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A nurse who contracted Ebola two years ago while caring for the first person to be diagnosed in the U.S.

NBC News Oct 23 2016 - 20:52

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indiana native and Ebola survivor Dr.

cbs4indy.com Oct 23 2016 - 20:02

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Indiana native and Ebola survivor Dr.

Fox 59 History Oct 23 2016 - 20:02

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Indiana native and Ebola survivor Dr.

Fox 59 History Oct 23 2016 - 20:02

AUSTIN, Texas A nurse who contracted the Ebola virus while treating the first person diagnosed with the deadly disease in the United States has rea

Reuters Oct 23 2016 - 19:11

Today we will be talking about a viral disease called ‘Ebola‘. Unfortunately, it has a very rare treatment.

theayurveda.org Oct 23 2016 - 18:57

DALLAS - Nina Pham, a nurse who contracted Ebola while treating the first case of the disease diagnosed on U.S.

WFAA-TV Oct 23 2016 - 16:55

Halloween is a little more than a week away, what do you mean you don't have a costume yet? Not up for sexy ebola, or sexy Ken Bone?

CNet Oct 23 2016 - 14:04

Sierra Leone has had enough disasters in the past decades.

Christian Today Oct 23 2016 - 01:11

Samaritan’s Purse President Franklin Graham joins Liberian leaders and others in dedicating the Monrovia mission hospital to God's glory When

www.samaritanspurse.org Oct 22 2016 - 08:36

We thought it was a pretty great business, as did our investors and everybody else. Ebola.

PBS Oct 21 2016 - 12:47

What is the state of public health today? We’re not that far away from the Ebola crisis and we’re dealing with Zika now.

New York Times Oct 21 2016 - 10:03

Nubia and her half brother, M'Bemba, with Dr Daouda Berete on their way to be transferred from the Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) team to the

Press Release Point Oct 21 2016 - 09:27

The Ebola outbreak that swept across West Africa infected more than 28,700 people and killed more than 11,300 men, women and children.

www.newsghana.com.gh Oct 21 2016 - 08:30

A representative of the Partnership for Research on Ebola Virus in Liberia (PREVAIL) has assured that Liberia is prepared to tackle Ebola when it r

AllAfrica Oct 21 2016 - 08:15

Over the past couple of weeks, many people have expressed surprise and shock when confronted with Donald J. Trump's words and deeds.

The Sun Chronicle Oct 21 2016 - 04:55

Max J. Rosenthal is a reporter at the Mother Jones DC bureau covering national security, surveillance, and occasional sports shenanigans.

Mother Jones Oct 21 2016 - 03:15

U.S. oil giant Exxon Mobil is reportedly set to begin drilling operations in its license offshore Liberia.

oilandgaspeople.com Oct 21 2016 - 00:09

Tonight, on The Hagmann and Hagmann Report, Doug and Joe welcome David Thomas on board to discuss three of his eleven titles: Called for Life, SEAL

outlawpatriotnews.wordpress.com Oct 20 2016 - 13:31

Novavax Inc. (Nasdaq: NVAX) is a biotech company that develops critical vaccines for such diseases as Ebola and seasonal influenza.

Money Morning Oct 20 2016 - 12:34

The recent major Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa high-lighted the need for effective therapeutics against this and other filoviruses.

science.sciencemag.org Oct 20 2016 - 11:15

1 Genmab, 3584 CM Utrecht, Netherlands.

science.sciencemag.org Oct 20 2016 - 11:01

The Liberia-U.S.

