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Researchers have found a new way of killing the bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB), using a toxin produced by the germs themselves.

Shropshire Star Jul 29 2020 - 11:14

Trillions - that’s how many teeny tiny bugs are living on your skin right now.

ELLE Jul 29 2020 - 06:37

Many children treated for childhood malnutrition in developing countries never fully recover.

Medical Xpress Jul 29 2020 - 06:00

With its 100 million neurons, the gut has earned a reputation as the body's "second brain"—corresponding with the real brain to mana

Medical Xpress Jul 29 2020 - 05:07

Saxon medical book may hold the key to finding new ways to combat antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

New Atlas Jul 28 2020 - 19:10

The city of Worcester closed Binienda Memorial Beach at Coes Pond on Tuesday after high levels of E. coli bacteria were detected in the water.

YAHOO! Jul 28 2020 - 16:49

Swimming has been banned at Oneida Shores Beach in Cicero because of high levels of E.

syracuse.com on MSN.com Jul 28 2020 - 11:59

Beneath the Pacific Ocean there are communities of bacteria that have survived since the reign of the dinosaurs – and some individual cells may hav

New Scientist Jul 28 2020 - 08:27

Researchers at Purdue University have developed a treatment to infuse a hardened metal surface with naturally occurring antimicrobial peptides.

Purdue University Jul 28 2020 - 07:35

Brookside Beach will be closed for swimming until at least Thursday due to high levels of E.

Patch Jul 28 2020 - 07:00

Body odor is an unpleasant fact of life that we’ve all experienced in some way.

New Atlas Jul 27 2020 - 23:42

SMELLY armpits are inherited from cavemen who carried the same bacteria as humans do today, experts claim.

The Sun Jul 27 2020 - 17:47

The city’s only public beach on the Merrimack River — Rynne Beach — was closed until further notice on Monday, despite the day’s scorching hot temp

The Lowell Sun Jul 27 2020 - 16:27

This image was derived from the Sentinel-3 satellite as part of the Copernicus Program.

The Post-Journal Jul 27 2020 - 13:55

While researchers continue to warn consumers about the dangers associated with antibiotic resistant bacteria, a new study has discovered yet anothe

ConsumerAffairs Jul 27 2020 - 10:26

About 70% of breast cancer patients have bacteria in their tumors.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency Jul 27 2020 - 08:46

Today, the word probiotic is used to describe all kinds of 'good' microorganisms in foods and supplements.

EurekAlert! Jul 27 2020 - 08:28

Faber Futures draws on science, architecture and southern African philosophy to create bespoke textile designs

The Financial Times Jul 27 2020 - 02:54

The findings of the studies showed that when exposed to space’s microgravity conditions, the lethal effects of bacteria increase.

International Business Times Jul 26 2020 - 18:51

Research has shown that bacteria are more lethal and resistant to antibiotics when exposed to microgravity (a lack of gravity), such as in space.

Labroots Jul 26 2020 - 06:29

Rising high school seniors in North Carolina may need a booster dose of a vaccine to protect against meningococcal bacteria before going to school,

Winston-Salem Journal Jul 25 2020 - 20:41

Public gyms, whether they’re ones available to an entire community or more limited like the ones in apartment complexes and on university campuses,

SlashGear Jul 25 2020 - 09:00

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Researchers at Virginia Tech have discovered that bacteria found in your mouth may be causing colon cancer to spread.

NBC29 Jul 24 2020 - 20:37

The local beach is closed to bathing as of Friday due to the discovery of high levels of bacteria in the water.

Patch Jul 24 2020 - 13:48

Specific bacteria in the small intestines of malnourished children play a causal role in stunted growth, a finding that could lead to better therap

Futurity News Jul 24 2020 - 11:36

China has launched its Tianwen-1 mission to Mars.

Phys.org Jul 24 2020 - 08:05

As scientists continue searching for treatments to some of the most complex diseases and conditions, they're increasingly looking to our gut.

Medical Xpress Jul 24 2020 - 06:17

The bacterium Helicobacter pylori colonizes the stomach in half of the world's population and increases the risk of gastric cancer.

Medical Xpress Jul 24 2020 - 06:01

NEW LONDON, CT — The Ledge Light Health District recently tested water for bacteria levels at all local beaches.

Patch on MSN.com Jul 24 2020 - 05:57

Environmental consultants for the town of Longboat Key say there is no proof that a 26-million-gallon sewage spill near Sarasota Bay is responsible

Bradenton Herald on MSN.com Jul 24 2020 - 04:40

New Jersey beaches exceeded EPA levels for fecal bacteria more than 70 times in 2019, according to a study released Thursday.

6abc News Jul 24 2020 - 02:36

New Jersey beaches exceeded EPA levels for fecal bacteria more than 70 times in 2019, according to a study released Thursday.

Morning Call PA Jul 23 2020 - 19:12

Bacteria can become more deadly and antibiotic-resilient in space.

The Conversation Jul 23 2020 - 12:52

Jaguar Land Rover claims that the lab-tests and on-road trials have shown that the predictive touch technology could reduce a driver’s touchscreen

The Financial Express Jul 23 2020 - 05:46

Inadequate development of new antibiotics and rising rates of resistance by bacteria to existing antimicrobials are dual forces pushing the world e

Medical Xpress Jul 23 2020 - 04:59

Corrosion of carbon steel by microorganisms recovered from corroded seal rings at an offshore floating production facility was investigated.

Nature Jul 23 2020 - 02:15

This enables Staphylococcus aureus bacteria to develop antibiotic resistance and improve their chances of survival.

News Medical Jul 22 2020 - 16:48

Saccharibacteria within a mammalian host are more diverse than ever anticipated, according to recent research.

Science Daily Jul 22 2020 - 16:45

A water quality advisory has been issued at Windward Beach, where high levels of fecal bacterial have been detected.

app.com Jul 22 2020 - 06:23

Infusing prepared foods with an edible coating that contains green tea extract may lower consumers' chances of catching the highly contagious

News Medical Jul 21 2020 - 16:56

The bacteria in the mouth that causes tooth decay might also help colon cancer spread to other organs in the body, according to a study published T

UPI.com Jul 21 2020 - 14:30

The findings suggest that keeping our mouths clean may help keep the germs at bay, co-author Daniel J. Slade of Virginia Tech told Newsweek.

Newsweek Jul 21 2020 - 11:00

Researchers of the University of Bayreuth and the Columbia University in New York reported groundbreaking findings on protein biosynthesis in bacte

Phys.org Jul 21 2020 - 06:36

Children with type 1 diabetes have a less desirable gut microbiome composition which may play a role in the development of the disease, according t

EurekAlert! Jul 21 2020 - 06:13

California will kill 3.2 million trout to stop the outbreak of a bacterial infection that’s threatening hatcheries, wildlife officials said Monday.

Mercury News Jul 21 2020 - 04:48

A jar left soaking in an office sink helped scientists answer a century-old question of whether bacteria can use manganese for energy.

Science News Jul 21 2020 - 03:34

In a study published this week in the journal Advanced Science, researchers detail polymers they claim are effective against antibiotic-resistant b

VentureBeat Jul 21 2020 - 03:04

How the bacteria developed in the river continues to stump health officials, he said.

Las Vegas Sun Jul 21 2020 - 02:04

California will kill 3.2 million trout to stop the outbreak of a bacterial infection that’s threatening hatcheries.

Raleigh News & Observer Jul 20 2020 - 17:11

California will kill 3.2 million trout to stop the outbreak of a bacterial infection that’s threatening hatcheries.

Charlotte Observer Jul 20 2020 - 16:11