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Protists are predators of bacteria, and they help shape soil communities by munching on bacteria (sorry, bacteria).

labroots.com Dec 8 2016 - 17:03

Bacterial resistance isn’t always the result of adaptation to antibiotics. Sometimes the bacteria just go to sleep.

Futurity Dec 8 2016 - 16:05


WebMD Dec 8 2016 - 15:58

Scientists are battling blood poisoning using magnets by coating antibodies that attach to bacteria in iron and sifting the bacteria away from othe

futurism.com Dec 8 2016 - 14:25

Bacterial resistance does not come just through adaptation to antibiotics. Sometimes the bacteria simply go to sleep.

Science Daily Dec 8 2016 - 11:19

Tiny predators in the soil can literally sniff out their prey: soil bacteria, which communicate with each other using scent.

Science Daily Dec 8 2016 - 10:36

NEW DELHI: Deep inside a cave where entry is restricted, scientists have found a bacterium that is resistant to 18 different antibiotics.

Times of India Dec 8 2016 - 10:36

When most people talk about probiotics, they are usually referring to supplements that contain live, “good” microorganisms such as bacteria or yeas

www.healthambition.com Dec 8 2016 - 09:17

A Schenectady nursing home has reported high levels of Legionella bacteria in its water system, though there have been no reported illnesses relate

Daily Gazette Dec 8 2016 - 09:03

The gut gets the majority of the attention when we talk about the microbiome.

wellnessmama.com Dec 8 2016 - 08:42

The bacteria in the soil excrete a specific smell, to communicate with each other.

Phys Dec 8 2016 - 08:27

Deficiency in a certain protein in the gastrointestinal tract has been shown to lead to both inflammation and abdominal fat accumulation in mice.

Science Daily Dec 8 2016 - 08:20

The deadly bacteria reportedly linked to the Flint, Mich., water crisis could be prevented in other cities, using the discovery of a Northeastern e

Boston Herald Dec 8 2016 - 07:30

Those who haven't found relief with traditional face washes and spot treatments might find the Tanda Zap Acne Clearing Device to be a perfect

trendhunter.com Dec 8 2016 - 06:47

The link between gut bacteria and mood and anxiety received strong scientific support during a series of presentations at the recent meeting of the

Psych Centra Dec 8 2016 - 05:07

Here’s a bit of terrifying vegan news for you today.

veganbanana.com Dec 8 2016 - 04:10

Certain microbes in a woman's uterus could scupper her chances of becoming pregnant through IVF, a ground-breaking study claims.

Daily Mail Dec 8 2016 - 02:44

Scientists at the University of Missouri tested a non-toxic strain of the bacteria on mice.

The Daily Express Dec 8 2016 - 01:03

Sepsis, or blood poisoning, is no joke. More than half the people who contract the condition end up in the morgue.

Engadget Dec 7 2016 - 23:30

The development of Parkinson’s disease might start off from the gut, says a new study published in the journal Cell.

news.islandcrisis.net Dec 7 2016 - 20:46

In fact, this remedy is an antibiotic which has the power to kill gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

grazeme.com Dec 7 2016 - 19:34

Researchers from Ohio State University have found bacteria on a US pig farm that can withstand a crucial family of antibiotics.

Farminguk Dec 7 2016 - 12:10

Bacteria carrying a gene that grants resistance against a powerful antibiotic have been found on a pig farm in the United States, researchers repor

Popular Science Dec 7 2016 - 09:54

What is a holiday feast without an oven-baked turkey or a succulent roast?

www.nutriliving.com Dec 7 2016 - 08:43

The micromorphology of bacterial strain Lactococcuslactis subsp. lactis is under the light microscope (magnification of 1,000 times).

Phys Dec 7 2016 - 04:25

Click here to listen to today’s Diabetes Health in the News Podcast!

Diabetes Health Dec 7 2016 - 03:13

The campaign for Lifebuoy highlights just how much bacteria can be found on everyday objects Global innovation group The Electric Factory continues

lbbonline.com Dec 6 2016 - 12:54

Pay attention to this list when cooking for your family this Holiday Season!

threepercenternation.com Dec 6 2016 - 09:27

THE new five pound note is three times cleaner than the old paper version, which is among the dirtiest notes in Europe.

www.thesun.co.uk Dec 6 2016 - 07:32

Kimchi from Korea, kombucha from Japan, sauerkraut from Germany, kefir from Caucasus, gundruk from the Himalayan regions, cortido from Latin Americ

yourstory.com Dec 6 2016 - 06:21

Experts from the California Institute of Technology discovered that gut bacteria might influence the development of Parkinson’s disease.

themonitordaily.com Dec 6 2016 - 02:39

Parkinson’s disease is a neuronal disorder that affects the central nervous system on the long term.

americaherald.com Dec 6 2016 - 02:17

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

News Week Dec 6 2016 - 01:06

Carbapenem resistant bacteria have already been identified in livestock in Europe and Asia.

Flapship Dec 6 2016 - 00:16

In a new study, researchers have revealed that they can improve one’s health using probiotics or live bacteria and it can even be used to prevent c

tecake.in Dec 5 2016 - 23:54

Think about all of the food that ends up in your household trash or down your garbage disposal.

lifehack.org Dec 5 2016 - 21:17

A study published in the journal Cell, reveals that a team of researchers may have found a critical link between gut microbes and Parkinson’s disea

cdanews.com Dec 5 2016 - 21:17

Mr Hollermann was diagnosed with melioidosis in October this year.

Channel News Asia Dec 5 2016 - 20:48

because they may be undercooked... and at risk of containing dangerous bacteria.

onenewspage.com Dec 5 2016 - 20:19

Bacteria with a transmissible gene that bestows resistance to antibiotics of last resort have been found for the first time in livestock in the US.

Cosmos Dec 5 2016 - 17:35

Gut bacteria is found to be linked to, and a cause of several medical conditions, including some cancers.

WWSB MySuncoast Dec 5 2016 - 10:18

The fermentation requires the cooperation of two very different types of microorganisms - fungi and bacteria.

Scientific American Dec 5 2016 - 08:24

National Steak and Poultry is recalling nearly 2 million pounds of ready-to-eat chicken products because they may have been undercooked, resulting

Today.com Dec 5 2016 - 07:05

National Steak and Poultry, an Oklahoma-based company, recently issued a recall of 1,976,089 pounds of chicken that may be contaminated with danger

AOL Dec 5 2016 - 06:58

A research team lead by Karolinska Institutet in Sweden have synthesized a new “smart” compound that is set to shine a light on the clandestine lif

technology.org Dec 5 2016 - 06:00

There are around 40 trillion bacteria in your body, most of which are in your intestines.

Alter Net Dec 5 2016 - 04:42

LONDON, Dec 5 — Could buildings one day grow their own foundations? This British architect thinks so.

themalaymailonline.com Dec 5 2016 - 03:16

You can’t see bacteria, but they’re practically everywhere. They’re on your hands, on your food, in your bed, on your pets.

Digital Trends Dec 5 2016 - 01:57

Two million pounds of ready-to-eat chicken products have been recalled because the poultry might have been undercooked.

New Jersey Online Dec 4 2016 - 23:27

A new study from the California Institute of Technology revealed a potential biological connection between gut microbiome and Parkinson's dise

Nature World News Dec 4 2016 - 19:59