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Ensuring a swimming site is safe is key to getting people using it. That means giving people timely information about water quality.

The Conversation Jan 29 2023 - 11:08

On Friday, federal advisors endorsed new recommendations for improving the biosecurity oversight of scientific research involving potential pandemi

MedPage Today Jan 27 2023 - 19:32

But some of the scientists who attended the public meeting balked at language that they said could accidentally hinder relatively low-risk gain-of-

STAT Jan 27 2023 - 15:00

A group of scientists advising the National Institutes of Health finalized recommendations on Friday that the government should expand oversight of

Washington Examiner on MSN.com Jan 27 2023 - 14:28

The White House will decide whether to adopt the panel’s recommendations on so-called gain of function experiments.

The New York Times Jan 27 2023 - 14:04

China's COVID secrecy and "fairly limited" systemic global monitoring "leads to a perpetual risk of a wider outbreak of infecti

Newsweek on MSN.com Jan 27 2023 - 10:42

Two Yale labs will lead projects, in collaboration with other leading universities, tasked with developing new approaches to understand and combat

Yale Environment 360 Jan 27 2023 - 07:12

Policymakers have long grappled with how to handle experiments that might generate potentially dangerous viruses.

Maine Public Jan 27 2023 - 06:00

For the next pandemic, we are aiming to speed up the delivery of vaccines to 100 days. Sharing data on pathogens remains voluntary.

Politico Europe Jan 26 2023 - 20:00

Chances are you've heard someone say that those who regularly practice yoga rarely get sick.

YAHOO!News Jan 26 2023 - 11:48

The findings, outlined in a 64-page report describing missed deadlines, confusing protocols and misspent funds, reinforced concerns about the feder

The New York Times Jan 26 2023 - 08:15

Thirteen project teams involving 70 scientists from 29 institutions are collaborating on basic research targeted at preparedness for future emergin

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Jan 26 2023 - 06:27

This column and profiles of the 16 food safety champions (four not pictured above) was originally published by Quality Assurance magazine.

Food Safety News Jan 25 2023 - 19:59

The number of food incidents, recalls and cases of four pathogens went up over a 12-month period, according to the latest published data.

Food Safety News Jan 25 2023 - 19:59

The state Department of Health has announced plans expand its COVID-19 wastewater surveillance system to track pathogens like the flu, respiratory

Times Union Jan 25 2023 - 17:56

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is considering blending sewage sampling from airplanes into its wastewater surveillance system, w

Ars Technica Jan 25 2023 - 12:46

A transporter which some bacteria use to recycle fragments of their cell wall has been discovered by researchers at Umeå university, Sweden.

Phys.org Jan 25 2023 - 08:38

The global impact of novel zoonotic pathogen spillovers has been highlighted through the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic cause

News Medical Jan 24 2023 - 19:31

Nearly all the wastewater samples from aircraft arriving in the UK showed evidence of COVID-infected passengers on board.

The Conversation Jan 24 2023 - 04:48

Achieved record sepsis product revenue and sepsis-driven T2Dx Instrument units in 2022LEXINGTON, Mass., Jan.

Yahoo Jan 23 2023 - 13:30

Additionally, the committee also proposed establishing "sentinel sites," such as international airports or other ports of entry, zoos, an

MedPage Today Jan 23 2023 - 10:25

New drug candidates ...

idw Jan 23 2023 - 01:01

The conundrum is this: pathogens develop drug resistance and we need to find newer drugs against which they have no defence.

Business Line Jan 22 2023 - 19:30

It is a common question that I receive each year: Will freezing temperatures during the winter take care of the plant pests and pathogens in my gar

Yahoo News Jan 22 2023 - 02:00

HHS also oversees research involving certain pandemic pathogens through its Federal Select Agent Program.

Homeland Security Today Jan 21 2023 - 12:13

Plant pathogens usually do not infect humans directly, and the harm is generally in the form of food insecurity.

