Links for Europe:

  • Sociedad Espanola de Microbiologia. Founded in 1946 to gather scientists interested in the development of Microbiology both in the basic and the applied fields.

  • The aim of the Society is to promote the advancement of the science of Biochemistry. It will do so in the context of cellular and molecular life sciences as a seamless continuum.

  • On the national level, DMS' primary function is as a contact point for national microbiological activities.

  • The purpose of the Confederation is the rendering of support to science and research, the international coordination of scientific and clinical activities, the organisation of mycological conventions and of training programmes.

  • The Society is a non-profit making organisation of individuals dedicated to the reduction of the burden of invasive bacterial diseases due to N. meningitidis and H. influenzae by the pursuit of scientific knowledge in the fields.

  • A national organisation for field enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about fungi, and recording fungi for local and national databases, irrespective of initial experience or scientific training.

  • The objectives of the Society are, to advance knowledge of, foster scientific interest in and disseminate information about the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections, to medical and allied professionals for the benefit of the public.

  • The International Society for Extremophiles (ISE) is a community of scientists who dedicate their research to the fascinating world of extremophilic microorganisms.

  • A non-profit making scientific association where scientists and clinicians from the Nordic countries will meet to discuss all subjects within mycological diseases of man and animals.

  • Providing a scientific and social forum for microbiologists based in Scotland and through it promote and foster the exchange of ideas and knowledge from all sections of the scientific community involved in microbiology in Scotland.