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Every two years a bunch of microbial ecology and microbial genomics folks descend upon the UCLA Lake Arrowhead center for a fabulous conference.

microbe.net Sep 19 2016 - 22:01

CIBA director KK Vijayan told the Express that Biofloc-based farming makes use of aggregated single cell microbial protein or heterotrophic organis

The New Indian Express Sep 19 2016 - 17:07

The government has established an anti-microbial resistance assessment preceding surveillance system.

mediamaxnetwork.co.ke Sep 19 2016 - 14:01

And that effect may be very powerful indeed, because it turns out that the brain reward system, the basal ganglia and the nucleus accumbens, are th

catholicmoraltheology.com Sep 19 2016 - 04:36

LOWELL, Mass., Sept.

GlobeNewswire Sep 18 2016 - 23:56

The application of biosensors in chemical, bimolecular, microbial and other detections is mapping the trend.

Whatech Sep 18 2016 - 17:37

Fifteen months after its inception, Aeka rolled out the first range of products titled ‘Sasya’.

The New Indian Express Sep 18 2016 - 17:30

This strategy has served us remarkably well; nowadays, dying from a microbial infection is a very rare event in developed countries, whereas only 1

Scientific American Sep 18 2016 - 16:54

Our patented products with FDA and EPA approvals can heal and protect from infection against antibiotic resistant bacteria, microbial parasites, vi

theeconomiccollapseblog.com Sep 18 2016 - 16:33

In 2020, NASA plans to launch a new Mars rover that will be tasked with probing a region of the planet scientists believe could hold remnants of an

The Indian Express Sep 18 2016 - 04:15

The new discovery not only suggests that water remained on Mars once it lost its magnetic field it started losing its atmosphere about 4 billion ye

The Christian Science Monitor Sep 18 2016 - 01:02

As the military fleet ages, microbial contamination is poised to become an increasingly urgent issue.

Aero-News Network Sep 17 2016 - 21:56

To investigate the nitrification potential of phyllospheric microbes, we incubated throughfall samples collected under the canopies of Japanese ced

7th Space Sep 17 2016 - 12:02

Basil also has antibacterial properties and contains DNA-protecting flavonoids.

allabouthealthyfood.com Sep 17 2016 - 05:14

The webs have been made from a synthetic form of spider's silk. The substance comes microbial fermentation that creates a protein.

NDTV Sep 17 2016 - 02:22

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right.is Sep 16 2016 - 23:59

The Department of Biological Sciences at Dartmouth College seeks applicants for a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Microbial Ecology.

microbe.net Sep 16 2016 - 17:11

Herein, we measured gut microbial communities and diet in multiple primate species living in the wild, in a sanctuary, and in full captivity.

pnas.org Sep 13 2016 - 11:45

Now, scientists think they know what might have caused this enigmatic branching — changes in microbial activity in the shallow lakes and seas where

Astrobiology Magazine Mar 13 2016 - 16:56

1165/fig-3 DOE JGI researchers have developed an automated tool called MetaBAT that automatically groups large genomic fragments assembled from met

Phys Dec 1 2015 - 05:48

In the most comprehensive study of kombucha microbial diversity to date, a team of scientists recently uncovered new microbial dimensions of this p

microbialfoods.org Jul 28 2014 - 16:59

Most of the material we consider to be waste, from sewage to discarded food, actually contains significant amounts of potential energy in the form

Ars Technica Sep 15 2013 - 23:57

One of the keys to commercialization of advanced biofuels is the development of cost-competitive ways to extract fermentable sugars from lignocellu

newscenter.lbl.gov Jul 24 2013 - 16:53

New genomic technologies let us study the thriving populations of microörganisms in our bodies, providing important insights into obesity and other

MIT Technology Review Jun 17 2007 - 16:55

Good morning, Mr. Chairman and Members of the Committee. I am Joseph A.

FDA Sep 19 2000 - 16:54