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Desiree Jennings went viral for saying a flu shot triggered her mysterious illness. Now she has a warning about the anti-vaccine movement.

AOL Aug 4 2023 - 19:40

The first two U.S. cases of swine flu in humans this year are linked to infected pigs at county fairs in Michigan, the U.S.

Detroit Free Press on MSN.com Aug 4 2023 - 16:18

Brandy Zadrozny sits down with Desiree Jennings, who went viral in 2009 after claiming she had been injured by a seasonal flu shot.

NBC News Aug 4 2023 - 16:15

Two people have caught flu strains that normally circulate in pigs, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday, and pig exhib

MSN Aug 4 2023 - 14:55

Desiree Jennings went viral for saying a flu shot triggered her mysterious illness. Now she has a warning about the anti-vaccine movement.

YAHOO!News Aug 4 2023 - 14:00

Two people in Michigan have been diagnosed with swine flu after attending county fairs, health officials confirmed today.

Daily Mail Aug 4 2023 - 11:58

A second human case of swine flu has been identified in Michigan this summer.

MLive Aug 4 2023 - 11:44

A recent study from West Virginia University links increased influenza-related deaths to pro sports teams.

WTRF.com on MSN.com Aug 4 2023 - 10:10

Get that flu shot. Some pharmacies are urging people to schedule their flu vaccines now before the Fall begins

ABC Columbia Aug 4 2023 - 09:19

Moderna stock could be at risk as uncertainty over Covid-19 vaccine demand looms over the winter season, according to TD Cowen.

CNBC Aug 4 2023 - 07:32

Conjunctivitis is a common and frequently misdiagnosed eye illness. Here are some facts about this health condition.

Onlymyhealth Aug 3 2023 - 22:36

Veterinarians are encouraging dog owners to get their furry friends vaccinated as three cases of dog flu have already been reported on Oahu.

KHON2 Aug 3 2023 - 21:43

Cue Health (Nasdaq: HLTH), a healthcare technology company, today announced that it has been awarded a new approximately $28 million contract by th

Business Wire Aug 3 2023 - 17:22

An attendee of the Tuscola County Fair has contracted Swine Flu, the Tuscola County Health Department (TCHD) said.

WNEM-TV on MSN.com Aug 3 2023 - 14:01

A special master considering a vaccine injury compensation petition skipped crucial steps when analyzing if a flu vaccine caused the petitioner’s h

news.bloomberglaw Aug 3 2023 - 12:52

Michigan's first confirmed case of swine flu was reported in a Tuscola County resident who attended the county fair in Caro last week.

ABC12 Aug 3 2023 - 10:54

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Everything Zoomer Aug 3 2023 - 10:28

The RSPB says sandwich terns, badly hit by the virus in 2022, appear "unaffected" this year.

BBC on MSN.com Aug 2 2023 - 22:41

After officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Austin Public Health predicted a possible late summer wave of new COVID-19

KXAN on MSN.com Aug 2 2023 - 11:06

Australia is in the midst of another rough flu season.

The Healthy on MSN.com Aug 2 2023 - 10:21

An investigational vaccine that contains the nucleoprotein of the influenza A virus appeared promising as a universal flu shot that could protect a

MedPage Today Aug 2 2023 - 09:08

Learn what virus specialists recommend as you head out for your seasonal vaccinations: "This is a small price to pay for protection," a l

The Healthy on MSN.com Aug 2 2023 - 05:50

St. Elizabeth Healthcare The chilly winds and dropping temperatures can only mean one thing – cold and flu season is approaching.

NKyTribune Aug 1 2023 - 21:48

With the fall respiratory virus season just around the corner, major US pharmacy chains have begun rolling out flu and RSV vaccine appointments.

CNN on MSN.com Aug 1 2023 - 14:14

An attendee of the Tuscola County Fair has contracted flu-like symptoms, and the Tuscola County Health Department (TCHD) said it is possible they c

WNEM Saginaw on MSN.com Aug 1 2023 - 12:07

Franklin Lakes, New Jersey-based BD designed the RVP for its BD Max system as a single molecular diagnostic that identifies a number of viruses.

