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(WXYZ) - It's October and that means flu season is here. Today - you can help protect yourself at a health event.

WXYZ Oct 4 2016 - 07:31

The virus sickens millions each year and sends hundreds of thousands to the hospital.

WRAL Oct 4 2016 - 07:02

State health officials are encouraging all Montanans older than 6 months to get influenza vaccinations.

Billings Gazette Oct 4 2016 - 06:55

You get the flu shot, but then you still get the flu. New findings show how and when you get the vaccine may be to blame.

abc7.com Oct 4 2016 - 05:36

In the time it has taken me to write this article, I have sneezed twice and blown my nose three times.

Bloomberg Oct 4 2016 - 05:29

Flu shots being made available through Polk County Health Department by appointment ahead of start of season From press release northwestgeorgianew

Fish Wrap Oct 4 2016 - 04:25

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Marion County Public Health Department is offering flu shots across Indianapolis throughout October.

RTV 6 ABC Oct 4 2016 - 02:59

Nasal flu vaccines were popular but almost worthless last year, with research showing that despite better showings in the past, they were only abou

Lancaster Online Oct 4 2016 - 01:12

Along with the changing leaves and cooler weather, the beginning of fall means the arrival of flu season.

mooresvilletribune.com Oct 3 2016 - 21:01

Flu season can be unpredictable in both timing an severity, and Pittsburgh-area hospitals are already gearing up to combat the virus among employee

The Business Journal Oct 3 2016 - 20:25

Influenza, also referred to as the flu, is a respiratory infection that kills thousands of people every year.

Ukiah Daily Journal Oct 3 2016 - 19:57

Fever, chills, muscle aches, congestion… Flu season is just around the corner.

alabamanews.net Oct 3 2016 - 19:21

Flu is a seasonal, contagious respiratory viral illness caused by Influenza viruses, and may be occasionally severe.

Med India Oct 3 2016 - 17:34

According to the CDC, the flu season can begin as early as October.

le Globaliste Oct 3 2016 - 17:19

That's the word from the Erie County Health Department, the Ottawa County Health Department, and from the federal government's Centers fo

Sandusky Register Oct 3 2016 - 17:05

LONG GROVE, Iowa - Alan Shepard Elementary in Long Grove, Iowa was the first of around 90 schools Genesis will be giving students free flu shots.

WQAD Oct 3 2016 - 15:25

Another flu season is upon us and the Adair County Health Department wants residents to stay healthy.

ktvo.com Oct 3 2016 - 15:10

Roughly 150 million people in the United States got a flu shot last year, yet not a single one of them is protected against this year’s flu virus.

vocativ.com Oct 3 2016 - 15:03


WCTV Oct 3 2016 - 14:13

Press Release - Seasonal flu shots are the best way available to help prepare for the upcoming flu season and avoid influenza illness, according to

Basin Radio Network Oct 3 2016 - 11:57

Through the use of some powerful bioinformatics techniques, a team of European researchers has designed two new universal flu vaccines based on an

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Oct 3 2016 - 08:37

The flu vaccine is the most effective way to protect yourself and your family from the flu, and given influenza activity often begins to increase i

Patch Oct 3 2016 - 06:35

We have all endured the hell that is a bout of flu. That tell-tale sore throat, followed by the sniffles, a cough, aches and pains.

www.thesun.co.uk Oct 3 2016 - 04:48

Children whose parents take them to see “alternative” health providers, such as acupuncturists or massage therapists, are less likely than other ki

CBS News Oct 3 2016 - 04:05

The ideal time to get vaccinated for the flu is a couple of weeks before it starts circulating.

Market Watch Oct 3 2016 - 03:22

This flu season, many children who were expecting drops in their nostrils are going to get needles in their arms instead.

New York Times Oct 3 2016 - 02:17


St. Louis Post-Dispatch Oct 2 2016 - 22:57

Only about 59 percent of kids have gotten the flu vaccine in recent years.

6abc action news Oct 2 2016 - 22:42

In a breakthrough, researchers have developed a vaccine that can protect us from up to 88 percent of the known strains of the flu virus.

tecake.in Oct 2 2016 - 21:45

As many as 168 million doses of flu vaccine are expected to be available in the coming weeks and months.

thelakeandeswave.com Oct 2 2016 - 19:58

Brace yourselves: flu season is on its way to Hanoi. Children are already showing subtle signs of flu, including subdued coughs and stuffy noses.

www.vietnambreakingnews.com Oct 2 2016 - 19:58

Springfield, Mo - The beginning of flu season is a few weeks away, but health officials say now is the time to plan for an annual flu shot.

Ozarks First. Oct 2 2016 - 19:58

In the past, most parents have had a choice about which type of flu vaccine to give children - shot or spray.

inewstoday.net Oct 2 2016 - 19:51

College students this fall could be facing an epidemic much worse than excessive homework since October in the United States signals the beginning

The Northern Light Oct 2 2016 - 18:39

As the summer begins to fade and the days become cooler, I brace myself for my least favorite part of the fall season: the flu shot debate.

scarymommy.com Oct 2 2016 - 18:18

The HSE is urging people in at-risk groups to get vaccinated against the flu this winter.

Waterford News and Star Oct 2 2016 - 17:20

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- It's almost flu season, making now the time to get vaccinated, according to doctors.

ArkansasMatters Oct 2 2016 - 17:06

Flu season has arrived and many students are considering the benefits of getting their annual flu shots offered for free by the student health cent

The Orion Oct 2 2016 - 15:12

If you’re dreading this year’s flu shot—we don’t blame you.

ozonnews.com Oct 2 2016 - 15:04

Although last year's flu vaccine was the most successful yet, low vaccination rates last season have health officials anxious for another low

Mag-Series USA Oct 2 2016 - 14:00

Sunset Community Health Center will make twice-a-week visits around Yuma County this month to offer free flu shots to residents.

THE YUMA SUN Oct 2 2016 - 09:42

Bay Nursing will facilitate flu shot clinics this week. A limited supply of pneumonia shots will be available.

Source Newspapers Oct 2 2016 - 04:42

LONDON: Scientists have designed a new generation of universal flu vaccines that protects against majority of the known viral strains and help prev

Economic Times Oct 2 2016 - 03:59

As flu season draws nearer, you may have noticed ads in your local pharmacy urging you to get your annual flu shot.

Mother Jones Oct 2 2016 - 03:01

The flu season is nearly on, and for most parents, that means getting the kids to take flu shots before they get sick.

thelakeandeswave.com Oct 2 2016 - 02:54

"Also, these yearly vaccines give us no protection at all against potential future pandemic flu".

myhealthbowl.com Oct 2 2016 - 02:33

JACKSON, MI – Flu season may seem months away, but this is the time to get your immune system primed and ready to fight off the virus.

MLive Oct 2 2016 - 00:53

FRIDAY, Sept. 30, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- More U.S. health care workers need to get their annual flu shots, a new government report shows.

Lincoln Journal Star Oct 2 2016 - 00:10

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WNCN Oct 1 2016 - 23:55

Like football games and warm coats, the flu shot is part of the Fall ritual for millions of Americans.

ABC 30 News Oct 1 2016 - 23:34