The Financial Express on MSN.com Jan 21 2023 - 12:00

President Joe Biden has called the pandemic “over.” The New York Times recently claimed that “the risk of Covid is similar to that of the flu” in a

Slate Jan 20 2023 - 12:09

Varroa destructor is an ectoparasitic mite that can cause European honey bee colonies to collapse by spreading Deformed wing virus as they feed.

Science Daily Jan 20 2023 - 10:32

A draft report from the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity comes after a nearly year-long review of existing guidelines.

The Washington Post on MSN.com Jan 20 2023 - 08:56

The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated the promise of tracking pathogens in sewage. Now, the nation needs to act on it, experts say.

The New York Times Jan 19 2023 - 18:37

The federal health department's framework for monitoring high-risk research on viruses and other agents that can cause pandemics doesn't

Axios Vitals on MSN.com Jan 19 2023 - 02:30

A spokesperson for East Bay MUD says during the NYE storms its plant processed 650 million gallons of water but that 13 million gallons of untreate

ABC7 San Francisco on MSN.com Jan 18 2023 - 19:41

Under the new Foundational Security for Food Systems project, researchers will look at identifying large-scale crop diseases before a catastrophic

Nextgov Jan 18 2023 - 11:55

Continuous” disinfection system aimed at killing such viruses as the one that causes COVID-19 have been installed on public buses used by Harbor Tr

MLive Jan 18 2023 - 11:49

Sometimes research takes scientists to unexpected places, even alpaca farms.

Medical Xpress Jan 18 2023 - 09:50

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease of the lungs that's been with humanity for centuries and affects a quarter of the world's populatio

Medical Xpress Jan 18 2023 - 06:30

Scientists have developed a new wearable and printer sensor that can be used to detect toxins, pathogens and even certain indicators of cancer.

The Indian Express on MSN.com Jan 18 2023 - 01:56

Lake Lagunita may contain a host of decaying rodents, parasites, sharp debris, and pathogens, according to ecology experts who echoed the Universit

The Stanford Daily Jan 17 2023 - 22:13

Davis, is examining the prevalence of different wild bird species in agriculture and whether they carry and transmit foodborne pathogens.

Food Safety News Jan 17 2023 - 20:00

The sensing element is modular, so developers can swap in newly designed proteins to capture specific pathogens or molecules to measure, while the

Phys.org Jan 17 2023 - 16:00

WASHINGTON — The health department’s oversight of research that could enhance dangerous pathogens has vague parameters, a lack of transparency, and

STAT Jan 17 2023 - 16:00

As floodwaters begin to recede, agricultural leaders are getting a clearer picture of the damage caused when floodwaters on the Salinas River breac

KSBW The Central Coast on MSN.com Jan 17 2023 - 09:48

A researcher at Kansas State University has been awarded $580,000 of $2.5 million to study how diseases spread under complex conditions.

wibw.com Jan 17 2023 - 07:44

The Global Respiratory Pathogen Testing Kits Market is poised to value USD 5492 million by 2028 end at a CAGR of 6.1%

MarketWatch Jan 16 2023 - 23:34

This article was originally published on The Conversation, an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic exper

Winnipeg Free Press Jan 16 2023 - 11:08

Postharvest kiwifruit is susceptible to various fungal pathogens, especially soft rot, causing massive industry losses.

Phys.org Jan 16 2023 - 07:16

If you've heard about rare or raw chicken and want to learn more, here's what you need to know about the real difference between rare ste

Mashed on MSN.com Jan 16 2023 - 05:30

Mexico border raised concerns on food safety after shipping containers plugging gaps in the border wall were removed.

Fox News Jan 15 2023 - 22:00

The deadly virus had been declared eradicated 36 years earlier; the only known live samples of smallpox were in the custody of the United States an

Mother Jones Jan 15 2023 - 02:59

The World Health Organization estimates that there are 600 million cases of foodborne illness every year.

Yahoo Jan 14 2023 - 14:10