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Antimicrobial resistance occurs when a strain of bacteria evolves to resist each consecutive treatment until no treatments are left, leaving these

Boots WebMD Aug 8 2017 - 20:45

In other words, overdosing antibiotics is a bigger threat than underdosing.

PBS Aug 8 2017 - 17:06

(Natural News) We have entered a truly dangerous period in human history in which not only have we lost touch with traditional, natural treatments

tapnewswire.com Aug 8 2017 - 12:59

New research points to treatment strategies for multi-drug antibiotic resistance using currently available drugs.

Science Daily Aug 8 2017 (All day)

How do you think humanity will end? An asteroid impact is a good candidate. As is a robot uprising.

cheatsheet.com Aug 7 2017 - 14:48


Press Release Point Aug 7 2017 - 14:12

In its pilot phase, SPARK will focus on data relevant to the unique challenges of finding and designing antibiotics that can defeat drug-resistant

pewtrusts.org Aug 7 2017 - 09:29

The Centers for Disease Control has given the Maryland Department of Health $1.8 million to fight antibiotic resistance, or superbugs.

The Baltimore Sun Aug 7 2017 - 07:30

A 2013 CDC report found that antibiotic-resistant bacteria, aka “superbugs,” infect millions of Americans per year and kill at least 23,000 of us a

mystatesman.com Aug 7 2017 - 01:00

LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robot is now keeping hundreds of hospitals around the world safe from superbugs.

Digital Trends Aug 6 2017 - 18:38

Scientists are developing a CRISPR pill that can fight superbugs. Can we modify bacteria's DNA to make it self destruct?

environmentguru.com Aug 6 2017 - 10:54

It may be some time before researchers find real cures for some of the world’s deadliest superbugs.

thedailycoin.org Aug 6 2017 - 10:28

"This is a crisis; people are dying," Dr.

The Columbus Dispatch Aug 6 2017 - 09:20

New Zealand's five-year plan to stop the spread of superbugs, resistant to all treatments, was unveiled by the Health and Food Safety Minister

NZCity Aug 5 2017 - 18:30

New Zealand's five-year plan to stop the spread of superbugs, resistant to all treatments, has called for greater research into how the bugs d

newshub.co.nz Aug 5 2017 - 17:32

SUPERBUGS are SCARY.” A new study suggests doctors' categorical advice may be based on mere feelings Anyway, Peto and his colleagues wondered

nationalpost.com Aug 4 2017 - 18:36

Besides the horrendous stench, CAFO manure has these health effects: CAFOs are breeding grounds for germs, including dangerous antibiotic resistant

Argus Leader Aug 4 2017 - 15:15

Cancer causers at your cookout? A hidden brain-damaging agent in your morning hash browns?

rodalesorganiclife.com Aug 4 2017 - 11:37

It's thought not finishing a course of antibiotics then may lead to treatment-resistant diseases or “superbugs.” Treatment-resistant bacteria

Big Think Aug 4 2017 - 08:00

The heavy use of antibiotics threatens to produce mutated “superbugs” that can defeat antibiotics.

The Western News Aug 4 2017 - 08:00

As drug-resistant infections proliferate, financial barriers are preventing the pharmaceutical industry from investing in new drugs to fight off su

PBS Aug 4 2017 - 01:00

Colorado State University biomedical and chemistry researchers are using creative tactics to subvert these superbugs and their mechanisms of invasi

Science Daily Aug 3 2017 - 07:30

What if some of the harmful bacteria survived the treatment, and my body incubated the deadly, drug-resistant superbugs we have all been warned abo

New Scientist Aug 2 2017 - 21:46

It comes as experts warn the world risks being thrown back into a pre-antibiotic era unless urgent action is taken to reduce the rates of superbugs

Courier Mail Aug 2 2017 - 20:04

Overuse of these powerful drugs has led to the widespread development of “superbugs,” which cause infections that are extremely difficult to treat.

cookwithkathy.wordpress.com Aug 2 2017 - 08:30

FORT COLLINS -- By some estimates, bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics ­– so-called superbugs – will cause more deaths than cancer by 2050.

innovationews.com Aug 2 2017 - 07:44

An antibiotic-resistant superbug that causes bloodstream infections and was once prevalent in hospitals is now more commonly acquired in the commun

The Australian Aug 2 2017 - 07:08

New data from a study conducted by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute suggests that drug-resistant “superbugs” are not necessarily out-competing o

geneticliteracyproject.org Aug 2 2017 - 05:03

Each year, superbugs -- viral bacterial infections resistant to common antibiotics -- infect more than two million Americans, killing at least 38,0

PBS Aug 2 2017 - 03:00

At the same time, expanding access to vaccines can slow the development and spread of so-called superbugs.

www.statnews.com Aug 2 2017 - 00:27

In particular, the frequent presence of multi-antibiotic resistant "superbugs" in human feces predicts a return to the pre-antibiotic era

Medical Xpress Aug 1 2017 - 16:58

It increases levels of a protein that helps prevent infections. Turmeric may help halt the spread of superbugs.

The Sun Aug 1 2017 - 15:31

Fort Collins, CO (Scicasts) — By some estimates, bacterial strains resistant to antibiotics ­- so-called superbugs - will cause more deaths than ca

Scicasts Aug 1 2017 - 15:24

Scottish scientists have developed a new drug which destroys superbugs like MRSA and E.coli, according to the Scottish Daily Mail.

BBC Aug 1 2017 - 01:34

Aside from the obvious reasons, antibiotic abuse is what’s causing the alarming rise in antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

New York Post Aug 1 2017 - 01:17

Antibiotics haven’t had the best press lately.

experiencelife.com Aug 1 2017 - 01:00

There’s a reason why you can’t buy antibiotics over the counter: overuse leads to the creation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria — often referred to

Metro International Aug 1 2017 - 01:00

SMi Group release a new interview with DeNovaMed Ahead of their Keynote Address at American Superbugs Summit SMi Group are thrilled to welcome the

openpr.com Jul 31 2017 - 15:14

Megan writes the Morning Rounds newsletter and covers health and medicine.

www.statnews.com Jul 31 2017 - 14:48

Scientists at the University of Sheffield have discovered a new insight into how one of the most common hospital superbugs causes infections – some

Phys Jul 31 2017 - 05:01

"When we do that, we, unfortunately, create resistance among the bacteria and hence it's harder than when you have these superbugs to tre

Oklahoma's Own NewsOn6 Jul 30 2017 - 19:46

The discovery was confirmed to be more effective than conventional antibiotics.

3jamaica.com Jul 30 2017 - 10:18

Within the past few months two people in the U.S. have been infected with superbugs that are resistant to last-resort antibiotic.

informationng.com Jul 30 2017 - 07:38

The group’s primary concern is that the chemicals’ pervasiveness may be contributing to antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance and the rise of dea

naturalsociety.com Jul 29 2017 - 12:25

A growing body of research finds that telling patients to finish a full course of antibiotics even if they’re already feeling better not only fails

sandiegouniontribune.com Jul 29 2017 - 03:03

Viruses that specifically kill bacteria, called bacteriophages, might one day help solve the growing problem of bacterial infections that are resis

Knowridge Science Report Jul 29 2017 (All day)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- If you think you're allergic to penicillin, chances are you're not.

cbs4indy.com Jul 28 2017 - 20:43

Trump says it’s too expensive to care for transgender… Trump says it’s too expensive to care for transgender service members.

www.statnews.com Jul 28 2017 - 13:58

RELATED: 12 superbugs that pose the greatest danger to human health Instead of the general advice to finish a prescription, doctors should tailor t

Fierce Health Care Jul 28 2017 - 13:05