Links for Oceania:

  • Bringing together people interested in experimental and molecular pathology, as well as environmental genomics, promoting scientific discourse and exchange, by promoting research and holding Annual Scientific Meetings, providing a critical and friendly environment at Meetings, particularly to encourage and foster participation of research students and public presentation of their work, fostering specialty research groups (within MEPSA) and to provide an environment for them to develop internationally recognised excellence, collaborate with international and other regional societies which have similar interests.

  • Dedicated to the development, growth and prosperity of the Australian biotechnology industry, by providing initiatives to drive sustainability and growth, outreach and access to markets, and representation and support for members nationally and around the world.

  • Advancing the science of microbiology in Australia and promoting the awareness of microbiology and its role in everyday life, and actively liaises with governments and other professional bodies at both State and Federal levels in support of its members and the profession.

  • The aims of the New Zealand Microbiological Society are to foster and disseminate knowledge of microbiology in New Zealand.