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Joseph Agius meets artist Raphael Vella and curator Maren Richter to discuss the current exhibition at Valletta Contemporary

Times of Malta Sep 24 2023 - 04:49

A team led by scientists has exploited the limitations of chemical combinations to write a cookbook with hundreds of recipes that have the potentia

SciTech Daily Sep 22 2023 - 00:08

Three large grants for new research cores, equipment and training will turbocharge efforts to learn about and contend with dangerous pathogens.

Rutgers University Sep 21 2023 - 07:42

In “Foreign Bodies,” Simon Schama studies pandemics past and present, and how much — and little — we have learned.

The New York Times Sep 20 2023 - 14:35

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - James “Jim” Dover is the new leader of Avera Health.

dakotanewsnow on MSN.com Sep 20 2023 - 13:41

SIOUX FALLS — James “Jim” Dover, a seasoned health care executive with more than 30 years of experience serving in leadership positions across a wi

The Daily Republic Sep 20 2023 - 13:03

James “Jim” Dover has been named the next President and Chief Executive Officer of Avera Health, one of the largest not-for-profit rural healthcare

KELO Sioux Falls on MSN.com Sep 20 2023 - 12:33

“The origin of life really is a something-from-nothing process,” says Betül Kaçar, a NASA-supported astrobiologist and UW–Madison professor of bact

The Times of Israel Sep 20 2023 - 07:35

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society examines how autocatalytic reactions, which is when molecules are produced

Labroots Sep 19 2023 - 16:00

The Rural Veterinary Workforce Act is a bipartisan effort that was brought to the House of Representatives earlier this year

dvm360 Sep 19 2023 - 15:16

"The origin of life really is a something-from-nothing process," says Betül Kaçar, a NASA-supported astrobiologist and UW–Madison profess

Phys.org Sep 19 2023 - 10:02

Experts have warned that the smell of 'rotten eggs' can provide an important insight into the health of your gut and have revealed the be

The Mirror Sep 19 2023 - 03:19

A preliminary manslaughter investigation has been opened by Bordeaux public prosecutor’s office following the outbreak of botulism linked to one of

Irish Independent on MSN.com Sep 15 2023 - 13:05

VISA is on a mission to equip students with the transformative power of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) to confront pressi

Ghanaweb.com Sep 14 2023 - 07:28

The Pope closed his audience by making an appeal of prayer for the people of Libya, who are suffering after heavy rainfall led to dam failures, rep

National Catholic Register Sep 13 2023 - 08:51

Large national labs and applications like oncology, genetics, and infectious disease dominate the database, which comprises more than 10,000 LDTs.

360dx Sep 13 2023 - 06:29

Yesterday the Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a decision where all restaurants and cafes in Kuwait will now be obliged to have tap water a

248AM Sep 13 2023 - 01:06

Kay's appointment to Chief Business Development Officer follows several executive appointments to Flagship Pioneering this summer including: D

Business Insider Sep 11 2023 - 05:30

If you drive near the KSHB 41 News station, you might pass by Anthology of the Plaza.

KSHB Kansas City Sep 8 2023 - 13:58

It is a treatise on milk in its relation to disease rather than, as its title implies, an account of the general bacteriology of, milk, for while s

Nature Sep 7 2023 - 17:00

At least a dozen people have died from the infection across the country this year. About 80,000 people get vibrio infections each year.

Yahoo Sep 7 2023 - 09:32

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), a nonprofit scientific organization committed to advancing the science of food and its application acros

Dairy Foods Sep 5 2023 - 08:05

Sean Leighton, VP of food safety, quality and regulatory at Cargill, has assumed the role of Board President at the Institute of Food Technologists

YAHOO!Finance Sep 5 2023 - 06:04

The 93-year-old man has long been advocating for the truth about Unit 731's atrocities during WWII in Japan.

Xinhua Sep 2 2023 - 15:10

Waldemar Haffkine made his discoveries not only at the Pasteur Institute.

