15 2022 - 13:56

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday highlighted the importance of fitness and strong immunity amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic while appreciat

RepublicWorld Jan 15 2022 - 00:02

Coronavirus Omicron Cases and Deaths in India, Covid-19 Booster Shot Vaccine Registration, Coronavirus Third Wave in India January 15 Live Updates:

The Financial Express Jan 14 2022 - 23:26

Dr T Jacob John, former director of ICMR's Centre of Advanced Research in Virology said that both the variants of Omicron and Delta will co-ci

The Financial Express on MSN.com Jan 14 2022 - 00:21

If COVID-19 never relearns outdoor transmission, perhaps this viral pandemic would have struck Thomas more like a tiny Godzilla than of something d

Post Independent Citizen Telegram Jan 13 2022 - 17:30

The Luna lab explores questions at the intersection of RNA biology and host-virus interactions using a combination of classic virology approaches a

Case Western Reserve University Jan 13 2022 - 16:01

Dr John, along with other virologists and health experts, was speaking at an online discussion on Variants, Vaccines and Us on Thursday.

The Indian Express on MSN.com Jan 13 2022 - 14:52

US ‘hitting Omicron peak’ as scientists plead for politicians to leave top doctor alone - Follow the latest updates

The Independent on MSN.com Jan 13 2022 - 11:54

New research from Cornell University outlines key information about omicron’s older variant sibling, alpha, which emerged late in 2020.

EurekAlert! Jan 13 2022 - 11:51

US ‘hitting Omicron peak’ as scientists plead for politicians to leave top doctor alone - Follow the latest updates

The Independent on MSN.com Jan 13 2022 - 09:55

SARS-CoV-2 is less of a virus and more of a manmade spike protein affixed to a coronavirus quasispecies used as a bat vaccine, says DARPA Major Jos

visiontimes.com Jan 13 2022 - 08:17

Newly released emails show that in the first weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr.

National Review Jan 13 2022 - 05:05

One of the experts who flagged the issues was Elisabeth Bik, the noted science integrity consultant and image forensics expert, on PubPeer.

The Wire Jan 13 2022 - 04:49

As the pandemic enters its third year, questions about COVID-19’s origins appear increasingly distant.

theaseanpost Jan 13 2022 - 03:59

Cases in India are rising very quickly – about 195,000 cases were reported on January 11.

Moneycontrol on MSN.com Jan 12 2022 - 21:16

Sparring partners Anthony Fauci and Rand Paul threw down in the Senate again this week.

YAHOO!News Jan 12 2022 - 17:07

In this declaration of independence from a “Forced Universal Vaccination Policy,” we hold these truths to be evident

Washington Times Jan 12 2022 - 12:32

Rand Paul calls top doctor ‘juvenile’ in new attack as he defends ‘moron’ hot mic comment - Follow the latest updates

The Independent on MSN.com Jan 12 2022 - 07:19

The COVID Act introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida would also see the U.S.

Newsweek on MSN.com Jan 12 2022 - 05:07

Possessing expertise in antibody development and production, Creative Biolabs has established a center of viral antibody products, gathering multit

Benzinga.com Jan 11 2022 - 13:07

The emails suggest Fauci and Collins were primarily concerned with stamping out unfounded lab-leak ‘conspiracy theories.’

National Review Jan 11 2022 - 10:02

The UK could see major bird flu outbreaks every year, a senior government official has told The Independent.

YAHOO!News Jan 11 2022 - 08:51

January 11, 2022 - GeoVax Labs, Inc.

Associated Press Jan 11 2022 - 06:04

A Republican candidate for the Senate in Alabama argued that the coronavirus was intentionally created by the communist Chinese government based on

christianitydaily.com Jan 10 2022 - 05:02

A Canadian military officer wants to authorities to probe whether COVID-19 spread during the 2019 World Military Games in Wuhan, China.

BizPac Review Jan 9 2022 - 09:04

In order to fight the pandemic in the long term, it is crucial to understand why one variant prevails over another.

SciTech Daily Jan 9 2022 - 08:47

Kuzmickas is a mechanical engineer without training or expertise in epidemiology, virology or vaccines.

CBC.ca Jan 9 2022 - 06:08

SCIENTISTS are creating “super-infectious” viruses that could have “irreversible consequences” for the planet, experts have warned.

The Sun Jan 7 2022 - 09:10

Can we trust rapid COVID-19 tests? Should I swab my throat for my at-home antigen test? Dr.

Fox 9 Jan 7 2022 - 06:43

Scientists in the US and Europe are creating “risky” self-spreading viruses in the hope of developing viral vaccines, a new UK paper has warned.

Longford Leader Jan 7 2022 - 03:45

SPOKANE, Wash.– A Washington immunology and virology expert says we should know by end of February if a second booster shot will be needed to fight

KXLY 4 News Jan 6 2022 - 12:59

Plans to Initiate First-in-Human Study of EDP-235, an Oral 3CL Protease Inhibitor Specifically Designed for the Treatment of COVID-19, in February

아크로팬 Jan 6 2022 - 03:00

Mounting evidence from animal studies suggests that Omicron does not multiply readily in lung tissue, which can be badly damaged in people infected

Nature Jan 5 2022 - 11:57

Virology professor Toivo Maimets, who is to head up the new composition of the government's Covid advisory body, the scientific council, has p

ERR News Jan 5 2022 - 05:26

“It’s a very attractive observation that might explain what we see in patients,” says Melanie Ott, a virologist at the Gladstone Institute of Virol

Nature Jan 4 2022 - 16:00

On Monday, a professor of Medical virology at the University of Maiduguri, Professor Marycelin Baba; a former Chairman of the Association of Public

The Punch Newspapers Jan 4 2022 - 00:48

Dr Richard Horton admitted he knew that Dr Peter Daszak had links to the Wuhan laboratory at the centre of the spillover theory

gmwatch.org Jan 3 2022 - 08:48

The state recorded four more cases of the fast-spreading Omicron variant of the virus with the National Institute of Virology, Pune, confirming the

Hindustan Times Jan 3 2022 - 05:30

A growing body of evidence indicates that the Omicron COVID variant is more likely to infect the throat than the lungs, which scientists believe ma

theaseanpost Jan 3 2022 - 01:59

Despite the introduction of several vaccines in Nigeria and other parts of the world, analysis of daily epidemiological reports of the coronavirus

The Punch Newspapers Jan 2 2022 - 15:57

Researchers from the University of Liverpool’s Molecular Virology Research Group published a pre-print on Boxing Day that shows Omicron leading to

The Guardian Jan 1 2022 - 23:47