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The average temperature of the human body has been steadily declining since the middle of the 19th century, and scientists aren't sure why.

ScienceAlert on MSN.com Jan 29 2023 - 09:00

Fermenting food isn't new, it's been around for thousands of years, our grannies used it, too, to make pickles, cheese, yogurt and breads

moneycontrol.com Jan 28 2023 - 02:24

For more than a century, the womb has been largely considered a sterile environment.

ScienceAlert on MSN.com Jan 27 2023 - 21:00

Turf wars between the microbes dictate how much carbon salt marshes store and how much methane they pump into the air.

National Observer Jan 27 2023 - 03:10

I've shamefully failed to wash my bedding for a month, so microbiologists tell me what I should be doing, and why

i Jan 26 2023 - 08:24

The largest and most diverse review to date has found evidence that who you live with and who you were raised by could have a greater impact on you

ScienceAlert on MSN.com Jan 25 2023 - 15:30

After launching an at-home vaginal microbiome test in 2021, Evvy its expanding its services.

MedCity News Jan 25 2023 - 13:43

Some scientists believe that the placenta and amniotic fluid that surrounds a foetus have their own microbiome. A new review refutes this.

The Conversation Jan 25 2023 - 09:48

Growing microbes for applications ranging from food to therapeutics all face a key challenging — engineering novel optimized strains at scale.

Forbes Jan 25 2023 - 05:31

Pages Report] Rising demand for Irrigation and Farm Equipment Industry will drive the Effective Microorganisms(EM) segment growth over the next fiv

MarketWatch Jan 24 2023 - 23:16

There are trillions of microbes in the human gut, and many of them perform essential functions that keep us healthy.

Labroots Jan 24 2023 - 17:26

Plastic pollution is out of control.

ScienceAlert on MSN.com Jan 24 2023 - 16:14

A study published in The ISME Journal identified 522 genomes of archaea and bacteria associated with the roots and soil of two plant species native

Phys.org Jan 23 2023 - 10:48

Researchers have discovered a gut-to-brain pathway in mice that increases exercise performance.

SciTech Daily Jan 23 2023 - 05:07

Researchers at University of Galway associated with APC Microbiome Ireland, a world-leading SFI Research Centre, have created a resource of over 7,

News Medical Jan 22 2023 - 19:11

A Novel, Powerful Tool to Unveil the Communication Between Gut Microbes and the Brain Jan.

Science Daily Jan 22 2023 - 16:00

Researchers at University of Galway associated with APC Microbiome Ireland have created a resource of over 7,000 digital microbes—enabling computer

Phys.org Jan 20 2023 - 10:45

including turning to microbes, recycled organic waste and other lower-emission and chemical-free substitutes.

Bloomberg L.P. Jan 20 2023 - 06:22

While it may not be surprising the gut microbes can affect gut health, gut microbes are also thought to influence neurodegeneration | Neuroscience

Labroots Jan 20 2023 - 02:03

"Studying the microbes that first colonize islands provides a glimpse into the earliest stage of ecosystem development -- before even plants a

Science Daily Jan 19 2023 - 19:39

What's considered normal body temperature varies from person to person, yet overall, the average basal temperature of the human body has decre

Medical Xpress Jan 19 2023 - 10:24

Researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have reported that a particular genus of plankton, namely Halteria, can ‘grow and divide given on

The Hindu Jan 18 2023 - 19:00

To reach this conclusion, the researchers analysed the stool and blood samples of 37 Tibetan Buddhist monks from three temples and 19 secular resid

news.abplive Jan 18 2023 - 14:30

The people we are in close contact with constitute another crucial source of the microbes that contribute to health, beside mother-to-child transmi

EurekAlert! Jan 18 2023 - 13:45

However, there is still very limited knowledge on how the bacteria and other microbes that make up the microbiome are acquired and transmitted amon

Phys.org Jan 18 2023 - 08:02

New Year, new viral diet — literally.

Science News Jan 18 2023 - 05:46

Gut microbes found in Buddhist monks have been linked to lower risks of anxiety, depression and even cardio-vascular disease, thus lowering the ris

Times Now on MSN.com Jan 18 2023 - 02:21

Study shows that gut microbes in Tibetan Buddhist monks differ substantially from their secular neighbours.

openaccessgovernment Jan 18 2023 - 01:57

Meditation might help a person's gut health -- but it takes a lot of meditation over a long time.

UPI News on MSN.com Jan 18 2023 - 01:00

Turf wars between microbes dictate how much carbon salt marshes store and how much methane they pump into the air.

hakaimagazine.com Jan 18 2023 - 00:11

The largest terrestrial carbon sink on Earth is the planet's soil.

Phys.org Jan 17 2023 - 14:43

It's an evolutionary theory that explains that human beings and their resident microbes, in their competition for resources, drive the evoluti

Psychology Today Jan 17 2023 - 11:21

Tibetan Buddhist monks appear to have gut microbes that differ substantially from others living near them, a new study reports.

U.S. News & World Report Jan 17 2023 - 09:38

Regular deep meditation, practiced for several years, may help to regulate the gut microbiome and potentially lower the risks of physical and menta

Medical Xpress Jan 17 2023 - 01:07

Now, an international team of researchers has helped to untangle one of the knottiest questions involving soil microbes and climate change: what ef

Science Daily Jan 16 2023 - 16:00

January 16, 2023 expert reaction to study of deep mediation and gut microbes .

Science Media Centre Jan 16 2023 - 15:45

Here he explains . . . IT really depends on having a healthy population of gut microbes.

The Scottish Sun Jan 16 2023 - 13:08

I wanted to understand how methane acts as a source of energy and carbon for microbes.

Nature Jan 16 2023 - 05:06

Diabetic retinopathy, which results in progressive damage to the blood vessels in the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye, is the main ca

devdiscourse Jan 14 2023 - 10:25

Microbes are so tiny we cannot see them with our naked eye, yet their value could be immense: these little organisms can be a game-changer in how w

Politico Europe Jan 14 2023 - 09:28

In the past decade, researchers have started appreciating the importance of two-way communication that occurs between microbes in the gastrointesti

Webindia 123 Jan 14 2023 - 04:03

People who have allergic rhinitis — commonly known as hay fever — have a less diverse mix of nasal bacteria than people without the condition, acco

Nature Jan 13 2023 - 09:21

"Gut microbes can communicate with the brain through several routes, for example by producing metabolites, such as short-chain fatty acids and

News Medical Jan 12 2023 - 15:59

According to the study, hospital and laboratory biocontainment facilities are vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

SciTech Daily Jan 12 2023 - 01:25

Studies are underway to determine how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the development of babies and young children — and in particular their mic

Texas Public Radio Jan 10 2023 - 18:53

While on a world like Mars, we might have to dig underground to find life, or go miles under the ice on Jupiter’s moon Europa, one of the best targ

Inverse on MSN.com Jan 10 2023 - 02:00

While on a world like Mars, we might have to dig underground to find life, or go miles under the ice on Jupiter’s moon Europa, one of the best targ

Inverse on MSN.com Jan 10 2023 - 02:00

Modern life messes with the microbiome, the trillions of bacteria and other microbes that live inside the body.

Phys.org Jan 9 2023 - 10:53

What does cancer have to do with poop?

Omaha.com Jan 9 2023 - 08:01

With the world's population topping 8 billion last year, it's clear that humans have achieved a unique status in Earth's history.

Phys.org Jan 9 2023 - 05:21