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Postdoc Comparative Genomics or Microbiome Analysis - UC

Postdoctoral Position in Comparative Genomics or Microbiome Analysis
University of Connecticut
Storrs, Connecticut, U.S.A.
A Postdoctoral Position in the area of bioinformatics and comparative, microbial genomics or
microbiome analysis is available in the Graf lab ( at the University of
Connecticut in Storrs, CT. The successful candidate would collaborate with team members
performing wet-lab experiments. One of the goals of this grant-funded project is to identify
niche-specific genes in Aeromonas that allow strains to excel in pathogenic or beneficial
associations. The second goal of this project is to identify pathogens using microbiome
studies in aquaculture settings. The successful candidate of this grant-funded position will
use bioinformatic approaches to identify niche-specific, candidate genes from strains
obtained from different sources and/or analyze 16S rRNA gene or metagenomic data to
identify fish pathogens in the environment. The successful candidate will hold a Ph.D. in a
related area with expertise in UNIX, bioinformatic software packages and have experience in
genome comparisons and/or 16S rRNA gene surveys. Excellent command of verbal and
written communication skills and the ability to work in a team are required. The work will be
performed in Dr. Graf’s lab in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology of the University
of Connecticut.
Minimum Qualifications: Qualified applicants must have a Ph.D. in microbiology or a
related area and a publication record. The candidate must have experience or the equivalent
skills to assemble and annotate genomes, compare genomes contents and/or to use QIIME
or an equivalent bioinformatics package for data analysis of microbial communities.
Preferred Qualifications: Highly desirable is a strong background in microbial genomics or
microbiome science, ability to code in perl, python or shell script, install software packages
and a knowledge of R. Excellence in team-work, strong verbal and written communication
skills are a plus.
Screening of candidates will begin immediately and remain open until filled. Interested
applicants must apply electronically joerg.graf [-at-], submitting a cover letter,
curriculum vitae, and the names of three professional references. For questions regarding
this position, prospective applicants should email joerg.graf [-at-], University of
Connecticut, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, Unit 3124, 91 N. Eagleville Road,
Storrs, CT 06269-3124.
Posted: June 26, 2016.