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  • Una asociación con las características y objetivos concernientes a los intereses científicos profesionales de los micólogos venezolanos.

  • Bringing together professionals working in specialty practice, distributed throughout Argentina and abroad.

  • Promoting scientific studies on various aspects of infectology, Organize Conferences, Meetings, and others activities to disseminate and update knowledge of Infectious Diseases, Stimulate the improvement of teaching and research, Facilitate meetings and knowledge sharing between domestic and foreign development activities related to Infectious disease professionals, contribute to the dissemination of the materials through the various media, journals and / or publications,
    Advise on issues to infectious disease Institutions by request, establish liaison relationships with foreign counterparts Societies.

  • We are a scientific association that bring together professionals involved in the prevention, management, control, education and research of infectious diseases. We contribute to health institutions, government and education, the creation and implementation of national and regional policies in the management of infectious diseases. We tend to the welfare of our partners.

  • http://somich.cl/
  • SBM organizes and promotes Symposia , Conferences and Courses in different areas in different parts of the country Every two years, SBM promotes Brazilian Congress of Microbiology ( CBM ) , which brings together different areas of microbiology, with an approximate attendance 3,000, including scientists, teachers, students, professionals and other stakeholders.

  • The society stimulates the development of the specialty in the country, providing training for professionals, doctors and paramedics in this discipline, promotes good relations, cultural and scientific exchange among its members and with other national or foreign companies and related institutions, encourages and support the creation of units and assistance services for the different providers at the country's health agencies, promotes and support initiatives aimed at creating research laboratories in infectious and parasitic diseases, develop national awareness about infectious problems of the Venezuelan population and provide ideas for discussions and resolution, ensure, through the relevant professional bodies for the dignity, welfare, social stability and protection of their members, keep the traditions of professional ethics in the practice of the art.