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Three more children reportedly died over the weekend in the eastern region of the Naga Self-Administered Zone after contracting measles, raising th

irrawaddy.com Aug 8 2016 - 04:50

Festival-goers have been warned that that they risk picking up a case of the measles as an unwanted souvenir unless they ensure their vaccinations

ITV Aug 7 2016 - 22:09

Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) and all its frontal organizations- ENWO, ENSF and ENGOA, at an emergency meeting, have resolved to se

Nagaland Post Aug 7 2016 - 11:53

Children entering kindergarten need to receive the MMR vaccine, which helps prevent measles, mumps and rubella, and should receive varicella, DTaP

Cincinnati Aug 7 2016 - 11:10

The outbreak of measles, which has claimed 38 lives in Myanmar's northwestern Sagaing Region, could be controlled, a local official said on Su

China Aug 7 2016 - 09:30

Measles, a viral infection of the respiratory system, is one of the leading causes of death among young children even though a safe and cost-effect

Med India Aug 7 2016 - 04:15

SHIVAMOGGA: A 30-year-old man infected with the rubella virus or German measles has been admitted to the government hospital in Teerthahalli in Shi

nyoooz.com Aug 7 2016 - 02:35

About 74 suspected measles cases have been reported since early June in Ailliet locality in North Darfur, mainly among South Sudanese refugees, say

dabangasudan.org Aug 7 2016 - 00:26

“Vaxxed: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe,” is directed by Andrew Wakefield, who coauthored a 1998 study which claimed to show a link between the appea

Times-Standard Aug 6 2016 - 14:03

On Thursday, Myanmar health officials were reporting that an undiagnosed disease killed more than 30 children in the remote, mountainous Sagaing re

outbreaknewstoday.com Aug 6 2016 - 12:30

May also survived measles, brain fever and double pneumonia as a young child, so tough tasks have never been a match for her.

wvgazettemail.com Aug 6 2016 - 09:31

Although the immunisation register showed about 92 per cent of WA children received their 12-month-old measles jab, about 25 per cent of those were

Perth Now Sunday Times Aug 6 2016 - 09:10

MANDALAY, Myanmar — At least 40 people, nearly all of them children, have died from an outbreak of measles in a remote, impoverished region of Myan

New York Times Aug 6 2016 - 07:44

Dr. Paul Offit is one of the foremost defenders of vaccines.

Patheos Aug 6 2016 - 06:46

YANGON: Myanmar health officials have confirmed that a measles outbreak is behind the deaths of more than 30 people, mostly children, in a remote p

The Express Tribune Aug 5 2016 - 23:23

It was confirmed on Saturday that a measles outbreak resulted in the death of more than 30 children in a remote part of Myanmar.

Hindustan Times Aug 5 2016 - 21:50

Parents need to show their children are vaccinated against diphtheria, Haemophilus influenzae type B, measles, mumps, whooping cough, polio, rubell

Fresno Bee Aug 5 2016 - 19:12

A. Probably not.

KHOU Aug 5 2016 - 15:30

It is feared that the figures could be more.

The Morung Express Aug 5 2016 - 13:50

A Government body has linked a recent rise in cases of measles with summer festivals like Glastonbury, where teenagers and young adults "are m

somersetlive.co.uk Aug 5 2016 - 13:43

PHOENIX (AP) — A measles outbreak at a federal immigration detention center in Pinal County will officially be over on Saturday.

KSL Aug 5 2016 - 08:42

This country’s federal government requires anyone seeking legal, permanent residence here to be vaccinated against 14 diseases, including measles,

Denton Record-Chronicle Aug 5 2016 - 08:21

And yet, it’s the “one” that makes headlines, and grabs our attention.

The Huffington Post Aug 5 2016 - 06:05

Iowa has many families who believe in immunizing their children.

thegazette.com Aug 5 2016 - 05:36

AS reported in the media, our Ministry of Health and Social Services announced and subsequently carried out a nationwide vaccination campaign again

AllAfrica Aug 5 2016 - 04:39

ELOY — A measles outbreak at a federal immigration detention center in Pinal County will officially be over on Saturday.

