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EDMOND, Okla. - The number of Oklahomans affected by this year's flu season continues to rise.

kfor.com Feb 18 2019 - 20:27

The Type A flu strain seems to be a particular anomaly that's troubling local doctors.

WHIO Feb 18 2019 - 18:53


inforum Feb 18 2019 - 18:22

BATON ROUGE - Flu cases in the capital region are on the rise, and are peaking unusually late in the season.

WBRZ Feb 18 2019 - 17:23

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says influenza is still peaking this season: 4.8 percent of outpatient visits across the U.S.

Denver7 Feb 18 2019 - 12:38

Scientists said Monday they had discovered immune cells that can fight all known flu viruses in what was hailed as an "extraordinary breakthro

Yahoo News Feb 18 2019 - 11:08

Mobile County has entered Mardi Gras season as the healthiest county in the state. At least where the flu is concerned, at least for the moment.

al.com Feb 18 2019 - 09:27

Flu season is peaking across the country, and it's still not too late to get a flu vaccine.

KSN.com Feb 18 2019 - 09:10

According to this week’s FluView report, seasonal influenza activity increased again this week, reaching a new season high.

Infection control Feb 18 2019 - 08:14

A hundred years ago, in February 1919, the world had made it through two waves of the worst influenza outbreak in history and was suffering the fin

Slate Feb 18 2019 - 08:00

One hundred years ago the devastating flu pandemic born from the chaos of World War I, emerged to take the lives of millions around the globe who,

Long Island Business News Feb 18 2019 - 07:13

Image caption Mixing horses at an event like a hunt meet could be related to the outbreaks, the Animal Health Trust said New outbreaks of equine fl

BBC Feb 18 2019 - 06:44

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The flu is more likely to make a pregnant woman severely ill, according to the U.S.

WCNC Feb 18 2019 - 06:03

Flu, caused by the influenza virus, is a contagious illness that affects the throat, nose and sometimes the lungs in different degrees of severity.

International Business Times Feb 18 2019 - 02:50

Flu cases have been increasing as this year’s flu season has yet to reach its peak.

The Winchester Star Feb 17 2019 - 21:21

Flu season is still in prime time, big pharma and the media are pushing vaccines as the only way to stop the flu, hoping that we forget figures sug

Worldhealth Feb 17 2019 - 19:48

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — We may be midway through the month of February, but flu season is still in its peak.

WTVF Feb 17 2019 - 19:35

Flu may be the season of aches and pains, but it can also cause headaches for a hospital's bottom line.

The Post and Courier Feb 17 2019 - 13:56

Fast was scratched Sunday due to a flu-like illness, Colin Stephenson of Newsday reports.

CBSSports.com Feb 17 2019 - 12:36

A Massachusetts Department of Public Health report highlights that all influenza strains that have been characterized in the state this season &quo

MassLive Feb 16 2019 - 07:29

Nicky Law (centre) gave Exeter an early lead lead at Carlisle before the hosts levelled with 12 minutes to go Exeter City manager Matt Taylor says

BBC Feb 16 2019 - 02:42

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — While temperatures reached the 60’s in Baltimore on Friday, it’s still the dead of winter, which can only mean one thing.

CBS Baltimore Feb 15 2019 - 20:20

Medicare would provide national coverage for CAR-T cancer therapies… Medicare would provide national coverage for CAR-T cancer therapies under new

STAT Feb 15 2019 - 16:07

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Consumer Reports on MSN.com Feb 15 2019 - 13:34

We haven’t been hearing much about influenza this year, and that’s only in part because measles have become the number one public health priority.

Popular Science Feb 15 2019 - 11:33

With the flu season still in full swing, as many as 17.8 million people — including 2 million more within the last week — have fallen sick with inf

USA Today Feb 15 2019 - 04:40

The 2018-2019 flu season has been a relatively mild one — and a pretty effective flu shot is part of the reason why.

YAHOO! Feb 14 2019 - 16:23

and it is not too late to obtain a flu shot for protection against influenza and its complications, the CDC says.

Medscape Feb 14 2019 - 15:32

This year's flu shot is already outperforming the vaccine issued during the tough 2017-2018 influenza season, federal health officials reporte

Upi.com Feb 14 2019 - 15:19


WebMD Feb 14 2019 - 14:04

Overall vaccine effectiveness (VE) for the flu shot is 47% for the current season, with 46% effectiveness against this year's dominant strain,

MedPage Today Feb 14 2019 - 13:36

This year's flu vaccine more effective than in last 2 years, CDC says originally appeared on abcnews.go.com The flu vaccine is more effective

Yahoo News Feb 14 2019 - 13:29

This season’s flu vaccine is a good match for the virus strains in circulation, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prev

NBC News Feb 14 2019 - 11:38

This season's flu vaccine is a good match for the virus strains in circulation, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and

NBC News on MSN.com Feb 14 2019 - 10:35

This year’s flu shot is protecting about half of the people in the United States who have been vaccinated from getting sick enough from influenza t

STAT Feb 14 2019 - 10:08

This season’s flu vaccine reduces the need to go to the doctor’s office by about half, according to figures released Thursday.

The Washington Post Feb 14 2019 - 10:00

British racing is "not out of the woods yet" in the equine flu crisis, a leading expert has warned.

BBC Feb 14 2019 - 08:56

The number of people killed by the flu in Oklahoma has now climbed to 25 this season.

News 9 Feb 14 2019 - 08:27

Nicky Law (centre) gave Exeter an early lead lead at Carlisle before the hosts levelled with 12 minutes to go Exeter City manager Matt Taylor says

BBC Feb 14 2019 - 07:59

British horses have been cleared to race in Ireland following an outbreak of equine flu.

BBC Feb 14 2019 - 06:58

ARE, Sweden (AP) — The Latest from the skiing world championships (all times local): 1:40 p.m.

U.S. News & World Report Feb 14 2019 - 05:03

Stockpiling antibiotics to use in the event of a pandemic influenza outbreak could save billions of pounds worldwide, according to a new analysis.

The Daily Telegraph Feb 14 2019 - 04:07

Influenza activity in Colorado continues to spread and has reached "the widespread level," according to the latest update from the Colora

Fort Morgan Times Feb 13 2019 - 20:42

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Flu season continues in North Carolina and there are preventative measures you can take to keep your family healthy.

WECT Feb 13 2019 - 20:19

When you’re sick, you’ll try just about anything to feel better-even that thing you heard about from your best friend's sister's neighbor

Women's Health on MSN.com Feb 13 2019 - 16:59

A 7-year-old girl in Colorado died Sunday after battling flu symptoms that left her hospitalized in a coma for seven weeks.

YAHOO! Feb 13 2019 - 15:12

Clearance is a son of Authorized, winner of the 2007 Derby at Epsom under Frankie Dettori An aptly-named horse won the opener at Kempton Park'

BBC Feb 13 2019 - 10:33

Flu cases in Pennsylvania increased again in the week that ended Saturday, and six more deaths were reported, bringing the total to 37 in the 2018-

The Patriot-News Feb 13 2019 - 08:21

A 7-year-old girl from Denver passed away on Sunday after falling ill with symptoms of the flu in late December.

Fox News Feb 13 2019 - 07:28

“He’s doing great.

Fox News Feb 13 2019 - 04:22