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You don’t have be in favor of vaccines to appreciate the value of viral therapy in certain cases, and a new trial that could give hope to people wi

sgtreport.com Jul 26 2017 - 07:30

While Sena leader Sunil Sitap, who was arrested last night in connection with the Ghatkopar building collapse, was produced before a court on Wedne

Hindustan Times Jul 26 2017 - 05:20

Canine flu, which is also called dog flu; is a contagious disease that affects the dog’s respiratory system.

Medgadget Jul 26 2017 - 05:02

Eight patients from Queen Elizabeth Hospital were transferred to the privately run St Teresa’s Hospital on Wednesday as part of measures to ease ov

South China Morning Post Jul 26 2017 - 04:23

Swine flu is on rise again.

NDTV Jul 26 2017 - 02:43

DEPEW, N.Y. (WKBW) - Danielle Abraham was a healthy new mom when she came down with the H1N1 flu in 2008.

WKBW-TV Jul 26 2017 - 02:32

To provide better shield against infection, researchers have devised a new way of producing the seasonal flu vaccine.

THE Health Site Jul 25 2017 - 23:35

THE ministry of health has confirmed three cases of Influenza A H1N1, also known as swine flu.

observer.org.sz Jul 25 2017 - 18:00

THANE: The pandemic-like swine flu situation in the state since the past few months has claimed yet another life in the lake city of Thane.

Times of India Jul 25 2017 - 17:35

Even as cases of influenza A (H1N1) -- also known as swine flu -- in the national Capital are higher than the mosquito-borne infections, dengue and

Hindustan Times Jul 25 2017 - 11:00

The flu vaccine of the future could do a better job of keeping you healthy.

Market Watch Jul 25 2017 - 09:58

A hospital in Myanmar's biggest city, Yangon, is treating two patients suspected to have contracted H1N1 influenza.

overnewsmagazine.com Jul 25 2017 - 07:41

YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — Health officials in Myanmar say the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, has killed three people out of 13 confirmed cases t

Daily Herald Jul 25 2017 - 06:52

Nurses cover their faces with masks to protect from the spread of the swine flu outside the Naypyitaw hospital, Tuesday, July 25, 2017, in Naypyita

Toronto Sun Jul 25 2017 - 06:39

Washington DC/USA, July 25: To provide a better shield against infection, researchers have devised a new way of producing the seasonal flu vaccine.

www.indialivetoday.com Jul 25 2017 - 00:38

RAJKOT: A 60-year-old woman from Junagadh succumbed to swine flu in the Rajkot Civil Hospital on Monday.

Times of India Jul 25 2017 - 00:02

A new way of producing the seasonal flu vaccine could speed up the process and provide better protection against infection.

News-Medical Jul 24 2017 - 23:00

Myanmar’s Ministry of Health and Sports announced yesterday that three people in Yangon and ten in Chin State have received treatment for H1N1, als

MSN Jul 24 2017 - 21:52

Hall of Famer and former Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton rushes for 275 yards against the Minnesota Vikings, breaking O.J.

YAHOO Sports Jul 24 2017 - 19:10

The city’s 18 government-supported Chinese medicine clinics could take up to 30 per cent more patients than they are currently, to help with the ov

South China Morning Post Jul 24 2017 - 17:23

The fact that vaccines typically don’t work as well in older people presents a challenge to influenza vaccine makers, particularly because the illn

The Global Dispatch Jul 24 2017 - 16:55

Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2017 -- Influenza, commonly known as flu, is a contagious respiratory ailment caused in humans by influenza virus A

sbwire.com Jul 24 2017 - 11:24

The push to get children vaccinated against the flu will soon begin in earnest, but for the second year in a row the kids will have to endure a sho

The Baltimore Sun Jul 24 2017 - 09:37

To keep a check on the increasing number of swine flu (H1N1) cases in the city, the health department has decided to start house-to-house surveilla

Hindustan Times Jul 24 2017 - 08:12

NAYPYITAW — Thirteen people have contracted A (H1N1) influenza in Yangon and Chin State’s Matupi Township, with one thought to have succumbed to th

irrawaddy.com Jul 24 2017 - 07:35

Myanmar has called for calm after 13 people were confirmed to have contracted H1N1 influenza and a boy had died with flu-like symptoms, raising fea

presstv.com Jul 24 2017 - 07:33

To get the best, and longest-lasting protection from influenza in Carroll County, getting a flu shot in October is your best best.

