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Mumps is a vaccine-preventable viral disease characterized by swelling of the salivary glands; serious complications (e.g., meningitis, encephaliti

Medscape Feb 20 2023 - 16:00

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. 2019;68(34):749-750.

Medscape Feb 20 2023 - 16:00

Oldham residents have reacted with disappointment and resignation after a town centre regeneration scheme has been scrapped for the second time.

Manchester Evening News on MSN.com Feb 19 2023 - 00:11

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MarketWatch Feb 18 2023 - 19:22

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MarketWatch Feb 18 2023 - 19:22

IATF, pinag-aaralan na gawing unified ang vaccination card ng fully vaccinated individuals; Ilang LGUs, naglagay ng security features sa kanilang v

DailyMotion Feb 17 2023 - 08:27

Immunization schedules have been revised for U.S.

Becker's Hospital Review Feb 14 2023 - 13:40

That's the second year in a row routine vaccination rates decreased.

Medical Xpress Feb 14 2023 - 11:41

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MarketWatch Feb 13 2023 - 12:29

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MarketWatch Feb 13 2023 - 01:46

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MarketWatch Feb 12 2023 - 22:51

Strange as the diagnosis was to him, he was told by a medical doctor that he was battling mumps. “What is mumps?” He asked.

MSN Feb 11 2023 - 23:12

The agency also updated its guidance on other shots, including Hepatitis B; influenza; measles, mumps and rubella (MMR); and poliovirus.

WTKR Feb 11 2023 - 01:26

The two publications summarized the changes to the 2023 Child and Adolescent Immunization Schedule, which included new or updated recommendations f

Medical Xpress Feb 10 2023 - 10:06

Either PCV13 or the higher valent PCV15 may now be used based on the specific pediatric population.The authors of the report include information on

WLWT Feb 10 2023 - 04:45

The 2019 law requires students to be vaccinated against infectious diseases like whooping cough, tetanus, measles, mumps and chickenpox.

Portland Press Herald Feb 9 2023 - 17:32

During January–June 2022, the ACIP Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine Work Group (Work Group) held monthly conference calls to review and assess t

Medscape Feb 9 2023 - 14:26

Improving healthcare infrastructure, rise in unmet healthcare needs, and surge in the prevalence of infectious diseases such as mumps drive the gro

Benzinga.com Feb 9 2023 - 07:12

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MarketWatch Feb 6 2023 - 19:18

Researchers from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that o

Medical Xpress Feb 3 2023 - 09:50

Mumps is a viral disease transmitted from person to person by saliva and respiratory droplets.

MSN Feb 1 2023 - 15:41

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MarketWatch Feb 1 2023 - 01:11

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MarketWatch Feb 1 2023 - 01:11

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Medindia Jan 30 2023 - 16:00

Decade-long plans to regenerate Oldham Mumps with a new retail development have been axed – and council bosses say the site could now be used for h

Manchester Evening News Jan 25 2023 - 06:11

The majority of families who did not get their children vaccinated did so for non-medical reasons, according to the CDC.

wnep on MSN.com Jan 23 2023 - 14:46

Mumps is a contagious disease caused by an infection from the paramyxovirus virus and although it may affect other areas of the body, it mostly cau

Daily Monitor Jan 23 2023 - 01:03

The MMR vaccine, introduced in the United States in 1971, helps prevent the measles, the mumps, and rubella (German measles).

Healthline Jan 22 2023 - 16:00

Recently, mumps have had a resurgence in multiple countries across the world.

The Red & Black Jan 20 2023 - 13:05

Recently, mumps have had a resurgence in multiple countries across the world.

The Red & Black Jan 20 2023 - 09:02

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MarketWatch Jan 17 2023 - 18:18

Officials with Jefferson County Public Schools are working on getting as many students vaccinated as possible.

WLKY on MSN.com Jan 17 2023 - 14:35

For the second year in a row, the percentage of children vaccinated for measles, mumps, and rubella dropped.

WXYZ Jan 17 2023 - 12:55

As the number of parents getting standard vaccines for their kids has fallen, health experts worry about possible outbreaks of disease.

Axios NW Arkansas on MSN.com Jan 17 2023 - 04:20

As the number of parents getting standard vaccines for their kids has fallen, health experts worry about possible outbreaks of disease.

Axios Jan 17 2023 - 04:20


WLKY on MSN.com Jan 16 2023 - 20:19

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MarketWatch Jan 16 2023 - 09:02

"I think this study is reassuring in that most ongoing symptoms following COVID do improve over the first several months following the acute i

WCVB Channel 5 Boston Jan 14 2023 - 14:01

According to a new CDC report, Minnesota has the 9th lowest vaccination rate for measles, mumps and rubella among kindergartners.

KARE 11 Jan 13 2023 - 15:50

A CDC report says vaccination rates among kindergarteners for things like measles, mumps and rubella dropped 1%.

WCVB Channel 5 Boston Jan 13 2023 - 11:57

Routine vaccination coverage among U.S.

U.S. News & World Report on MSN.com Jan 12 2023 - 15:32

Vaccination coverage for kindergartners dropped across the country in the 2021-2022 school year, continuing a steady decline in childhood immunizat

Washington Examiner Jan 12 2023 - 14:32

Vaccination rates among kindergarten children against potentially deadly diseases such as polio, measles and diphtheria fell in the 2021-2022 schoo

Reuters Jan 12 2023 - 11:36

Ohio is one of nine states where fewer than 90% of kindergartners were vaccinated against measles last school year.

Orange County Register Jan 12 2023 - 10:55

The decline was not accompanied by a rise in exemptions, the CDC says, suggesting many children could still catch up on their shots.

CBS News Jan 12 2023 - 10:02

Vaccines that provide long-lasting protection against influenza, coronaviruses and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) have proved exceptionally diff

News Medical Jan 11 2023 - 16:08

Despite many people being immunized in childhood, outbreaks of mumps still occur.

MSN Jan 11 2023 - 14:45

Mumps is a disease caused by a virus that can mimic flu symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic.

MSN Jan 11 2023 - 14:36

In a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), researchers investigated the putative mechanism(s) of va

News Medical Jan 11 2023 - 10:12