Kyiv Post Aug 27 2023 - 12:44

Learn about Pennsylvania's dairy trade during Colonial times, from local markets to international shores, including the challenges and techniq

Lancaster Farming Aug 27 2023 - 09:00

August 20 is celebrated worldwide as World Mosquito Day.

The Hindu Aug 19 2023 - 12:14

MHH researcher Prof. Galardini from the RESIST Cluster of Excellence finds causes for bloodstream infections in the genes of bacteria.

idw Aug 18 2023 - 02:35

Instruction in chemistry, bacteriology, and anatomy and physiology of the face, head, arms, and hands is incorporated by means of theory and practi

MSN Aug 17 2023 - 22:10

Instruction in chemistry, bacteriology, and anatomy and physiology of the face, head, arms, and hands is incorporated by means of theory and practi

AOL Aug 17 2023 - 09:58

(Xinhua) -- "So many 'marutas' died, and the Japanese soldiers were also dissected.

Sri Lanka Guardian Aug 16 2023 - 13:32

Hideo Shimizu, 93, is the only living veteran of Unit 731 willing to publicly expose the crimes of the Japanese bacteriology unit, which killed tho

China Internet Information Center Aug 15 2023 - 21:54

From football to physics, six graduates who have gained prominence in their fields have been selected for the 2023 Class of Distinguished Alumni by

Brookings Register Aug 11 2023 - 10:44

Your graduate education can be related to a specific medical discipline including but not limited to virology, bacteriology, parasitology, patholog

University of Wyoming Aug 10 2023 - 08:25

The bacterium commonly referred to as C.

EurekAlert! Aug 8 2023 - 17:00

Whipped cream, after all, is one of the most decadent preparations of all time.

KRCU Aug 7 2023 - 08:49

NewsDesk @bactiman63 Professionals from the National Reference Laboratory for Clinical Bacteriology (LRNBC) of the National Institute of Health Lab

Pink Aug 6 2023 - 03:51

Growing up, she developed a passion for science, eventually attending the University of California, Los Angeles, where she earned a bachelor's

Yahoo News Aug 5 2023 - 18:15

The eldest of seven children, he lived on various farms in West Linton, Pathhead and Edrom, where he started school, before moving to Edinburgh’s G

Yahoo News UK Aug 4 2023 - 10:22

A new aquaponics facility will fuse philanthropic spirit with innovation when it opens its doors this fall.The Healthy Harvest Fresh

The Farmville Herald Aug 3 2023 - 08:16

In 8 of the 14 countries, more than half of the population is out of reach of a bacteriology laboratory.

cidrap.umn Aug 3 2023 - 04:26

A study of the cultural, biochemical, genetic, serological and pathogenic characteristics of disease producing microorganisms.

UMass Lowell Aug 3 2023 - 03:00

With an aim to compensate for the loss of seats belonging to College and Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) courses, the State Medical Education Departm

Daily Aug 1 2023 - 21:00

Her special interest was clinical bacteriology. At UW-M she met her future husband, Bill.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Jul 29 2023 - 21:06

Adeagbo attributed the improved turnout to an awareness campaign on diphtheria.

MSN Jul 27 2023 - 19:02

The Healthy Harvest Fresh educational center and aquaponics production facility is projected to open in September.

Augusta Free Press Jul 27 2023 - 12:47

On the surface, Piet Mondrian and Hilma af Klint made very different work.

The New York Times Jul 27 2023 - 06:31

The Group Leader, Bacteriology Unit, Center for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Disease, College of Health Sciences, Ladoke Akintola University

MSN Jul 25 2023 - 13:36

In the early hours of Sunday 16 July, a pod of 55 long-finned pilot whales stranded on the beautiful, remote Traigh Mhor beach on the Isle of Lewis

EIA International Jul 25 2023 - 01:36

Just over 1% of the 50,000 medical laboratories forming the tiered laboratory networks of the 14 participating Member States conduct bacteriology t

MSN Jul 24 2023 - 23:10