Headlines for Ebola

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CAPE TOWN, South Africa — The dust had hardly settled on Catholic Relief Services’ work fighting the world’s worst Ebola outbreak before the team w

thecompassnews.org Aug 16 2016 - 06:49

Monrovia — A daylong national convening dialogue on the status of the post-Ebola recovery plan (PERP) has taken place in Monrovia between governmen

AllAfrica Aug 16 2016 - 04:26

The most prominent sights of the deadly Ebola that hit west Africa, killing thousands and forcing a social shut down amongst others were, fully clo

africanews.com Aug 16 2016 - 03:00

Top Nollywood actress Bimbo Akintola and famous actor, Gideon Okeke have been tested positive to the deadly Ebola virus that stormed Nigeria, in th

askbbcnews.com Aug 16 2016 - 01:34

Military conventional wisdom, in addition to ACSH President (and former Army officer) Hank Campbell, likes to remind us, “Governments are always fi

freerepublic.com Aug 16 2016 - 00:08

Virologists cleaning up after the Ebola epidemic in West Africa say they've discovered something surprising and promising: People who had mala

NBC News Aug 15 2016 - 20:40

WASHINGTON — Wouldn’t it be easier to respond to the next public health crisis if the federal government didn’t have to wait for Congress?

www.statnews.com Aug 15 2016 - 18:17

In the signing ceremony, the Chinese Ambassador said that during the Ebola outbreak, they realized that Sierra Leone did not have enough doctors wo

english.sina.com Aug 15 2016 - 17:34

Starting in 2014 and well into 2015, Sierra Leone was hit hard by an Ebola outbreak which left schools closed for eight months.

The World Bank Aug 15 2016 - 17:13

The effects of the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa still linger at June Hartranft Memorial Primary School for Girls.

umc.org Aug 15 2016 - 16:59

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journals.plos.org Aug 15 2016 - 16:59

Our fear is it is likely to go global if we can’t stop it soon and it hits the city.” He added: “It is not as fatal as Ebola but it is pretty awful

The Guardian Aug 15 2016 - 16:59

Guinea has been free of Ebola since June.

Sudan Vision Aug 15 2016 - 13:31

Late last week, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Yahoo Finance Aug 15 2016 - 08:30

Via allAfrica.com, a report from the Liberia News Agency: Liberia: 'Ebola Survivors Not Harmful to Public'.

crofsblogs.typepad.com Aug 15 2016 - 07:55

93 Days, a movie based on the Nigeria’s effort to battle the Ebola disease of 2014, is a N400 million budget production, says its producers.

thenewsnigeria.com.ng Aug 15 2016 - 07:12

It is difficult to consider a thriving community that does not have a functional hospital or, in this case, has one that is not being taken advanta

howafrica.com Aug 15 2016 - 06:21

Maima Myers, an elderly widow and Ebola survivor, lives about an hour northeast of Monrovia, Liberia. She has gray hair and a sad, serious face.

samaritanspurse.org Aug 15 2016 - 06:14

The gunman who killed 49 people at a gay night club was previously known to the FBI.

dw.com Aug 15 2016 - 05:53

Mr Munir Fofanah said during the ebola crisis they were successful because the monitoring system was working perfectly, so he called for more trans

Awoko Aug 15 2016 - 05:31

‘Liberia Ready for Effective Electricity Supply’ WAEC Names Top Schools, Students House Summons Ennos, Neufville over NOCAL Bribery Scandal Split S

Liberian Daily Observer Aug 14 2016 - 17:50

The first known household survey examining the collateral harm to pregnancy services in areas affected by the West African Ebola epidemic suggests

healthcare-in-europe.com Aug 14 2016 - 14:58

Back to Zika. Unlike Ebola and swine flu, which terrified more than half the population, Americans are not paying much attention to Zika.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Aug 14 2016 - 14:29

Via The Independent: Sierra Leone has recovered from Ebola – and is now facing a new crisis.

crofsblogs.typepad.com Aug 14 2016 - 07:13

The World Bank’s Country Director for Liberia, Ghana and Sierra Leone, Dr.

gnnliberia.com Aug 14 2016 - 04:42

A grave digger walks past fresh graves at a cemetery in Freetown, Sierra Leone, during the Ebola outbreak in 2014 Reuters Nearly 400 kilometres fro

The Independent Aug 14 2016 - 01:43

They also host diseases that transmit to humans – Ebola, Sars. How do they host them and how do their immune systems cope?

