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A senior registrar in the Department of Oral Pathology and Medicine at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital in Edo State, Dr Izegboya Ukpebor,

The Punch on MSN.com Jan 28 2023 - 16:00

By KIRO 7 News Staff Public Health — Seattle & King County is investigating a gastrointestinal illness outbreak associated with Seattle restau

KIRO-TV on MSN.com Jan 27 2023 - 00:38

Dr. Ralf Rabus and his Ph.D. student Patrick Becker has gained deep insights into the cellular mechanisms of a common environmental bacterium.

Phys.org Jan 26 2023 - 15:14

DOI: Schematic representation of the various interactions between the bacterium Aromatoleum aromaticum EbN1T and the biotic and abiotic environmen

idw Jan 26 2023 - 07:10

Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium that colonizes the stomach lining and is found in more than half of the global population, making it one of the

Medical Xpress Jan 25 2023 - 13:26

Specialists from the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research have discovered a bacterium that can process polyethylene, and this

sb.by Jan 25 2023 - 10:01

Team at the University of Freiburg analyzes how model bacteria dock to and penetrate membrane bubbles • Changes in thermal particle motions

AlphaGalileo Jan 25 2023 - 05:53

A Vape Juice containing a deadly bacterium is potentially in South Wales.

South Wales Argus Jan 24 2023 - 20:00

The Asian citrus psyllid, an insect that spreads a bacterium that is fatal to citrus, recently escaped the area in which the Ministry of Agricultur

The Jerusalem Post on MSN.com Jan 24 2023 - 18:38

Only one antibiotic is the frontline treatment available for gonorrhea in the U.S. that too at higher doses.

Interesting Engineering Jan 23 2023 - 06:55

A number of children, teenagers and the elderly have died of bacterial meningitis including the legendary guitarist Jeff Beck

Daily Monitor Jan 23 2023 - 00:50

A new disease called diphtheria has surfaced in some parts of Nigeria and it is lethal.

TheCable Jan 23 2023 - 00:36

One of the innovations has been the development of “living medicines” which use one living bacterium to kill another.

GEN Jan 23 2023 (All day)

The vaccines most people are familiar with prevent disease, whereas this experimental new skin cancer vaccine treats only patients who are already

Inverse on MSN.com Jan 22 2023 - 03:00

It’s a deadly condition that can affect both humans and animals.

Healthline Jan 21 2023 - 16:00

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis) is a bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB) in humans.

Healthline Jan 21 2023 - 16:00

Large populations of horses worldwide are still affected by this highly transmissible disease, causing an economic burden for their owners.

Horse Talk Jan 21 2023 - 10:58

Read more about Structure of 'live' virus successfully reconstructed, could help reduce threat of anti-bacterial resistance in humans: St

devdiscourse Jan 21 2023 - 03:22

The plant closed temporarily after Abbott recalled multiple brands of its formula due to reports of bacterial infections among babies.

Axios on MSN.com Jan 20 2023 - 17:58

The plague-causing bacterium Yersinia pestis is dated to have first emerged in humans about 5,000 years ago. Through animals and trade routes, Y.

CNN Jan 20 2023 - 16:04

A strain of gonorrhea that's resistant to multiple classes of antibiotics recently infected two people in Massachusetts, the state's Depa

Yahoo Jan 20 2023 - 13:29

An Aston University researcher has created the first ever computer reconstruction of a virus, including its complete native genome.

Phys.org Jan 20 2023 - 10:15

The most highly drug-resistant cases of gonorrhea detected in the US to date appeared in two unrelated people in Massachusetts, state health offici

Ars Technica Jan 20 2023 - 09:40

An Aston University researcher has created the first ever computer reconstruction of a virus, including its complete native genome.

News Medical Jan 20 2023 - 04:54

Researchers have designed the first 'living medicine' to treat lung infections.

News Medical Jan 19 2023 - 20:58

pestis, the bacterium that causes plague.

