Links for Viruses:

  • A virus is a microscopic organism that can replicate only inside the cells of a host organism. Most viruses are so tiny they are only observable with at least a conventional optical microscope. By The Encyclopedia of Earth (EoE), an electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society.

  • The European Virus Archive (EVA) is a non profit organization that mobilizes a European network of scientific centers with expertise in virology to collect, characterize, standardize and distribute viruses and derived products.

  • Focusing on large DNA viruses. Providing databases of viral genomic information, providing easy access to the genes, gene families, and genomes of the different virus families, rally the research community to provide expert curation of these viral genomes, and collaborate with researchers to help on specific bioinformatics problems.

  • It doesn’t breathe, it doesn’t eat, it doesn’t excrete, and it doesn’t grow. By The Science Learning Hub, a national project designed to support the effective teaching of science in New Zealand schools.