Carroll County Times Jul 24 2017 - 07:23

A high-security containment facility in Atlanta, Georgia, keeps under lock and key an organism that in the course of a few months from 1918-1919 wa

The Guardian Jul 24 2017 - 06:18

There were a lot of dogs in Ridgeland this weekend.

Island Packet Online Jul 24 2017 - 05:54

The virus caused alarm in 2009 when it spread to most countries in the world.

The Daily Express Jul 24 2017 - 02:36

The rising number of flu cases in Hong Kong this summer has sparked widespread concern, especially with the peak season arriving earlier than in pr

South China Morning Post Jul 24 2017 - 01:21

Swine flu, the viral illness that became a pandemic in 2009, has made a comeback this year, claiming nearly 600 lives across the country so far thi

Times of India Jul 23 2017 - 22:33

A flu vaccine with four times the antigen of a standard vaccine could significantly reduce the risk of hospitalization among especially vulnerable

Futurity Jul 23 2017 - 18:04

NEW DELHI: Swine flu, the viral illness that became a pandemic in 2009, has made a comeback this year, claiming nearly 600 lives across the country

Times of India Jul 23 2017 - 14:29

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dr. Tenpenny has JUST released her newest eBook.

vaxxter.com Jul 23 2017 - 12:49

Millions of people get the flu every year and the flu jab will help prevent you getting the flu.

Med India Jul 23 2017 - 11:29

A new "rapid flu test" has been rolled out in public hospitals across New South Wales, giving a result within the hour and potentially sa

9news.com.au Jul 23 2017 - 05:51

Why do some people get very sick from the flu while others seem to be immune to it?

informationng.com Jul 23 2017 - 05:20

NOIDA: Swine flu cases in the region are steadily on the rise with the number reaching eight as two more persons — a 63-year-old man and a three-ye

Times of India Jul 22 2017 - 14:11

An unexpected surge in influenza cases has exposed a narrow margin of comfort in the health system’s response to a crisis.

South China Morning Post Jul 22 2017 - 11:06

SIDNEY — Despite cases of swine flu at two Ohio county fairs, Shelby County Fair administrators remain positive and vigilant concerning the health

Sidney Daily News Jul 22 2017 - 10:23

NEW ALBANY — A social media post from a local animal health clinic claiming there has been a confirmed case of dog flu in Floyd County got more tha

News and Tribune Jul 22 2017 - 07:56

COLUMBUS — State officials say nearly 50 hogs at another county fair in Ohio were removed for slaughter after at least two animals tested positive

Limaohio Jul 22 2017 - 06:31

Canine influenza is on the rise again.

StreetInsider Jul 21 2017 - 23:17

COLUMBUS — Has your dog gotten its flu shot?

wearewvproud.com Jul 21 2017 - 19:19

a dog has tested positive for canine influenza at their facility on Steedly Drive.

WHAS 11 Jul 21 2017 - 18:36

Dog flu outbreak spreads to a Kentucky Humane Society location A dog at its intake facility at 241 Steedly Drive tested positive for canine influen

Courier-Journal Jul 21 2017 - 14:23

WILMINGTON — Eleven people who had known exposure to pigs at the recent Clinton County Fair have tested positive for a flu virus, but none of the c

Wilmington News Journal Jul 21 2017 - 14:13

Influenza, commonly known as flu, is a contagious respiratory ailment caused in humans by influenza virus A and influenza virus B.

Medgadget Jul 21 2017 - 13:12

FRIDAY, July 21, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- Nobody wants the flu, but it can prove deadly for frail residents of nursing homes.

US News Health Jul 21 2017 - 09:53