General Tips For Writing Informative Articles

Write to inform your readers.
Identify what your main topic is and how others may benefit from your writings. Communicate at a one-on-one basis as if you are a friendly teacher.
Capture the reader's attention quickly.
Readers most often scan through articles and only read those articles of interest. Therefore, a good title is great "bait" to get the readers attention.

Entice the readers with a good opening paragraph.
Once you get the readers attention with a good title you must "hook" them by providing a good "first opening" or "lead" paragraph. This first paragraph should convey and summarize the significance of your article and should also be strong enough to entice the readers to continue reading.

Maintain focus.
As you gather information for your article you may find that you have too much information that may distract the reader from the main topic if added to the article. Be sure to stay focused on your particular topic when you write.

Maintain a good logical flow.
Do not jump around from one issue to the next. Each paragraph should flow smoothly and logically to the next one.

Keep your paragraphs short.
Readers are generally drawn more to smaller sized paragraphs. Generally, 3 to 6 lines per paragraph should do the trick.

Provide trustworthy sources.
Make sure your information is credible. Verify facts, dates, numbers, statistics, names, and spellings. Cite sources of information if needed. Do not copy / reprint information from other articles (printed or electronic) without explicit permission of the authors (This is called plagiarism!). The same is valid for photographs and illustrations. Be sure not to violate any copyright laws.

Summary of the article.
In the last paragraph summarize your main points and issues. Also provide information on how readers can help or take action from the information in your article.

Include your personal information.
Be sure to include your contact information on the bottom of your article in case a reader would like to contact you for more information on your topic. A brief bio (what you do, where you work, etc.) with an address, url, and email is a great way to promote yourself and/or your organization.
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