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When asked whether a COVID-19 pandemic with a pathogenic fungus is possible, my answer has generally been some variation of "yes, but it'

MedPage Today Mar 8 2023 - 15:24

Tennessee residents who live close to Jack Daniels distilleries are trying to stop the company from building more facilities as a whiskey fungus ov

New York Post Mar 8 2023 - 14:55

A stopper was put into Jack Daniels' work on a new barrelhouse in Tennessee.

USA TODAY on MSN.com Mar 8 2023 - 07:49

They should’ve called it John Wick," the action star said of the fungicide breakthrough. “But thanks, scientist people!"

HuffPost on MSN.com Mar 8 2023 - 07:12

Researchers in Germany named bacterial compounds after the actor, saying they proved as devastating to difficult foes as the protagonist of the “Jo

The New York Times Mar 8 2023 - 03:00

That growth has led to a slew of new Jack Daniel’s expressions that are helping redefine the brand from an old whiskey that you’re grandparents dra

Uproxx Mar 7 2023 - 15:01

And only slightly less scary than a cordyceps fungus brain monster.

PC Gamer on MSN.com Mar 7 2023 - 09:17

German scientists named newly discovered chemicals keanumycins in honor of Keanu Reeves’s fighting skills in popular movies.

The Washington Post on MSN.com Mar 7 2023 - 01:03

Mushrooms aren’t just for eating, and unlike those in the hit HBO series "The Last of Us," this fungi won’t try to eat you.

Inside Edition Mar 6 2023 - 10:12

Jack Daniel’s is not really “making it count” in Tennessee, United States. In fact, it’s got a problem on its hands.

Firstpost on MSN.com Mar 6 2023 - 05:01

As Insider explains, the mold, known as baudoinia compniacensis, or by its nickname “whiskey fungus,” grows thanks to the ethanol vapor given off b

Food & Wine Mar 5 2023 - 15:34

Whiskey fungus, or Baudoinia compniacensis, thrives on ethanol vapours and tends to cover nearby surfaces with a black, sooty crust that is hard to

The Indian Express on MSN.com Mar 5 2023 - 01:50

Mushrooms aren’t just for eating, and unlike those in the "Last of Us," this fungi won’t try to eat you.

MSN Mar 4 2023 - 18:47

The growth — fed by alcohol fumes from barrels of whiskey as it ages — has coated homes, cars, patio furniture and road signs in a sooty crust, res

Seattle Times Mar 4 2023 - 07:47

Many residents of a neighborhood in Lincoln County, Tennessee, are fed up with a “whiskey fungus” that’s covering their property — and they’re blam

KTLA Mar 4 2023 - 07:32

Locals are fed up of the whiskey fungus spreading across Lincoln County in Tennessee , file lawsuits against Jack Daniel's.

Interesting Engineering Mar 3 2023 - 06:23

In the video game and HBO show The Last of Us, humans struggle to survive after an infectious fungus turns ordinary people into zombies.

WGBH Mar 3 2023 - 05:49

Ethanol vapors, also known as “angel’s share” in whiskey-making, released from Jack Daniel’s barrels during the aging process can potentially lead

KRIV Mar 3 2023 - 04:13

Lincoln County, Tenn.

Penn Live Mar 3 2023 - 03:00

Jack Daniel's is being sued by a Tennessee property-owner that says the ethanol vapors released from their distilleries is causing black whisk

Fox Business on MSN.com Mar 2 2023 - 16:49

The fungus killed each of these trees and coding mailboxes, playground equipment, leaves, barn roofs, even rocks.

kcra.com Mar 2 2023 - 16:31

People living near whiskey barrelhouses complain of a black fungus covering homes, cars, and trees.

Yahoo Mar 2 2023 - 15:18

Baudoinia compniacensis feeds on alcohol vapor from distilled spirits. It has no known health risks for humans, but it can kill trees.

YAHOO!News Mar 2 2023 - 13:14

Tennessee court halts construction of warehouse as residents say black fungus from ‘angel’s share’ is coating neighbourhoods

The Guardian Mar 2 2023 - 12:49

Jack Daniel's was ordered to stop construction of a barrel house in Tennessee.

