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Al Chan

Al Chan
Ph. D., Microbiology, Iowa State University.
B.S., Biochemical Science, University of Vermont.


Hello and welcome to my webpage on Microbes.info. I am a microbiologist and I maintain Microbes.info in my spare time. Microbes have intrigued me since my high school biology days. After graduation, I continued on to college then grad school where I studied Biochemistry and Microbiology. Today, I am still a student of Microbiology as the microbial world continues to fascinate me.


At the university my work included the monitoring and cataloging of lake and well water bacteria. This involved investigating antibiotic resistance in lake water bacteria and examining the influence of environmental factors on bacterial communities in well water. I also worked in the area of characterization and quantification of trace (greenhouse) gas fluxes from terrestrial ecosystems. I developed and refined methods and assays to better characterize and quantify methane fluxes from natural and agricultural ecosystems.


I enjoy working on projects that include microbiological and environmental components especially when they involve greenhouse gases (GHG) / waste remediation and/or electrical power generation. I currently do work in the areas of science, technology and general management of greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction and renewable energy projects.


My interests in computing started way back in college when I started using computers and the Gopher ecosystem for research and analysis. Then along came the World Wide Web, Erwise, NCSA Mosaic and Netscape Navigator. Experimented with my first webpage / website in the mid 1990's. The web technology since then has come a long way.


While my interests across the science and technology realm are varied, I always seem to gravitate back to studying, reading or working on projects relating to microbes and their processes in the environment.


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Thank you for visiting my page.


Al C


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