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The Serbian minister for innovation and technological development Nenad Popović on Thursday met a delegation of Russian experts who supervised the

EURACTIV Apr 15 2021 - 23:20

Mystery surrounds Dr Qiu Xiangguo and her husband amid a two-year police investigation, a shipment of viruses to Wuhan, internet conspiracy theorie

South China Morning Post Apr 15 2021 - 21:39

Scientists are coalescing around the idea that Covid-19 probably spread to people through an animal or animals.

CNN Apr 15 2021 - 13:34

The group, Drastic, has investigated, corrected, uncovered and agitated in a quest to reveal the starting point of the pandemic.

CNET Apr 15 2021 - 05:00

Even before the country’s Virology Institute is established, a number of “foreign-trained" virologists expressed interest to be part of it, th

Manila Bulletin Apr 15 2021 - 04:41

As the Philippines continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) on Thursday said it hopes to

GMA News Online on MSN.com Apr 15 2021 - 01:25

The National Institute of Virology (NIV) detected a double mutation variant in the samples collected from Maharashtra which is the only state where

India.com on MSN.com Apr 14 2021 - 22:58

Chandigarh: Two weeks after it asked National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune to expedite reports of random sampling for the UK strain of Covid

India Times Apr 14 2021 - 18:22

He is Past Presidents' advisor for the Australasian Virology Society, and Treasurer of the RNA Network of Australia, The world’s first mRNA va

The Conversation Apr 14 2021 - 13:08

In a typical year, the surveillance team at the University of Washington's clinical virology lab runs about 50,000 tests to identify viruses.

Medscape Apr 14 2021 - 10:57

As an infectious diseases physician for 22 years and having run a molecular virology research lab for a dozen of those, I implore our citizens and

Traverse City Record-Eagle Apr 14 2021 - 10:24

As many as 220 of the 361 samples taken for genome sequencing showed the mutation, officials of the National Institute of Virology in Pune said dur

Scroll Apr 13 2021 - 21:34

The former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr.

Washington Times Apr 13 2021 - 11:52

“If one of the three vaccines either is not in use or has to be restricted … it will necessarily slow down the vaccine process,” said Dr.

The Boston Globe Apr 13 2021 - 09:45

A Trump State Department fact sheet on the Wuhan Institute of Virology declassified in mid-January assessed that lab workers had fallen ill with CO

Washington Examiner Apr 12 2021 - 16:59

Last month, Redfield opened up in an interview with Gupta for a CNN special, saying he believes an accident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology is t

MSN Apr 12 2021 - 11:59

THE PHILIPPINES is studying a plan to set up a vaccine development center and may assign production to the private sector under a private-public pa

BusinessWorld on MSN.com Apr 12 2021 - 05:12

What’s wrong with investigating the possibility of an accidental leak from this lab, they ask.

MSN Apr 12 2021 - 03:10

Matovič should thus publicly apologise, said Juraj Kopáček, scientific director of the Institute of Virology.

SME Apr 12 2021 - 02:34

History seems to be repeating itself.

The New Indian Express Apr 10 2021 - 16:28

Although the number of COVID-19 patients in German intensive care units has been rising exponentially for four weeks, the federal and state governm

World Socialist Web Site Apr 9 2021 - 15:26

Lucira Health, Inc.

Associated Press Apr 9 2021 - 03:01

Amid a recent increase in COVID-19 variant cases in Santa Clara County, researchers at the Stanford Clinical Virology Lab discovered another new va

Stanford Daily Apr 8 2021 - 23:46

Growing body of in vitro data support Brilacidin’s potential as a broad-spectrum inhibitor of virusesBrilacidin is currently undergoing Phase 2 cli

YAHOO!Finance Apr 7 2021 - 06:33

A drug that is commonly used to treat tapeworm infections might help to prevent the formation of atypical fused cells in the lungs of patients with

natureasia.com Apr 6 2021 - 17:00

NIAID opted against reviewing a grant that funded a lab in Wuhan, China, to genetically modify bat-based coronaviruses.

The Daily Signal Apr 6 2021 - 11:08

Pinning down the origins of COVID-19 would require a few things that are unlikely to ever happen: 1) Cooperation from the Chinese Communist Party,

MedPage Today Apr 6 2021 - 10:04

MANILA – To aid in the country’s fight against future pandemics, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go supports the establishment of a virology institute w

pna Apr 6 2021 - 05:48


Associated Press Apr 5 2021 - 22:52

Just as California seemed to be on the verge of truly turning the Covid-19 corner, the Stanford Clinical Virology Lab confirmed a case of an emergi

Deadline.com Apr 5 2021 - 20:53

Just as California seemed to be on the verge of truly turning the Covid-19 corner, the Stanford Clinical Virology Lab confirmed a case of an emergi

Deadline.com Apr 5 2021 - 18:37

A 'double variant' of the coronavirus, rapidly spreading in India, has been detected in the San Francisco Bay Area by Stanford’s Clinical

CBS Local on MSN.com Apr 5 2021 - 17:11

One case of a new virus first detected in India was identified in the San Francisco Bay Area last week and seven other cases are expected.

SFGate Apr 5 2021 - 15:24

Security personnel keep watch outside the Wuhan Institute of Virology during a visit by the WHO team tasked with investigating the origins of the c

National Review Apr 5 2021 - 10:21

The other, pushed by a vocal minority, holds that the virus was being secretly researched at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a major research cent

MedPage Today Apr 5 2021 - 09:01

A new variant of the coronavirus has been found in California's Bay Area.

Fox News Apr 5 2021 - 02:29

Barouch and others left the retreat and went back across town to their vaccine and virology lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

STAT Apr 5 2021 - 01:34

A new variant first detected in India was found in the Bay Area Researchers at the Stanford Clinical Virology Lab found it through genomic sequenci

International Business Times Apr 4 2021 - 21:21

Stanford Health Care Senior Manager of Media Relations Lisa Kim told KRON4 the newly described “India” variant was identified and confirmed by the

KRON4 Apr 4 2021 - 18:44

The Bay Area has yet another coronavirus variant to contend with.

MSN Apr 4 2021 - 16:47

The Bay Area has yet another coronavirus variant to contend with.

San Francisco Chronicle Apr 4 2021 - 14:22

But much of this kind of conversation is misguided, argues one of the nation's top virology experts.

TheStreet.com Apr 4 2021 - 12:27

"We identified this new Indian variant last week just immediately after it was reported in the lay press," says Dr.

KTVU Apr 4 2021 - 10:10

These natural advantages must make it the best place to build the Australian Institute of Virology.

The Australian Apr 4 2021 - 07:30

The theory the virus came from a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology was deemed to be unlikely by the report.

The Australian Apr 4 2021 - 01:39

The Clinical Virology Lab at Stanford Health Care has confirmed one case of India’s new ‘double mutant’ COVID variant, and seven possible cases amo

India West Apr 3 2021 - 17:45

"Before I accepted this job, there was no COVID.

ABC7 San Francisco on MSN.com Apr 2 2021 - 20:48

Robert Gallo, the eminent virologist best known as co-discoverer of the AIDS virus, says the world needs a system to confront viral disease that’s

The Baltimore Sun Apr 2 2021 - 16:33

Molinet quickly became fascinated by her virology and bacteriology classes, which focused on how animal viruses and bacteria can cross over into hu

The Daily Beacon Apr 2 2021 - 16:24

CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, is vital in order to address the current pandemic and reduce the risk of future ones.

Newsweek on MSN.com Apr 2 2021 - 04:00