YAHOO!News on MSN.com Mar 2 2023 - 10:37

A Tennessee town is becoming “black as coal” because of fungus from Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel houses which feeds off alcohol fumes.Residents in

The Telegraph on MSN.com Mar 2 2023 - 10:26

The ethanol-fueled fungus known as whiskey fungus has thrived for centuries around distilleries and bakeries.

YAHOO!News Mar 2 2023 - 04:57

Jack Daniel's was ordered to stop construction of a new barrelhouse in Tennessee after a lawsuit was filed about an out-of-control fungus in t

YAHOO!News Mar 2 2023 - 03:25

American bourbon is a growing industry, but the resulting spread of warehouses to age all that bourbon has led to another kind of growth: whiskey f

YAHOO!News Mar 2 2023 - 02:33

A building project of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, owned by Louisville-based company Brown-Forman, has been forced to

Mena FN Mar 1 2023 - 21:29

Whiskey fungus, a black-to-gray, crusty — or sometimes velvety — mycelium, has been reported near Kentucky bourbon distilleries, Canadian whiskey m

Entrepreneur Mar 1 2023 - 19:33

Mrs Long, who runs an events venue next to several Jack Daniels warehouses, including one under construction, says the invading fungus has required

BBC News on MSN.com Mar 1 2023 - 16:36

The growth — fed by alcohol fumes from barrels of whiskey as it ages — has coated homes, cars, patio furniture and road signs in a sooty crust, res

Seattle Times Mar 1 2023 - 14:58

All is not well in the county that's home to some of Jack Daniel's barrel houses amid a fungus infestation caused by the whiskey itself.

Futurism on MSN.com Mar 1 2023 - 13:58

The Last of Us is reportedly based on the cordyceps fungus (specifically Ophiocordyceps unilateralis), which is a so-called“ zombie fungus ” that i

Prevention on MSN.com Mar 1 2023 - 10:59

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, which is owned by Louisville-based Brown-Forman.

Raleigh News & Observer Mar 1 2023 - 10:47

Residents of Lincoln County, Tennessee, are becoming more and more upset with the Jack Daniel’s distillery due to ethanol emissions in the air, whi

Whiskey Raiders on MSN.com Mar 1 2023 - 09:40

Wiggly Bridge owners David Woods and David Woods II want to expand their distillery.

Seacoastonline.com Mar 1 2023 - 01:00

Residents in a Tennessee community are fed up with what they call “whiskey fungus” – a black mould covering their homes, cars, porches, and other a

YAHOO!News Feb 27 2023 - 07:45

Slime moulds feature throughout HBO’s The Last of Us. While they aren’t a true fungus, they do have a lot in common with zombies.

The Conversation Feb 26 2023 - 15:56

Life is imitating art when it comes to the Emmy chances of HBO’s latest hit series ‘The Last of Us.’ In the show, adapted from the acclaimed video

Yahoo Feb 26 2023 - 14:00

Tennessee residents say the black fungus fueled by the Jack Daniel's facilities coats their homes, cars, and trees and is nearly impossible to

YAHOO!News Feb 26 2023 - 10:26

At the onset of the pandemic, with people being home and spending more time outside, foraging became popular, as did finding ways to make food at h

YAHOO!News Feb 25 2023 - 02:00

Research published in the journal Science Advances assessed the engineering potential of one particular mushroom, Fomes fomentarius, commonly known

Business Today on MSN.com Feb 25 2023 - 01:24

They also seem to preferentially attack the spruce trees that are already infected with a symbiotic fungus, such as Grosmannia penicillata, which i

Popular Science Feb 24 2023 - 14:30

Many of the people watching 'The Last of Us' are likely there for the zombies.

The Hans India Feb 24 2023 - 10:01

Common treatment options → How is this diagnosed? - The risk factors include: → Questions to ask your doctor → Interested to know more?

Microsoft Start Health on MSN.com Feb 23 2023 - 13:28

In the award-winning video game and TV series The Last of Us, a parasitic fungus turned into an apocalyptic brain infection that wiped civilization

TechSpot Feb 23 2023 - 10:34

Researchers at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have found that tinder fungus can be used to develop certain plastics and shock-absorbi

Interesting Engineering Feb 23 2023 - 06:35

The HBO series The Last Of Us is a huge hit and it offers a novel, fungus-based twist on a zombie apocalypse.

NPR Feb 22 2023 - 21:10