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While the old song "Tiny Bubbles" lauds the happy effervescence of a glass of sparkling wine, new University of Georgia research on nanob

YAHOO!News Jan 22 2022 - 14:05

Vaccines and the antibodies they generate are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to fighting off the coronavirus.

Detroit News Jan 22 2022 - 05:00

We need more than education We need pathogen control Hey Congress, we can't do it alone With apologies to Pink Floyd The theater building at T

Food Safety News Jan 20 2022 - 20:00

Until now, when it came to raw milk, the state of Alaska was looking out for the public health of its residents.

Food Safety News Jan 20 2022 - 20:00

Sections of Loyalhanna Creek and several of its tributaries, as well some streams in Salem, are among bodies of water in Westmoreland County that a

YAHOO!News Jan 20 2022 - 17:04

For instance, a FATF report on money laundering and terrorist financing noted the prevalence of fundraising scams, in which entities posing as “int

The Statesman on MSN.com Jan 20 2022 - 12:43

The CDC estimates more than 2.8 million Americans experience antibiotic-resistant infections each year.

EurekAlert! Jan 20 2022 - 05:04

Researchers take the largest look to date on the impact of bacterial antimicrobial resistance, including most affected agents and regions of the wo

Medscape Jan 20 2022 - 03:49

The level of magnesium in the blood is an important factor in the immune system's ability to tackle pathogens and cancer cells.

Science Daily Jan 19 2022 - 14:24

Better treatment for Candida auris, Aspergillus and other dangerous fungal pathogens is slow to come, even as rates of drug resistance rise.

Medscape Jan 19 2022 - 13:38

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have recently published work that lays the foundation for new ways of thinking about pathogen

Phys.org Jan 19 2022 - 12:12

Daylight passing through smart windows results in almost complete disinfection of surfaces within 24 hours while still blocking harmful ultraviolet

Science Daily Jan 19 2022 - 11:12

Qpex Biopharma, Inc., (Qpex) a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing innovative anti-infective therapies, today annou

YAHOO!Finance Jan 19 2022 - 05:00

Mink farms threaten to become a source of new coronavirus variants — and an object lesson in how ‘spillback’ can make deadly diseases even deadlier

New York Times Jan 19 2022 - 02:00

NewsDesk  @infectiousdiseasenews Scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and three other institutions are seeking to develop

Pink Jan 18 2022 - 13:08

"Although animal waste is a sustainable alternative in agriculture, it needs to be environmentally safe.

Horse Talk Jan 18 2022 - 12:19

LGBTQ advocates are urging the FDA to address the blood shortage crisis by eliminating the deferral period for gay and bisexual male donors.

Metro Weekly Jan 18 2022 - 09:59

Receives Patents for Pathogen Destroying Device in Hong Kong, China Adds to Company’s Portfolio of Patents for Disinfection Technology Addressing G

Associated Press Jan 18 2022 - 07:46

These days, some of my richest collaborations are with fungal networks—and with human organizations with the curiosity and vision to leverage fungi

Time on MSN.com Jan 18 2022 - 03:55

I oversaw the coronavirus “dashboard” at the University of Florida.

Washington Post on MSN.com Jan 18 2022 - 03:00

New research assesses the NLR family pyrin domain containing 3 (NLRP3) inflammasome activation in response to SARS-CoV-2 and its spike protein, and

News Medical Jan 17 2022 - 09:59

A new paper discusses the appearance of quasi-species in a single host with prolonged infection, with different rates of infectivity and sensitivit

News Medical Jan 17 2022 - 03:37

Glycan testing has been demonstrated to detect pathogens, and scientists believe it could be better at tracking viral mutations than established sp

Medscape Jan 17 2022 - 03:12

Mitochondria are known as energy suppliers for our cells, but they also play an important role in the defense against pathogens.