Casa Grande Valley Newspaper Aug 5 2016 - 01:18

The illness, with measles-like symptoms, has hit the far corner of Myanmar's northern Sagaing region, a remote and mountainous area which bord

Mizzima Aug 4 2016 - 21:01

Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, varicella (chickenpox), measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis A and B - it’s a common list of terms, but it’s o

Your Houston News Aug 4 2016 - 19:56

Lewis said the new law reassures her that lives will be saved.

Sanfrancisco cbslocal Aug 4 2016 - 19:35

Taiwan health authorities have confirmed two measles cases linked to the Songshan Airport in Taipei, one in a passenger and one in an employee.

outbreaknewstoday.com Aug 4 2016 - 17:40

A third dose of measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine may be considered to help control mumps outbreaks, but proof of efficacy is needed, according t

Medscape News Aug 4 2016 - 15:46

A measles outbreak at the Eloy immigration detention center will be officially over Saturday Normal operations are scheduled to resume that day pro

azcentral.com Aug 4 2016 - 11:14

The illness, with measles-like symptoms, has hit the far corner of Myanmar's northern Sagaing region, a remote and mountainous area which bord

Channel News Asia Aug 4 2016 - 06:13

An unvaccinated Wake County teen has survived a case of the measles.

WUNC Aug 4 2016 - 04:54

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PONTIANAK -- Health Minister Nila Farid Moeloek launched a Measles Crash Program integrated with a month of Vitamin A supplements

ROL Republika Online Aug 4 2016 - 04:19

Many of these states, including most of the Deep South, have among the highest rates of poor health, including chronic illness and deaths from dise

Los Angeles Times Aug 4 2016 - 03:00

Many of them were prompted by the passage of Senate Bill 277, the state law mandating that all public and private school students be up to date on

TheSacramento Bee Aug 3 2016 - 22:13

The new state law is the second passed after researchers linked a 2014 measles outbreak that began at Disneyland to low vaccination rates.

KPBS Aug 3 2016 - 18:03

Wakefield is a former British doctor who authored a controversial study where he linked the measles/mumps/rubella vaccine to autism in children.

Boise Weekly Aug 3 2016 - 14:35

With common childhood diseases like diarrhea and measles now kept in check, preterm birth has emerged as the leading cause of death in children und

E Science News Aug 3 2016 - 11:01

The Wake County Human Services Division of Public Health has confirmed one case of measles in the county.

outbreaknewstoday.com Aug 3 2016 - 10:39

Brisbane has issued a measles alert after an infected man travelled through the city’s international airport.

International Business Times AU Aug 3 2016 - 07:26

The report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure.

Medgadget Aug 3 2016 - 06:50

An Iranian health official announced that the majority of immigrants and refugees in Iran are not vaccinated against measles or polio, and the gove

ifpnews.com Aug 3 2016 - 04:55

An international plane passenger's brief visit to Brisbane while infectious with measles has prompted Queensland Health to issue an alert.

ABC Online Aug 3 2016 - 04:27

People travelling overseas to countries where measles is endemic, such as Indonesia, should have their vaccination status checked to ensure they ar

Medical Xpress Aug 3 2016 - 04:13

"Measles, mumps, and rubella, three doses of Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Pertussis vaccines and Tetanus," said Dr.

NBC 2 Aug 3 2016 - 03:58

AN alert has been issued after a passenger arrived into Brisbane on an international flight from Bali while infectious with measles.

Courier Mail Aug 3 2016 - 03:44

A Wake County teenager, who contracted measles while traveling in Europe, has just been released from isolation.

11abc News Aug 3 2016 - 00:59

Wake County health officials say a local resident has contracted measles and may have exposed others before getting diagnosed.

11abc News Aug 2 2016 - 23:26