Science Daily Jan 19 2023 - 16:54

Syphilis cases increased 65% over the past year in Hamilton County, prompting Health Department officials to issue a warning Thursday urging preven

Chattanooga Times Free Press Jan 19 2023 - 11:41

You might want to rethink eating that leftover rice in your fridge.

CNET on MSN.com Jan 19 2023 - 11:12

Researchers have designed the first "living medicine" to treat lung infections.

Phys.org Jan 19 2023 - 09:46

Jan 19, 2023 (The Expresswire) -- "Toxin Market" Report New Research Outlook Report 2023 | [The global Toxin market was valued at USD 436

MarketWatch Jan 19 2023 - 09:40

Seeking to better understand more about the origins and movement of bubonic plague, in ancient and contemporary times, researchers at McMaster Univ

Phys.org Jan 19 2023 - 08:00

The bacterium Yersinia pestis is known to be the causative agent of the plague, with research suggesting fleas carrying the pathogen were spread ac

Yahoo Jan 19 2023 - 03:59

The Black Death ravaged Europe between 1347 and 1353, killing millions. Plague outbreaks in Europe then continued until the 19th century.

Phys.org Jan 18 2023 - 09:40

Fakery spans “beautified” data, photoshopped images, and “paper mills.” Experts and institutions are employing tools to spot deceptive research and

Wired Jan 18 2023 - 05:00

A deadly and hard-to-detect disease has been ravaging the treasured olive trees of southern Italy for 10 years.

BBC Jan 17 2023 - 21:53

You could be saving yourself from food poisoning by throwing away your leftover rice.

CNET on MSN.com Jan 17 2023 - 13:33

With Q fever having recently become reportable, we take a look at how the disease should be investigated if you have infertility issues in your her

fginsight.com Jan 17 2023 - 09:02

Jan (The Expresswire) -- ""Botulinum Toxin Market"" Research report Insights 2023 | Number of Tables and Figures [ 122 ] Botuli

MarketWatch Jan 17 2023 - 06:10

The Black Plague (or the Black Death) was the name given to the bubonic plague that hit Europe in the 14th century.

Grunge on MSN.com Jan 16 2023 - 13:41

A staphylococcal infection, sometimes known as a “staph infection,” is an infection brought on by bacteria from

MarketWatch Jan 16 2023 - 02:21

Bacillus anthracis is the bacterium that causes anthrax infections. It can manifest itself in four ways: skin,

MarketWatch Jan 16 2023 - 00:42

Here's why you may want to avoid preparing a large serving of rice ahead of the week, and how you can properly store and prepare rice to preve

CNET on MSN.com Jan 14 2023 - 10:11

A biotech company in Georgia has received conditional approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the first vaccine for honeybees, a

omanobserver Jan 13 2023 - 23:18

A study has found that those with higher levels of a bacterium called Coprococcus tended to have a higher insulin sensitivity while those with Flav

The Indian Express on MSN.com Jan 13 2023 - 19:20

But if you are planning on meal prepping a big batch of chicken, vegetables and rice and portioning it out for the week, you might want to rethink

CNET on MSN.com Jan 13 2023 - 11:06

Seattle always makes the Top 50 Rattiest Cities List from pest-control company Orkin. The rodents always have been a problem, and always will be.

Seattle Times Jan 13 2023 - 06:01

Researchers infected mice with A. baumannii, which displayed high bacterial burdens in urine for several weeks.

Becker's Hospital Review Jan 12 2023 - 10:34

The opportunistic bacterium Acinetobacter baumannii rarely sickens healthy people but causes serious infections in hospitalized patients.

Science Daily Jan 12 2023 - 08:29

The USDA has approved the first-ever vaccine for honeybees. But Minnesota's beekeepers say their troubles are bigger.

Star Tribune Jan 12 2023 - 01:30

State agriculture officials say at least 20 horses in Louisiana have died after ingesting bacteria found in some alfalfa hay cubes from a manufactu

NOLA.com Jan 11 2023 - 12:00