AllAfrica Oct 20 2016 - 06:43

Ebola Virus is one of the deadliest viruses known to man, with no proven medication & no vaccines till date; the disease has a 25% to 90% morta

www.inlifehealthcare.com Oct 20 2016 - 06:22

In Ebola: How A People’s Science Helped End an Epidemic, Paul Richards draws on his firsthand experience in Sierra Leone of the recent Ebola outbre

blogs.lse.ac.uk Oct 20 2016 - 04:49

Why does Ebola virus disease have such a disproportionate hold on anxious imaginations?

planitpurple.northwestern.edu Oct 19 2016 - 22:15

OTTAWA • An Ebola vaccine developed by Canadian researchers and considered by the World Health Organisation to be the first effective treatment aga

The Straits Times Oct 19 2016 - 14:30

Chicago Fire Commissioner Jose Santiago on Wednesday defended his 60-day suspension of a lieutenant who refused to send underlings into an area whe

Chicago Sun Times Oct 19 2016 - 12:14

More than 10,000 dead, hundreds of thousands affected, and a world paralyzed with fear at the prospect of contagion.

newsroom.cisco.com Oct 19 2016 - 09:44

Sara Davies receives funding from Australian Research Council.

THE CONVERSATION Oct 19 2016 - 08:03

Two health facilities of The United Methodist Church in Liberia have confirmed that most of the Ebola survivors seeking care have complaints about

umc.org Oct 19 2016 - 06:30

So, adding to the list of annoying celebrities who don’t understand how Ebola is transmitted, our girl Ariana Grande dipped out on a charity event

educationguideto.com Oct 18 2016 - 19:10

MONROVIA, Montserrado – The Ebola Survivor Network of Liberia will hold a fundraising rally for Ebola orphans and child survivors today at noon at

bushchicken.com Oct 18 2016 - 16:54

In 2014, the world was left shaken by the most serious outbreak of Ebola ever seen.

bhekisisa.org Oct 18 2016 - 15:50

Via DallasNews.com: Ebola nurse Nina Pham close to settlement with Texas Health Resources.

crofsblogs.typepad.com Oct 18 2016 - 15:14

Ottawa (AFP) - An Ebola vaccine developed by Canadian researchers and considered by the WHO to be the first effective treatment against the virus w

Yahoo News Oct 18 2016 - 12:51

Rubins, 38, has a Ph.D. in cancer biology.

Chron Oct 18 2016 - 12:08

The Canadian Ebola vaccine will soon enter new trial phase, meaning it’s one step closer to being used.

kelownanow.com Oct 18 2016 - 10:35

(Dallas, TX) -- Texas Health Resources may be close to settling a lawsuit filed by a nurse who caught the Ebola virus while caring for the first pe

iheart.com Oct 18 2016 - 09:45


Yahoo Finance Oct 18 2016 - 09:09

Monrovia — The Partnership for Research on Ebola Virus in Liberia (PREVAIL) on Wednesday held a daylong community engagement and awareness forum wi

AllAfrica Oct 18 2016 - 05:27

HAZEL ­— Roger and Melanie Reiners and Dr. Lowell Gess will discuss their work in Africa at a 9 a.m. Oct.

Public Opinion Oct 18 2016 - 01:09

Two years after the Ebola crisis hit Dallas, one of the nurses infected is still pursuing a lawsuit against Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, whe

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth 5 Oct 17 2016 - 17:03

Future infectious disease epidemics are likely to disproportionately affect countries with weak health systems, exacerbating global vulnerability.

journals.plos.org Oct 17 2016 - 16:55

Filoviruses are capable of causing deadly hemorrhagic fevers.

journals.plos.org Oct 17 2016 - 16:55

Therefore, the message is baseless and not truthful.

The New Indian Express Oct 17 2016 - 15:37

Attorneys for Ebola nurse Nina Pham and Texas Health Resources told a judge today that they are close to reaching a settlement, according to a sour

Dallas News Oct 17 2016 - 10:07

Xinhua News: Ebola deaths preventable with more emergency health facilities: Aussie researchers “Australian researchers in an international-led stu

Kaiser Family Foundation Oct 17 2016 - 08:20

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – One of the two Presybterian Hospital Dallas nurses who contracted Ebola two years ago may have settled part of her lawsuit.

CBS DFW Oct 17 2016 - 08:13

A clinical trial to evaluate the experimental Ebola treatment ZMapp found it to be safe and well-tolerated; however, because of the waning Ebola ep

technology.org Oct 17 2016 - 06:04