News Medical Jan 16 2022 - 21:49

Coastal zones are exposed to various anthropogenic impacts, such as different types of wastewater pollution, e.g., treated wastewater discharges, l

Frontiers Jan 16 2022 - 21:15

Oregon OSHA has launched a Spanish-language online training course on bloodborne pathogens for health care, emergency response, hospitality and oth

Safety+Health Magazine Jan 16 2022 - 21:00

Florida scientists have found more evidence face masks help reduce the spread of airborne diseases like COVID-19.

CBS Local on MSN.com Jan 16 2022 - 11:59

Researchers studying how small worms defend themselves against pathogens have discovered a gene that acts as a first-line response against infectio

Science Daily Jan 16 2022 - 06:24

The effectiveness of face masks has been a hotly debated topic since the emergence of COVID-19.

SciTech Daily Jan 15 2022 - 03:06

A research team reports that a parasite tricks mitochondria into shedding large structures from their 'skin', thus turning off their defe

Science Daily Jan 14 2022 - 17:23

Thousands of beachgoers have likely fallen ill as a result of sewage from a crumbling wastewater plant in Baja California

San Diego Union-Tribune Jan 14 2022 - 12:00

Face masks reduce the distance that airborne pathogens can travel by more than 50%.

WNYT NewsChannel 13 Jan 14 2022 - 10:35

To survive, pathogens need to acquire nutrients from their host and counter host defenses.

Phys.org Jan 14 2022 - 07:09

Lightsense Technology, a pioneer in developing multi-spectroscopic solutions to address critical problems in public health—from the opioid crisis t

WFMZ-TV Jan 14 2022 - 04:46

A study has found that face masks reduce the distance airborne pathogens could travel when speaking or coughing by more than half compared to not w

Big News Network.com Jan 13 2022 - 21:26

A research has been published in the 'Journal of Infectious Diseases'.

India Times Jan 13 2022 - 15:00

UV Angel, a leader in pathogen control technology, today announced that a new study set to be published in the Journal

Benzinga.com Jan 13 2022 - 10:00

Autoimmune disease is a condition in which the body attacks itself, health experts told Fox News.

Fox News Jan 13 2022 - 09:40

Based on the results, the investigators found that a cloth face covering reduced emissions in all directions to about 2 feet compared to the 4 feet

Pharmacy Times Jan 13 2022 - 06:43

Researchers at UCF found that masks reduce the distance airborne pathogens could travel, when speaking or coughing, by more than half compared to n

The New Indian Express Jan 13 2022 - 04:10

The effectiveness of face masks has been a hotly debated topic since the emergence of Covid-19.

Business Standard Jan 13 2022 - 00:49

The effectiveness of face masks has been a hotly debated topic since the emergence of Covid-19.

The Tribune Jan 12 2022 - 23:55

The effectiveness of face masks has been a hotly debated topic since the emergence of Covid-19.

The Tribune Jan 12 2022 - 23:10

The effectiveness of face masks has been a hotly debated topic since the emergence of COVID-19.

News Medical Jan 12 2022 - 16:25

Company says nUVo™ patent-pending nUVoShield™ technologies are designed to intercept and destroy 99.9%+ of airborne pathogens, protecting rideshare

Magazine Jan 12 2022 - 13:21

The effectiveness of face masks has been a hotly debated topic since the emergence of COVID-19.

Medical Xpress Jan 12 2022 - 09:48

And the World Health Organization recommends wearing cloth masks right now.

WBALTV11 Jan 12 2022 - 08:43

Immuron Awarded AU $4.8 (USD $3.43) million funding by the U.S.

Benzinga.com Jan 12 2022 - 02:00

A new study, posted to the medRxiv* preprint server, has focused on the survival of SARS-CoV-2 in airborne droplets of cell culture medium.

News Medical Jan 11 2022 - 20:18

To monitor the presence of enteric pathogens in imported seafood, the authors of this paper collected a total of 140 seafood samples imported from

News Medical Jan 11 2022 - 17:31