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Plus Jonathan gives us his take on "cruising," Sonny complains about germ-carrying children, and Vic pleads for moderation—all on this we

Weekly Standard Dec 15 2016 - 11:25


United Press International Dec 15 2016 - 07:29

BERLIN (AP) - A German court ruled Thursday that a priceless trove of art kept hidden from the world for decades by reclusive German collector Corn

Times Free Press Dec 15 2016 - 06:32

I’ll give you a very specific example, with our biggest product, Halo Oral Antiseptic.

Forbes Dec 15 2016 - 05:06

“I didn’t want to do that and Matt didn’t either.” Two years ago talks got serious.

HamptonRoads.com Dec 15 2016 - 01:52

Pest control firms are being inundated with calls from terrified residents unable to deal with the growing number of germ-ridden vermin.

Daily Star Dec 14 2016 - 23:01

It produces ethanol co-products, including wet distiller’s grains, dry distillers’ grains with soluble, wet and dry corn gluten feed, condensed dis

marketexclusive.com Dec 14 2016 - 12:52

For many, the holiday season is synonymous with travel.

Consumer Affairs Dec 14 2016 - 10:00

Cancer researchers have identified several distinct genomic features underlying the origin of germ cell tumors and that are associated with the che

biotechdaily.com Dec 14 2016 - 08:34

The Holidays fall at a time where flu season and cold season has been in full swing.

parentinghealthy.com Dec 14 2016 - 06:04

But it was in the 1920s that the powerful germ-killing liquid finally landed on its most lucrative use as a magical cure for bad breath.

Economic Times Dec 14 2016 - 04:31

Jennifer Hampton Hill, doctoral student and study author used a germ-free zebrafish model and found that certain gut bacteria are required by the p

Med India Dec 14 2016 - 02:01

In the new study, the researchers utilized mice that overproduce Alpha Syn.

Famagusta Gazette Dec 14 2016 - 00:35

What makes a whole grain whole?

Lowell Sun Dec 13 2016 - 23:23

What makes a whole grain whole?

Sentinel & Enterprise Dec 13 2016 - 23:02

The 80th annual dinner is one of the most prestigious Rotary gatherings in the northeast.

Victor post Dec 13 2016 - 19:41

Maintaining your toilet fresh, clean and germ-free is extremely important for the well-being of your entire family but who said that you can’t make

skinnypoints.com Dec 13 2016 - 16:07

Surprised? We were, too. That’s why we contacted Dr.

Today.com Dec 13 2016 - 11:13

Compared with ASO mice with a complex microbiota, germ-free ASO mice had reduced motor deficits and normal fecal output (implying normal gastrointe

stke.sciencemag.org Dec 13 2016 - 11:06

She also is director of the UO's META Center for Systems Biology.

Science Daily Dec 13 2016 - 10:44

Some pathogens may adapt to cause less-severe disease and lower frequency of death in women than in men, according to a study published in Nature C

ajp.com.au Dec 13 2016 - 09:40

week after ConAgra Foods Inc.

WJTV Dec 13 2016 - 05:29

On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, over 460 Rotary members from the Philadelphia area joined together with Rotary International President John Germ, t

southernchestercountyweeklies.com Dec 13 2016 - 02:23

Whole grains are edible seeds from plants that contain nutrient-rich endosperm, bran and germ, as brown rice, quinoa, breads and cereals.

Missoulian Dec 12 2016 - 18:52

Bennett started blogging about decor when she moved into her new place. Everything hot and haute in the home is her specialty.

hellobeautiful.com Dec 12 2016 - 13:30

On to short days, cold nights and holiday fun!

inquiringchef.com Dec 12 2016 - 11:43

If you’re ever served a sandwich on wheat germ bread with a walnut pate and avocado mayonnaise, or a chia seed pudding, don’t give it a second thou

tornosnews.gr Dec 12 2016 - 11:14

One of my favorite uses for my diffuser has been germ fighting.

organicpalacequeen.com Dec 12 2016 - 10:24

The famous Victorian water tower, nicknamed Jumbo, turned bright red for an annual celebration honouring Robin Freeman, who died from a rare form o

East Anglian Daily Times 24 Dec 12 2016 - 02:10

【Storage】keep in cool, dry and shading place The product exerts its function mainly by restraining or killing the spores of fungus, this cause the

VivirLatino Dec 11 2016 - 11:51

The Hunza also eat lots of nuts and seeds, but their favorite addition to any meal is ‘chapatti’ a bread that is made of wheat, millet, buckwheat o

prepperdome.com Dec 11 2016 - 09:42

German Defence Minister Ursula Von der Leyen (Christian Democratic Union, CDU) is currently on tour in the Middle East.

World Socialist Web Site Dec 10 2016 - 01:15

And another new study finds that in blacks, a common germ boosts the risk of colorectal polyps – freakish tissue growths in the colon that often be

bokywykaqi.wordpress.com Dec 10 2016 - 01:01

Margret Ruguru feeds chicken at their farm, Sky Blue Farmlands in Thika.

Daily Nation Dec 9 2016 - 09:30

Ken Ham: Spreading more bullshit before the sun comes up than most people do all day.™ It’s true that most doctors, at one time, didn’t understand

Patheos Dec 9 2016 - 08:47

Rotary International President John F. Germ of the Rotary Club of Chattanooga and Ian H.S.

Crossville Chronicle Dec 9 2016 - 00:26

This report studies Wheat Germ Oil in Global market, especially in North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India, focuses on top ma

Empowered News Dec 8 2016 - 21:56

Remove from heat; stir in salt and optional cinnamon. Mix oats, wheat germ, almonds and sunflower seeds in a large bowl.

mysouthernhealth.com Dec 8 2016 - 12:09

A few tablespoons of wheat germ in the batter add a hearty texture, toasty flavour and concentrated nutrition.

National Post Dec 8 2016 - 05:43

A few tablespoons of wheat germ in the batter add a hearty texture, toasty flavour and concentrated nutrition.

Edmonton Journal Dec 8 2016 - 03:55

ReportsWeb.com has announced the addition of the “Global Wheat Germ Oil 2021 Market Research Report” The report focuses on global major leading pla

emailwire.com Dec 8 2016 - 00:42

Anglo American has been given the green light by the Fair Work Commission (FWC), the federal government’s industrial tribunal, to sack 82 workers a

World Socialist Web Site Dec 7 2016 - 23:09

Therefore, to prevent germs from infecting more people, we must break the chain of infection.

Bonners Ferry Herald Dec 7 2016 - 21:57

Some of these infections are considered “invasive,” which means germs are able to invade normally germ-free body parts.

Philadelphia Daily News Dec 7 2016 - 19:56

Why doesn’t it kill 100 percent? Is hand sanitizer okay to use instead of hand washing with soap and water?

Michigan State University Dec 7 2016 - 19:41

By the nineteenth-century bread’s integrity hit an all-time low.

theheartysoul.com Dec 7 2016 - 11:42

In the subgroup of 111 patients (60%) who received standard chemotherapy alone according to the stage and prognostic International Germ Cell Cancer

ascopost.com Dec 7 2016 - 01:26

(The other two links in “aliens” results today are deeply misleading, but contain a germ of truth.

The Verge Dec 6 2016 - 21:58

Sponges, cloths and scrub brushes are responsible for wiping up the biggest messes in your home, and these utensils are often one of the most germ-

Stuff Dec 6 2016 - 17:26

Community meals are a great opportunity to share dishes, stories and, unfortunately, foodborne illnesses.

This Week Community News Dec 6 2016 - 17:19