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Experiments in mice have shown early success in vaccinating them against potentially deadly bacterial infections, such as methicillin-resistant Sta

News Medical Jun 30 2020 - 10:20

Specific gut bacteria influenced eating decisions in worms by affecting their response to odors.

National Institutes of Health Jun 30 2020 - 10:01

A compound produced in the gut when we eat red meat damages our arteries and may play a key role in boosting risk of heart disease as we get older,

Medical Xpress Jun 30 2020 - 06:41

If left out, raw milk can become home to a huge amount of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria.

Futurity News Jun 29 2020 - 18:17

A common additive found in many food products, beverages, and supplements has been linked to gut bacteria changes that cause inflammation of the co

SlashGear Jun 29 2020 - 15:39

The Ledge Light Health District says a swimming advisory for one beach will remain while another will be lifted.

Patch Jun 29 2020 - 11:45

More energy-efficient wastewater treatment may be possible by harnessing anammox bacteria's surprising ability to 'breathe' solid-st

EurekAlert! Jun 29 2020 - 08:55

Anammox bacteria grew on the surface of an electrode and converted ammonium to nitrogen gas.

EurekAlert! Jun 29 2020 - 08:13

Keyboards are a haven for bacteria & germs; therefore, we urge users to keep them clean.

TWCN Tech News Jun 29 2020 - 07:13

We look at how race and ethnicity may influence the composition of the gut bacteria, and the implications this may have for precision medicine.

Medical News Today Jun 28 2020 - 04:48

And though our immune systems have gotten us this far, I'm willing to bet that many of you are like me: physically and mentally incapable of w

YAHOO! Jun 26 2020 - 17:18

Bacteria are at least as much of a threat to each other as they are to us, and the chemical warfare among them gets lethal.

IFLScience Jun 26 2020 - 09:16

Scientists have implicated gut bacteria in a number of conditions.

Medical News Today Jun 26 2020 - 08:16

As the world wrestles with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which arose after the virus jumped from an animal species to the human species, Uni

Phys.org Jun 26 2020 - 06:11

(RNN) - Scientists are investigating whether pills containing bacteria extracted from human stool can cure a sometimes deadly infection and treat b

Fox 29 WFLX Dec 15 2016 - 08:19

The positive bacteria that cause acne, tooth decay, pneumonia and tuberculosis can be destroyed by anacardic chemicals in the cashew nuts that are

homeremedieshouse.com Dec 15 2016 - 05:49

Last week, a team of Ohio State University researchers published the results of a frightening scientific study.

civileats.com Dec 15 2016 - 00:55

A second resident at a Pittsburgh area nursing home has tested positive for the bacteria that can cause Legionnaire's Disease.

Central Pennsylvania Dec 14 2016 - 23:29

Consumers have been advised not to eat two types of cheese from a Dumfries-based creamery amid claims bacteria have been detected in batches of the

The Scotsman Dec 14 2016 - 21:56

For the first time, new research examines the response of terrestrial soil microbes to a massive natural gas blowout and offers hope for new remedi

eos.org Dec 14 2016 - 15:37

FLINT, MI - While the point-of-use water filters provided by the state clear lead from Flint drinking water, they actually have the potential to in

MLive Dec 14 2016 - 15:22

"This is like putting together the last few pieces of a complicated jigsaw puzzle that has been worked on for many years," says Felipe An

practicalpainmanagement.com Dec 14 2016 - 13:28

Water-use restrictions are in place at a second building in the Charlestown retirement community in Catonsville after preliminary tests revealed lo

The Baltimore Sun Dec 14 2016 - 11:41

IF FIGHTING bacteria one way is good, two ways would be even better, you’d think.

New Scientist Dec 14 2016 - 10:22

Yet, what if you found out today that the worst odds you or your children have of being infected with disease, disorder, and deformity exist in get

Natural News Dec 14 2016 - 09:53

Montpellier, December 14, 2016 - DEINOVE (Alternext Paris: ALDEI), a biotech company that discovers, develops and produces high value compounds fro

GlobeNewswire Dec 14 2016 - 09:53

According to the researchers, “bacteria can contaminate instantaneously.” What follows is a highly abbreviated list of the most talked about medica

biggiesboxers.com Dec 14 2016 - 09:46

Researchers may have come one step closer to more effective treatments against Pseudomonas aeruginosa growing in layers known as harmful biofilms.

cysticfibrosisnewstoday.com Dec 14 2016 - 08:42

Biomining is the extraction of metals from ores using microorganisms such as bacteria, rather than using traditional methods of extreme heat or che

miningmagazine.com Dec 14 2016 - 04:45

A number of active pharmaceutical ingredients are often produced from nature.

Med India Dec 14 2016 - 02:58

Magnets instead of antibiotics could provide a possible new treatment method for blood infection.

healthcare-in-europe.com Dec 14 2016 - 00:13

The ingredient supplier has issued a recall of the bulk milk powder.

xboxonezone.com Dec 13 2016 - 23:52

AsianScientist (Dec.

Asianscientist Dec 13 2016 - 23:45

Q: If there’s no proof that flossing is beneficial, do I really need to do it?

Citizen's Voice Dec 13 2016 - 21:43

this is part of designing a practicles for students, could anyone suggest any bacteria mediated intracellular synthesise of any nanoparticle (10-50

www.researchgate.net Dec 13 2016 - 21:36

Bras should be washed after three wears because of the "intimate contact" they have with the skin that makes them pick up sweat and bacte

attn.com Dec 13 2016 - 20:39

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL - At a time when Denver business leaders are trying to promote the metro area as a pioneer in health care technology and in

9News Dec 13 2016 - 15:02

BIELEFELD, Germany, Dec.

United Press International Dec 13 2016 - 13:36

Up to now, if scientists wanted to study blood cells, algae, or bacteria under the microscope, they had to mount these cells on a substrate such as

Science Daily Dec 13 2016 - 12:25

The salicylic acid is what helps zap away bacteria, but I have a hunch it's the product's licorice-root and meadowsweet extracts — two an

Refinery29 Dec 13 2016 - 10:59

What do the contents of your stomach have to do with Parkinson’s disease?

www.deviantworld.com Dec 13 2016 - 09:47

Traveling the world in record time means Santa’s reindeer don’t get a lot of time to sight see, but it can expose them to various viruses and bacte

Veterinary Practice News Dec 13 2016 - 09:26

(Nanowerk News) Up to now, if scientists wanted to study blood cells, algae, or bacteria under the microscope, they had to mount these cells on a s

Nano werk Dec 13 2016 - 06:48

The research not only demonstrates how this food-borne bacterium known as Campylobacter jejuni triggers Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), but offers n

everylifecounts.ndtv.com Dec 13 2016 - 06:48

University of Gothenburg researchers have found genes that can make bacteria resistant to antibiotics in samples of polluted air from Beijing, Chin

topix.com Dec 13 2016 - 05:22

According to the Herbal Academy, “Fire Cider can be taken a little bit every day to boost immunity and circulation and keep viruses and bacteria at

growforagecookferment.com Dec 13 2016 - 05:15

Antibiotic resistance has become such a major issue right around the world that the World Health Organization now considers it a global threat.

iflscience.com Dec 13 2016 - 04:39

“Salmonella bacteria can be found in the intestines of poultry and animals.

ABC36 Dec 13 2016 - 04:32

The spleen reigned supreme for several centuries.

KSMU Dec 13 2016 - 02:38

Dec 13, 2016: A common bacterium found in improperly cooked chicken can cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome – the leading cause of acute neuromuscular pa

thinknaturaltoday.com Dec 12 2016 - 22:20