The Guardian Aug 14 2016 - 01:29

Back to Zika. Unlike Ebola and swine flu, which terrified more than half the population, Americans are not paying much attention to Zika.

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier Aug 13 2016 - 22:59

But the lack of action has continued to cause consternation, with some critics contrasting the response to Zika with Congress's rapid approval

BBC Aug 13 2016 - 16:39

The seven-minute film, written in less than two weeks by Taschner, imagines a society in which pills are given to citizens by the government to hel

Daily Breeze Aug 13 2016 - 07:50

Winner: Other diseases.

Forbes Aug 12 2016 - 17:38

He said he was gratified by the help Liberia received from the United States during the outbreak of the Ebola virus in 2014.

Northern Virginia Daily Aug 12 2016 - 17:24

WHO vowed after its fumbled response to the 2014 Ebola epidemic in West Africa that it would adopt a “no regrets” policy to better manage future di

Minneapolis Star Tribune Aug 12 2016 - 17:09

This is a big deal for one of the poorest countries in the world – a country that also had to battle the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in 2014

Forbes Aug 12 2016 - 11:11

WASHINGTON — Federal officials announced Thursday that they are looking for someone to develop a training center for health care professionals trea

Omaha.com Aug 12 2016 - 09:17

Unites States Ambassador Christine Elder has said the taking over of security responsibilities from the U.N.

AllAfrica Aug 12 2016 - 05:56

Guinea has been free of Ebola since June. But pregnant women are still afraid of the virus, avoiding hospital and giving birth alone.

howafrica.com Aug 12 2016 - 05:06

The Center of Excellence for Emerging Zoonotic and Animal Diseases, or CEEZAD, at Kansas State University will use a $2.3 million federal grant to

High Plains Journal Aug 12 2016 - 00:56

Fear and death. That’s what I remember most, though not necessarily in that order, from the nightmare when Ebola struck my hometown.

www.statnews.com Aug 11 2016 - 23:16

The administration then transferred $589 million from other programs ― primarily the effort to combat Ebola ― to begin dealing with Zika.

The Huffington Post Aug 11 2016 - 15:02

Does that make it OK? We close with Pardis Sabeti, the biologist at the center of the Ebola fight of 2014.

radioopensource.org Aug 11 2016 - 14:12

WASHINGTON — Federal officials announced Thursday they are looking for someone to develop a training center for health care professionals treating

Omaha.com Aug 11 2016 - 10:22

A Canadian paramedic donned Ebola-grade protective gear Sunday morning- to rescue a skunk with a cup stuck on its head.

FireFighting News Aug 11 2016 - 09:04

The whole world is anxiously watching the news about the Ebola outbreak centered in Western Africa.

headacheshelp.com Aug 11 2016 - 06:05

MANHATTAN (CN) —Kleenex parent company Kimberly-Clark Corp. aggressively marketed defective medical gowns during the 2014 U.S.

Courthouse News Service Aug 11 2016 - 04:39

It’s been reported that a deadly epidemic that is akin to the Ebola virus disease which sent the world and western Africa in particular into a pani

answersafrica.com Aug 11 2016 - 04:32

The shadow of the Zika virus hangs over the Rio Olympic Games, with visitors and even high-profile athletes citing worries about Zika as a reason t

civilbeat.org Aug 11 2016 - 03:13

Concerned that Africa, particularly Nigeria, is still vulnerable to emerging epidemics such as the Ebola Virus Disease, Lassa fever, Zika virus and

www.today.ng Aug 11 2016 - 02:44

Using an antibody generated at Vanderbilt University Medical Center that neutralizes the Ebola virus, researchers at the Scripps Research Institute

Vanderbilt University News Aug 11 2016 - 02:44