MassDevice Aug 1 2023 - 09:58

The Finnish food authority said on Tuesday it has ordered 50,000 farmed mink and foxes to be culled at three fur farms hit by bird flu infections a

Reuters Aug 1 2023 - 07:44

On top of everything else that women deal with when it comes to their reproductive health, there's another unpleasant menstruation side effect

Glam on MSN.com Aug 1 2023 - 04:00

South Korea confirmed bird flu or H5N1 avian influenza has killed two cats at a shelter in Seoul, according to a statement posted by Avian Flu Diar

viva Jul 31 2023 - 23:31

Eye flu cases are exponentially surging in Delhi-NCR.

MSN Jul 31 2023 - 22:56

Six days after two cats were confirmed to have been infected with avian influenza, commonly known as bird flu, at an animal shelter in Seoul, an ad

The Korea Herald Jul 31 2023 - 22:45

Practise proper eye hygiene and take necessary precautions to protect your eyes from the eye flu and maintain optimal eye health.

Onlymyhealth Jul 31 2023 - 22:21

Several Hawaii doctors said they’ve seen an uptick in kids coming in with the flu this summer.

KHON2 Jul 31 2023 - 19:56

French animal health company Ceva has withdrawn its legal challenge over a tender to supply France with a bird flu vaccine.

Fox News Jul 31 2023 - 10:37

The term "swine flu" was first used to describe a flu pandemic in 2009, which was caused by a novel strain of H1N1

earth on MSN.com Jul 31 2023 - 06:28

Analysis provides further support for managing influenza A infection in people who work with swine.

SciTech Daily Jul 30 2023 - 09:30

"It's very important, because I'm contagious. I'm like the flu.

Sports Illustrated Jul 30 2023 - 06:48

SARS-CoV-2 (which causes COVID) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) can make us sick by infecting our respiratory system, including the nose, upp

Medical Xpress Jul 30 2023 - 05:30

Increased rainfall elevates the amount of dust pollutants and allergens in the air which increases the likelihood of conjunctivitis Here are some c

DNA on MSN.com Jul 30 2023 - 01:47

As conjunctivitis cases continue to surge in various parts of the country, many schools have issued guidelines to tackle the spread.

Hindustan Times on MSN.com Jul 30 2023 - 01:32

Unusual rains in the National Capital Region have led to a rise in diseases like Hepatitis A and E and eye flu. Doctor shares facts.

India.com on MSN.com Jul 29 2023 - 22:47

Around 200 instances of eye flue cases are being reported daily at government and private hospitals in Gautam Buddha Nagar district

National Herald Jul 29 2023 - 22:30

ALLEN PARK -- C.J. Gardner-Johnson cried as he was carted to the locker room clutching his right knee on Monday morning.

MLive Jul 29 2023 - 12:31

Persistent circulation of Influenza strain among swine was associated with at least five instances of pig-to-human transmission in swine flu.

Medindia Jul 29 2023 - 10:46

An animal rescue charity has said quarantine issues caused by avian flu meant it would have to cut back on calls to save injured seal pups.

BBC Jul 29 2023 - 01:40

A common eye condition characterized by inflammation or infection of the conjunctiva—the clear membrane surrounding your eyelid and a portion of yo

DNA on MSN.com Jul 28 2023 - 21:32

Laboratory results confirmed the strain to be H1N1.

BBC on MSN.com Jul 28 2023 - 13:42

Avian influenza has been detected in two fox cubs in Portrush, the first time the virus has been found in wild mammals in Northern Ireland.

BBC Jul 28 2023 - 13:42

Brazilian and Japanese authorities have agreed that trade bans related to outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) will only apply to

Reuters Jul 28 2023 - 08:58

Norway and Finland face record outbreaks of bird flu this year which have killed thousands of seagulls and other species, put livestock at risk and

Reuters Jul 28 2023 - 07:29